Monday, 28 April 2014


Travelled down on the Saturday. First stop was at the services on the Toll, the one which serves North and South. Full of Luton fans on their way to Hyde, plus the inevitable rags. Then we stopped off at Cobham services and who should we bump into but Sue Bookbinder and son Zac. It was the mid Sussex supporters club branch do in the evening with Sue compering, John Stapleton, Alex Williams, Rodney Marsh, Tommy Booth as guests. 

We attended the Burf’s 50th in Cheam at night which was a great do, and a memorable evening for John who’s had a tough time recently family wise so it was welcoming for him to have such a great turn out. He was wished Happy Birthday by Rodney and Tommy, a nice touch.
We’ve always been grateful that John chose KK to write for, despite poaching attempts from other City zines, and his contributions are always top class, so we were privileged also to be invited to his ‘do’.

Typical, as we were down in London, we got the news that lady duck had given birth to eleven ducklings in our back garden. Mother and babies all doing well!

The papers were full of the rags and Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool, getting tedious now.

Sunday, hey, standing outside Palace on the hill, came the news that Chelsea were winning 1-0 at Anfield.
Two female City fans then announced that it was 1-1 (not a joke, why do people do that?) quickly quashed, then as time ticked by we found out that it was 2-0.
The euphoria amongst Blues was a sight and sound to behold, and Palace fans were also pleased, as they don’t want Liverpool to win it either. The atmosphere inside the ground was tremendous and City took hold of the game as though our lives depended on it.

One or two anti Giggs songs – “tearing families apart again”, and “Giggsy was a wanker, then he shagged his brother’s wife, he’s manager of united, but it won’t be for life”…….

It is now, of course, in our hands. “You’re not going to win the title for Liverpool on Saturday are you” I said to my Everton supporting son-in-law. “I hope not” he said, “and we’ve got ten players injured including Distin, Jagielka, Oviedo, Mirallas, Gibson, Kone, Traore, Pienaar, and Barry can’t play”.

So if we’re up for that and the other two games, like we were at Palace then I’m sure we can do it, and we must play our part in the stands.

C’mon City.

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  1. I bloody hope that the Everton game ends up with 3pts and I'm especially pleased that Gazbaz will not be putting in an appearance. I now live in Kenya so commuting to games is a bit of a stretch. About a month ago I booked flights to come see the last 2 games (well I've paid for the SC!) and the Easter hols let me see the Sunderland fuck-up and the West Brom game. So whether my flight money was well-invested seems to wobble up and down. Sunday just underlines the value of playing teams at the right and the wrong times. Liverpool just starting to get tense and with their winning run getting lengthy proves ripe for Chelsea. We get to play a 'safe' Crystal Palace - I'm sure that game would have been a lot more intense 2-3 weeks back. Similarly, it's a pity Everton still have a forlorn hope of CL football - I just hope they'll realise that it's a bit much to hope Arsenal will only get 1 pt from their last 2 games).