Saturday, 3 May 2014

2pm Saturday

Not long now
Papers are full, particularly by Liverpool FC people, of how Everton will be professional and not lie down for City. Bollocks. Do these people know nothing about football rivalries?
Anyway, it’ll obviously be a tough game, but how many Evertonians will be particularly upset if they lose it ?
All down to us. Not really convinced that Fernandinho and Dzeko will be tough enough for this one, but Merlin’s back so we should be OK
Bit miffed about this FFP thing. I always thought we should have fought against the original daft idea but have been constantly re-assured that we have the best lawyers so we’ll have no trouble in complying. We’ll see.
Have a good day, and be careful out there – City coaches and fans were attacked after the Liverpool game so beware.
C’mon City



  1. Decision on the punishment delayed so City are obviously refusing to roll over on FFP. We would probably accept a fine and a warning because if the predictions are correct, next year we'll not only break even but probably make a profit. The suggestion that we will be punished by a ban on highn earners for next years' CL is a ban in another guise, so If that was the proposed punishment City have probably warned UEFa what they'll do. I could comfortably smack Arsehole Wenger in the gob following his mouth off to the press. Since when did others get to decide the punishment given to wrongdooersof any kind? That's one part of FFP that will have to be scrapped also any decisions on punishments should be made by independant authority NOT UEFA.

  2. The old gut will be rumbling in a few minutes. As we have been given a few more days to accept our punishment (while according to the media lining up around 300 mil worth of players,which would really be taking the proverbial) I would surmise that there is a possibility that we are prepared to challenge the decision of EUFA and have good grounds to do so.

  3. I take it your guts were rumbling because of the game and not due to a dodgy curry. They did their best to let a subdued Everton back into the game. At 3-1, The Toffees had given it up and City needed to take control, instead they passed the ball around as if they could play out the last thirty minutes keeping possession. Their second gola looked offside but lifted them and the crowd and the last thirty minutes were the most nervy I can ever remember. Big win though and I can see Palace holding Liverpool to a draw now.