Monday, 11 August 2014

Five of us set off for London on Saturday morning in good spirits.
LP/Manu mirror back page story of Rodwell telling young English players not to come to City.
Reasonable journey down arriving at Greenford at about half three.
Sue and I caught the tube to Marble Arch, and after ploughing our way through the Gaza protesters met up with friends Raymond and Chrissie at Churchills for afternoon tea, but we just missed Sunday Supplement presenter Neil Ashton!
Back at the Premier Inn we chatted to fellow Blues, including ,Steve and disabled son Luke who were making their first visit to Wembley.
I also made one of my classic faux paux – lad in a Foreigner T shirt “I went to the same concert mate and met the band backstage at The Apollo” – “I didn’t” he said it’s just a T shirt my dad gave me”!
Oops, this ranked with congratulating a lad once on holiday in a City shirt who replied “Oh I don’t support them, I just like the shirt”
Plus confronting two Goths in Argos wearing Iron Maiden T shirts and quoting the lines from 666 The Number of the Beast! They hadn’t a clue and I didn’t half feel daft. So I should know better!
Still, I did beat the grandson at Pool. Twice!!
Sunday papers featured Nasri stories which were guaranteed to get him booed by Arse fans. Wembley then and we parked up in the green car park. Weather stayed fine and we did our meeting and greeting on Wembley way whilst selling a few KK216’s, So hello again to everybody. Team selection filled me with dread. Poor turnout from City fans and an absolutely awful performance. Sort we were used to years ago but totally unacceptable these days. And we brought  Scott Sinclair on near the end to confound us even more.
Getting away from Wembley was the predictable nightmare which surely Brent council should sort out.
Otherwise it was a good trip.
Some consolation MIGHT BE that they beat us 3-1 in a pre season friendly last year too, so Vinny will have to repeat that speech at City Live on Thursday. We need to get our players back and fit for Newcastle on Sunday otherwise we’re going to have as bad a start away from home as last season and that just won’t do.
Sort it Manuel
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  1. Did anyone else notice that when Arsenal were awarded a free kick and the referee brought out the foam, he measured out ten yards and the Arsenal players formed a line in front of him effectively 18 inches nearer the ball. The referee then walked in fron of them and drew the line in front of the wall instead of drawing the line where it should have been and making the players go back

    1. I didn't notice Tony, but if referees can't get the distance right it defeats the object.Maybe some kind of laser device would help but then again pacing out 10 yards isn't that hard.

  2. I swa that freekick, yes, Tony!

    And Steve, sadly, you must be mistaken. The foam is magic and automatically makes the distance 10 yds, whetehr or not the ref is competent. It must be the case, as the 'experts' tell us so repeatedly!

    Watch how many freekicks in the D have a wall closer than the penalty spot - a distance that must be within 10 yards.

  3. My sister’s daughter, Aimee was born on the same day that City lost to Bolton at the ETIHAD. The one where after 89 minutes of City dominance, Richard Dunne elected for a silly hand ball in the last minute.

    Funny. because if you had suggested back in 2005, that Aimee’s first ever game would witness a 3-0 thrashing from Arsenal, I wouldn’t have been that surprised. It’s the Charity Shield bit that would have confused me.
    After all, you only appear in the Charity Shield if you’ve won a competition.
    Regarding the low turnout that’s our 7th appearance at Wembley in 3 years, and it would have been 8 if it wasn’t for the London Olympics.
    Personally, I’m sick of Wembley and sick of City treating pre-season like a holiday camp.

    1. I remember that game well (Gary Speed scored the pen as I think) As I recall Arsenal last pre season played their last couple of pre season games at full tilt and hit the ground running and appear to be doing the same; We seem to still be in summer hols mode. David Silva got us going for the last 20 minutes so hopefully we can carry that momentum into the Newcastle game. Seeing Kompany Zab Aguerro and Fernandinho sat in the stands (who I presume are injury free) while their understudies fumbled about was not good. For all his childish whingeing maybe Manuel could learn a few tricks from the old master.