Monday, 5 May 2014

Countdown One

Todays Manumirror has Lawro reckoning we’ll be ‘laughed out of town’ if we blow the league this season. Anyone remember any similar comments when the rags blew it two years ago?
Liverpool won’t be laughed out of town for printing those Champions shirts will they?
There won’t be a song about Stevie Gerrard I suppose either will there?!!
John Barnes reckons it’ll be the most fantastic title win in the history of the Premier league if Liverpool win it. Trty going down to the third division and back John!
C’mon Palace.



  1. What a boost that result will have given us before the Villa game. At one point it looked as though they could get six and dent the GD and in the end they were lucky to escape with point. Before the game, I said to my son that a draw wouldn't help us much, if anything it may make us a little complacent. But for them to draw THAT way makes it a great result for us. They will be gutted and I wouldn't put money on them beating Newcastle. Did you see Gerrard at the end of the game and Suarez was in tears. City must still do the business against Villa but we can even afford to draw and get a third chance - ridiculous!!

  2. It's a good job the scousers got their victory parade in before the Chelsea game.

    Having said that the team must stay focused and go for the two wins to stop people trying to make out it's a hollow victory like they did two years ago.

    1. My scream when Palace's 3rd went in was almost as loud as when Sergio got the 3rd 2 years ago, my poor dog bolted out of the lounge scared shitless. Agree with all that Tony says, we must be completely professional and see the job out. What a tremendous Bank holiday weekend that could hardly have gone better. Let's not forget what went on at o/t as well, life as a City fan does not get much better than this, and surely there's no sting in the tail now.

    2. While we are scaring dogs having rumbling stomachs palpitations etc. this team of ours has players like Silva Aguero Toure who have played on the big stage and know how to get the job done that's what you get for the big bucks and in them I trust.

  3. Delete Aguero. Is there some sort of injury curse attached to this club? Jovetic,Richards,Rodwell and now Aguerro spend more time in the treatment room than on the training or football pitch this season.