Wednesday, 5 March 2014


We went on the Saturday, me, Sue, grandson Joe,  with daughter Marnie driving. Two hours spent on the merits of breast feeding which me and Joe could’ve done without!. Fairly quiet on the M6/M1, stayed over near Luton.
Took the train from Denham, more Sunderland than Blues and when we arrived at Wembley it was all Sunderland. Had a stroll round the new Mall which was a pleasant surprise from previous visits and took up our usual ‘meeting and greeting’ spot on Wembley Way. Again it was initially all Sunderland, decked out in their bold red and white. a bit different from 1973 at Maine Road. I remember them, mainly lads/blokes, dressed in their suits – flares, kipper ties, wide lapelled jackets, talking in that funny accent boarding their coaches and being quite amusing. I recall going back to where my car was parked – I was too late for my usual spot in Roseberry Street, so I parked further back. My car, a 1965 Triumph 2000, was parked on the opposite side to where I’d parked it, with the driver’s door booted in, and everything inside had been nicked!. I had to get in and out of the passenger side for weeks until I could afford to get it fixed.
We were told that it was all Sunderland in London last night, particularly in Covent Garden, but we had good repartee with Mackems whilst selling KK213. Sue spent most of her time obligingly taking photos for Sunderland fans. Slowly but surely the City fans started arriving, most travelling down on the day, reasonably subdued, to be honest, but cheerful and quietly confident.
Then it was off to our end, totally City obviously, loud and proud, and into the ground, where the turnstiles and escalators actually worked.
After 4 minutes we had the applause for Mike Doyle, and there was a photo displayed on the main screen. A master stroke. 1894 group?
Atkinson was lenient, they scored, Vinny made amends with a brilliant tackle, but 0-1 at half time, but not quite as bad as last season!
Second half and two wonder goals put us in front. “please for once City don’t have us hanging on for the last few minutes.” Joy as Jesus clinched it and game over.
How did it compare? Just as good as any previous Wembley victory. Pleased especially for Pants after last season and Joe Hart being adult about it, but slightly sad for Joleon and James M. Maybe another Wembley visit will compensate?
Euphoria going home, and looking forward to seeing the Cup again on Sunday.


  1. I was a tad surprised with the negativity from only our 12th trophy success, yet at the same time it felt as though the whole day was a bit disjointed. Sunderland fans were rightly praised by the media, but I thought we were dignified in victory and deserved equal credit for a marvellous sporting occasion.
    Not too sure about being lucky because we could only break them down with two brilliant strike. Does that mean brilliant strikes don’t count?
    Three days later I’m convinced that Pellegrini is stuck between picking our best eleven and our best formation. Silva, Yaya and Nasri are great when things are going well, but City always look more threatening with two holding midfielders, Yaya behind a sole striker and the pace of Navas on the right wing.
    This was the first time I went to Wembley by coach and it will probably be my last. Two hours to get out of our national stadium car park?

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