Thursday, 31 July 2014


You might think Evertonians would be pleased with the back page of the Liverpool/manumirror featuring record signing Lukaku, but it’s a negative article. No sympathy for Saints inside, after all they’ve sold their stars to manu/Liverpool and the Arse, so that’s OK then.
Brian Reade has a bit of a pop at van Gaalling. Premier giants in the USA are united and Liverpool and Willy Caballero  has not joined City just to warm the bench and pick up a fat pay-cheque according to David Maddock. Funny how our signings only come for a fat pay-cheque isn’t it?



  1. Is it me or do City’s World Cup players always seem to appear a week later than all the others?
    Yaya looked well off the pace last night (too much cake?), but Liverpool’s England players all returned at least a week before Dzeko and Silva, despite Bosnia and Spain being knocked out at the same stage.
    I’m not sure which method is best, but we can’t afford the same lethargic start as least season.
    We will never be able to compete with Liverpool or United for the East coast Irish-American support, but I suspect the club know what they’re doing with the emergence of New York City.
    Stuff the media obsession.
    I watched a documentary the other day about the “No Mas” boxing rematch when Sugar Ray Leonard defeated Roberto Duran. Leonard was always bitter that the media were more focussed on the reasons why Duran quit the fight rather than giving him the glory that his ego so badly craved.
    Who cares about Liverpool when the Premier League Champions flag is currently flying over the ETIHAD?
    We won and they came second.

  2. I thought we were much the better team considering they had virtually their 1st 11 out whilst we were playing our 2nd/3rd string. I'm not too bothered about Liverpool as they'll miss Suarez more than they realise. No doubt they will meet united in the final and the winner will be proclaimed 2015 PL Champs by the media

  3. Tony, I have to agree with you - for 80 minutes we were much the better team, then we took our foot off the gas little too soon.(Either that or the introduction of the clearly not interested Yaya swung the balance....) Still, only a pre-season friendly and much more to be optimistic about than otherwise, even though I never like to lose a game.

    Tony, if you are this month's "Tw*t in the Hat", I must have run you a pretty close second!

  4. I lost the feed for the final 15 mins so wasn't aware how poor we were. I only got a clue when watching the highglights on the mcfc site and following their equiliser, the commentaor said, "It's been coming" One out of five penalties is poor. If you think I'm giving up the hat without a fight, you can think again

  5. I reckon City should play the kids and second stream against Olymiacos. The pitch is reported to be in a poor state and the last thing we want are injuries before the season starts due to playing on a cabbage patch.