Saturday, 2 August 2014

Pitch and bias

Sounds like Wembley and  1970 after the horse of the year show Tony!
Liverpool play AC Milan and sky sports have just shown their last meeting when Liverpool won the Euro Cup on pens. Is it me or wasn't the last meeting won by AC Milan in the Euro Cup?


  1. History can easily be re-written for those who have no knowledge of the past.

  2. On another day we could have won 7-3. We both had good penalty shouts turned down, with ours being the clearer. Nasri missed an easy chance and we had at least two other nailed on goal scoring chances that we fluffed. We look like we can score whenever we come forward, but clearly to allow a team to score twice from three chances is not good enough. Rekik did OK and so did Boyata I suppose, but at this level it only needs a momentary slip in concentration to concede. But we were playing our 5th and 6th choice centre backs, two left backs and were without six first choice players so the media can say what they like. Meanwhile over at O/T, united have signed a whole host of players such as Ashley Young, Hernandez and Darren Fletcher

    1. Bit sad if Micah's hopeless penalty is his last act as a City player, but I wouldn't be surprised if he's injured himself the way he took it. Sinclair's was pretty feeble, and how come Rodwell didn't figure at all? Also, Guidetti didn't seem to offer much, and his touch was worse than Dzeko's
      If we're lending Lampard to ourselves, can his wages be fully paid by the NY outfit so he doesn't figure on our books?
      Not too unhappy that we don't have to play united tomorrow before flying back for the Charity Shield, as they'd make such a fuss if they'd beaten us in the final.

  3. Agreed Dave. My feelings were mixed between wanting to win every game we play and knowing that if we played them and used our current defence, they'd probably win giving the media the field day the so crave. As it is, they got their wish with a Liverpool/united final. Also, there was the risk of injuries on the pitches we're playing on. Best we pocket the cash, come home and beat Arsenal in the CS