Friday, 8 August 2014

Rules are for bending Arsene

Wenger’s been at it again re our Lampard deal and Manuel has told him to worry about his own team. Let’s hope we can put the Arse to the sword on Sunday. Not sure what sort of team we or they will be putting out yet. So we wait and see!


Ever present in the top division since 1919 when they cheated their way up from division 2 finishing 5th. So if they hadn’t done that they’d still be in the second division!
Last pot FA Cup 2014, Recent connections Gael Clichy,   Samir Nasri, Sagna. There’s been 172nd league meetings.

Some celeb fans: Bradley Walsh,  Piers twat Morgan, Johnny Rotten, Ray Davies, Roger Daltry, Colin Firth, Tony Hadley, Barbara Windsor, Jack Whitehall

Arsenal reached the Community Shield by beating Spurs 2-0, in the 3rd rd, Coventry 4-0 in the 4th, Liverpool 2-1, luckily, in the 5th and Everton 4-1 in the 6th, all at home. In the semi they beat Wigan on pens after 1-1 and extra time. In the Final they beat Hull City  3-2 after going 2 goals down early doors, winning it in extra time.

Last season, after leading the Prem for a lengthy period they finally scraped into 4th place with 79 points.
We lost 3-1 in a pre-season friendly after which Vinny Kompany said “you may think that Arsenal will win the league, and Giroud will be top scorer, but that’s not going to happen” We weren’t convinced but he was proved right!

At The Etihad in December it was that fantastic 6-3 City win. Aguero opened (14), Walcott equalised (31), then Negredo (39) and Fernandinho (50) made it 3-1. Walcott made it 3-2 (63) but Silva (66) then Fernandinho (88) made it 5-2. Mertesacker (90+3) made it 5-3 but Toure (90 +5) finished em off with a penalty and Wenger thought we were lucky!
Crowd was 47,229 with 2820 Arses

At The Emirates in March it was a 1-1 draw, City went ahead after dominating through Silva (18), but let Arsenal back in it through Flamini (53)  and we were relieved to hang on for the precious point. Crowd was 60,060.

In the Capital One Cup, they lost 2-0 at home to Chelsea in the 4th rd.

In the Chimps League  :
In the Group stage they lost 0-2 at home to Bayern Munich and drew 1-1 away going out limply. They play Besiktas in the play off round this season.

In this competition it’s our tenth appearance. It wasn’t a fixture in 1904 when we won the Cup, and Arsenal were still south of the river, but in 1934 we lost to them 0-4 away, beat Sunderland 2-0 at home in 1937, lost 1-0 to united in 1956 at home, Bobby Johnstone having his backheeled goal direct from a corner mysteriously disallowed. David Gaskell came on for the rags as a 16 year old substitute in goal, his career later ending in disgrace after he dropped his shorts and showed his bare arse to the horrified and disgusted crowd. We recorded the highest ever score in this fixture in 1968, beating West Brom 6-1 at Maine Road, Bobby Owen’s finest hour (and a half!) but lost 2-1 at Leeds in 1969.
Then came a couple of seasons when The League Champs and Cup winners couldn’t be bothered to help raise charity money and so City played and won 1-0 at Villa in 1972, but lost 1-0 at home to Burnley in 1973.
We didn’t appear again until 2012 losing 3-2 to the rags, but won it the next year beating Chelsea 3-2 at Villa Park.

Last 10 games – we’ve won 4 drawn 4 and lost just 2 .

Our form at the New Wembley : This will be our 7th appearance. We beat the rags 1-0 in the FA Cup semi of 2011, then Stoke by the same score in the Final, lost 2-3 to the rags in the Community Shield to a last minute goal after being 2-0 up. Then in 2013 we beat Chelsea 2-1 in the semi but lost 1-0 to Wigan in the Final then last March beat Sunderland 3-1 in the Final of the Capital One Cup.
Usually the League Champs win this fixture.

Groundwise: Football grounds in London are ridiculous. Not only did Arsenal build their new ground, The Emirates there, but Wembley stadium was rebuilt in North London.
At least there’s a retail park there now, but red seats, 2 hours to get off the coach park post match and on the day there’ll be no direct trains from Manchester to London show what a folly it was to build it here. Surely they should’ve switched the game to Villa Park?.
City support will be severely restricted, but we need to do our best to get there and support the boys in this prestigious fixture, with proceeds, presumably going to Charity.
City fans usually hole out at The Green Man, subject of a visit from the amazing Hotel Inspector on telly recently, so the experience should be an improvement. Other pubs are The Torch, Crock of Gold, Moore Spice, The Blend, Alisan Bar, Crystal Club, The Parish, First Class Sporrts Bar, The Wembley Tavern, Flyers Last Stand
Last year there was good banter between City and Sunderland fans and generally it’s been a good atmosphere with just the two exceptions when we played the rags, so it should be a good day. We’re in the East stand this year though!

Transfers: Sanchez, Debuchy, Ospina, and Chambers  have come in and Fabianski, Sagna, Aneke, Bendtner, and Park have all left

Comment:  Good season for Arsenal last year though they tailed off in the title race, but finally clinched a trophy. Anything can happen in this type of game but we need to set down a marker. Enjoy the day.

Arsene Wenger reckons that we should be expelled from the Champions League, so he’s in for a dose of deserved and sustained booing! .
Martin Samuel wrote a good piece in the Fail recently, saying that Arsenal have been in Pot one of the Champs league for the last 14 years despite not being anywhere near the Prem title, their fans also  pay sky high ticket prices, plus remember the ill fated debenture scheme, so how is that fair? Not to mention Danny Fzman pumping in £50M (300M in todays prices)  in the early nineties so they could hang on to Tony Adams and co plus fork out millions for the likes of Dennis Bergkamp. How was that fair? And they did cheat their way into the first division plus won nothing until the thirties when they poached Herbie Chapman from Huddersfield. Pretty fair eh Wenger?

Enjoy the day.

Further news is that RealXS radio are playing some of your Eds karaoke repertoire on Monday August 11th at 2PM. This should include the likes of Thunderstruck, The Passenger, Day after Day, Comfortably Numb, Jump, Feel Like Makin Love, Seen It All, Wherever You Will Go, The One I Love, Lyla and more.
Fame at last!?



  1. I think this giving the players a break may have been overdone. Fitness levels should be assessed according to the individual by the physio team,the players should have been told to keep fit during their hols after all they are highly paid professionals and how unfit can you get in 4-6 weeks. Players that are not fit enough to take any part on Sunday are unlikely to be ready for the Newcastle game, I am concerned.

  2. Wenger was the loudest complainer when City were the biggest spenders and now he’s moaning when we replace Rodwell with Lampard and £10m
    We just can’t win, (apart from two trophies last season)

  3. You obviously don't speak Arse Neil, so allow me to translate Monsieur Wengers's comments to Englishfor you. "Michelle, help me. If van Gaal is sucesful at Old Trafford and City, Liverpool and Chelsea are as good as last saeson, we won't make top four and I'll be sacked"

  4. You couldn't make it up. Sunday Supplement included a debate on whether City got enough credit last season - general concensus was we didn't. However, when the program was finishing and credits rolled we were left with a picture of red clad Barclays Premier League Champions with trophy held aloft by Rio Ferdinand! Unbelievable.

    1. So what exactly was the point of this exercise? A stroll about in the sun for 70 minutes with players who will only be on the extreme fringes (if they are still at the club) Fernando wondering what was going on, Dzeko Jovetic stranded while Boyata and co. did a back to the wall defensive job. On the plus side Jovetic and Dzeko looked like they could do the business Navas looked OK Ya Ya blew away some of the cobwebs and David Silva got things moving at the end.
      So now Arsenal start the season on a high we start on a low and Manuel has to decide whether to throw in some half fit players for the Newcastle game or take a chance with the players on show today. Time will tell but in my humble opinion I think Pelligrini and the senate got it wrong today.

    2. I think playing with two left backs and your third and fourth choice centre backs is not a good idea. If you do it on FIFA, you tend to lose. Too many players barely looked interested today which brings to mind my complaints of last season and the one before that being that ifwe play our best eleven, we look fantastic, but scratch the surface and play too many fringe players and we look suspect. That kind of talk won me the Tw*t in the Hat award last month too

    3. Yeah! Strange on that two left backs ploy. Some players are irreplaceable Ya Ya on his day, Silva,Kompany and Aguerro. As for "Fringe" players we seem to have a band of players that are beyond the fringe and really are surplus(some of whom were thrown in today for some odd reason).With Fernando and Mangala we could have an interchangeable midfielder group and with all the strikers fit the same upfront,so I am hopeful.

  5. Didn't understand the selection today. In central defence surely Rekik, even Richards should have started ahead of Boyata. If Mangala doesn't sign (and it's been dragging on long enough) we could have problems, even if he does, it will take time for him to settle in. I hope Hart stays our no 1 keeper and it looks like Fernando will time some time settling into the Premiership.


  6. I am annoyed at Pellegrini signing Caballero, he wasn't needed. We blew £6million on a good goalkeeper, but we already have a good goalkeeper. Now we have two good keepers and one of them will be unhappy and it can't be Hart because we are running low on British and home grown player. far better to have gone into the chamionship and signed a 23 year old British keeper with promise and allowed him to play League and FA Cup games. He would have helped satisfy our quota too

  7. "Manchester City have shipped three or more goals twice in their last 34 games in all competitions"

    This comment came at the end of the report on the BBC website.

    I don't know if they're presenting that as a positive or a negative, on the other hand........