Tuesday, 6 May 2014

countdown two

Countdown two
Texts during last night’s Palace/Liverpool game between the Ed and Ged:
“Anything less than a 4-0 Liverpool win is a bonus”
“They’ve let them score from a corner”
“0-1 at half time’s OK”
“0-2 with loads to go”
“0-3 it’s a rout, it could be six”
“Palace are shite”
“They’ve given up”
“3-1 that’s better”
“3-2 even better, that’ll do”
“3-3 unbelievable”
“6 minutes added time, where’s he got that from?
“Full time, look at Suarez”

Nothing in today’s papers from Hansen, Lawro, Brian Reade, Kenny Dalglish and company, time they were all put out to grass.
Record fine of £50M and restriction of 21 players in Europe next season. How do they arrive at that figure, and where does the money go?  If we contest it the sanctions could go up, but we must contest it Will talk to Colin this week. I still can’t believe that City and clubs who’ve benefitted or could benefit from financial backing did not get FFP thrown out in the first place.
Tomorrow it’s Villa. Will that be the QPR game repeat or will we save it for Sunday? Surely that one was last Saturday at Goodison and it will be plain sailing v Villa and West Ham?
As I’ve said before when we’re going UP for it we usually do it, I’m thinking about one offs - Newcastle ‘68, Charlton ’85, Bradford ’89, Gillingham ’99, Blackburn 2000, QPR 2012, so relax…….
I liked the Singin the Blues song which echoed round the Etihad at the last home game, let’s hope for similar support  tomorrow and Sunday.
Listening to Rochdale’s manager on Blue Tuesday, who sadly is a bitter rag. What’s he doing on a City programme and typically not showing any respect.

Here’s the It’s A Fix extract from KK215:

Promoted in 1988, last pot League Cup in 1996, 148th league meeting, Recent connections Dunney, Stevie I., Shay Given, Gareth B, James M

Some celebrity fans:  David Cameron, Prince William, Tom Hanks, Nigel Kennedy, Geezer Butler, Ian Lavender, Mervyn King, Lodge/Hayward, Martin Shaw

This season so far they’re in 14th place with 38 points from 36 games and 4 wins 5 draws and 8 losses away from home.
At Villa Park in September it was that 3-2 loss, Toure put us one up (45) El Hamadi (51) equalised, Dzeko made it 2-1 (56) but Ebacuna (73) then Weinmann (75) made it 3-2. Crowd was 34,063 with 3,035 Blues.
In the Capital One Cup, they beat Rotherham 3-0 at home in the 2nd rd but lost 4-0 at home to Spurs in the 3rd
In the FA Cup : they lost 2-1 at home to Sheff. United in the 3rd rd.

Form at home to Villa : Last season In the Capital One Cup they beat  us 4-2 aet, in the 3rd rd, Balotelli (27) Barry (OG 59) Kolarov (64) then Agboniahor (71,113) and N’Zogbia (96) clinched it. Crowd was 28,015 with 1,069 Villans.
At the Etihad in November it was a 5-0 City win, the goals coming from Silva (43) Aguero (54 dubious penalty, 67), Tevez (65 pen, 74). Crowd was 47,072 with 1,049 Villans.
Since Villa’s 3-1 win in 00/01Villa have won only 1 (2-0, in 06/07) otherwise City have won ten with no draws.
For City it’s : WWWWWWLWWWWL

Comment : In the January window they brought in Grant and Bertrand, and shipped out Ireland, Graham and Drennan. A real topsy turvy one for Villa, winning almost as many away (ominously) as at home! Revenge is demanded, for more reasons than one after the 2-3 loss at Villa Park. We have a good record v Villa at home but they did win in the League Cup last season so total professionalism is demanded.

WWTWTWShite : Averaged 15, 237 in 85/86 and this season it’s 36, 230.



  1. We don't need another complacent Sunderland-style performance. There's quite a bit of uncertainty in the background for Villa, but they have secured Premiership football and can relax, which may work against us.


  2. Can't help feeling that the suggestion that we are to get a £50 million fine is speculation and mischief making. Would we really be fined almost the same amount as we would receive for winning the bloody thing?

  3. No official announcement has been made. So as the wolves of the press circle all is speculation. All the sanctions mentioned are possible. An imposition of a 50 million fine while refusing to allow the money from a"no strings" sponsorship deal to be accepted is for me clear evidence that the stated reason for FFP which is"To ensure the financial health of European clubs" is a complete sham and should be challenged at whatever the cost.

  4. My thinking too Steve. Why would UEFA fine us 60 million euro over three years? Why would they punish us for next year and the year after when we should break even in those years? Let's think about this, isn't it more likely someone from the media went to a UEFA official and said "If Man City are found guilty, what could their punishment be?" "Well said the official, we could reduce their CL squad and fine them up to 20million euro and if there is no significant reduction in their spending, we could fine them another 20 million euro next year and the one after if necessary." I still think has been done deliberately by the united supporting media to destabilise us before the two biggest games of the season. But then I always was a conspiracy theorist. But judging from the stir this story has caused, it's doing its job. We need to ignore it and concentrate on beating Villa and Wham.

    1. As I understand it Tony the fines are set out according to the overspend which have been set out by EUFA lawyers. What is happening now is a battle that has been well prepared for by EUFA and is one that has to be fought, if not where does it end? I do not believe that challenging the severity or justification for the sanctions is the way to go as this would be playing into the hands of EUFA lawyers but instead to challenge the right of EUFA to interfere in the financial affairs of football clubs, which in itself contravenes EU laws. Time to pull up the drawbridge and fight our battles on and off the pitch.