Sunday, 4 May 2014


Up at 4am, couldn’t sleep. Relived every kick, shot, pass, header, save, goal of yesterday’s game. Now we've got two QPR type games, v Villa and West Ham to endure, but against teams we usually do well against though not in Cup ties but at least they’re both safe.

Then I watched the Sunday Supplement this morning which was on at the sensible time of 9am. Martin Samuel was dead good re FFP calling it a complete nonsense, which of course it is and should really be challenged properly.
Henry Winter, surprisingly, thought that clubs had to be stopped from spending money they don’t have, giving Leeds and Portsmouth as examples, which is total bollocks, those two aren’t exactly going to set Europe alight in the next few seasons are they? Anyway FOR THE UMPTEENTH TIME, WE HAVE GOT THE MONEY!

Check out Andy Dunn in the manumirror for yet another bitter Liverpool article decrying City. Aw diddums.
C’mon Norwich, C’mon Palace.

Finally well done to KK contributor Steve Rigby for getting his letter published in the Observer, further to last week’s article re the resurgence of Liverpool after Manchester’s so called demise.



  1. Well done Norwich. It's a lot to hope for, but if Palace beat Liverpool a win over Villa would all but win it for us - Too much to hope for though. No doubt it will go to the wire

  2. Martin Samuel believes as I do that if a football club wants to gamble it's future going for glory as Leeds did, it should be allowed to do, it's called "free enterprise". The whole FFP concept is a smoke screen for a hidden agenda a smoke screen that would easily blown away if challenged in court.
    Brendan Rogers is clutching at so many straws maybe he should make a basket. It is just a matter of holding our nerve now and not doing anything silly. We are the best team in the Premiership but still have to respect the opposition. Palace will be a tough game for Liverpool and I am sure Rogers talking about beating them 5-6 nil will wind them up.

  3. I have learned it's best not to post too soon after a game......

    Like Dave, I didn't sleep well on Saturday night, despite the fact that I was absolutely shattered! We know it's the City way, but for goodness sake, the stress levels in my living room were in the red zone - I've never enjoyed a victory so little.

    I admire the rising levels of optimism on this site - needless to say, I'm not going to believe we can do it until the fat lady bellows on Sunday afternoon . Once upon a time (say between 1968 and 1977) I was never like this, but too many wasted minutes against a Liverpool side who clearly didn't want to send us down, exquisitely executed Jamie Pollock own goals, Robbie Fowler penalty misses, and last minute defeats against rag teams in decline, for example, have taken their toll on my psyche - I'm sure I'm not alone!

    With regard to FFP - the cynic in me thought that delay in handing out our 'punishment' was in order to see if Arsenal qualified for next years CL, or whether a space would have to be provided for them................

    1. I have been through all that and more and can recall screaming at Nicky Summerbee from a few feet away to cross from a late free kick against Liverpool while Alan Ball was shouting at him to keep it in the corner. I can understand the pessimism from those days as a coping mechanism after years of heroic(and not so heroic) failure which for me evolved from cautious optimism to a kind of confidence without arrogance. Apparently Arsenal have circumvented the much abused loan system by buying a player for one season on the understanding that they sell him back for the same price at the end of the season,interesting.

    2. The parallels with 2012 are a bit uncanny. The title pretty much gone and united draw at home with Everton. We then have a must win away game at Wolves which we duly win. This year, title pretty much gone and 'pool lose at home with Chelsea. we have a must win away game at Palace which we duly win. 2012 it's in our hands with a very hard away game at Newcastle which we win. This year it's in our hands with a very hard way game at Everton which we win.
      Let's hope Palace can avoid defeat, or even win, so that we can have a degree of relaxation against Villa, which doesn't worry me, and Wham, which I've a slight niggle about.
      It would be wonderful to go into next Sunday 3 points ahead with the accompanying carnival atmosphere. You would hope we're good enough to win both if needed, but it would be nice not to have our nerves shredded again.