Saturday, 23 August 2014


Interesting week with Dzeko, who we’d written off a year ago, but who’s bucked his ideas up and now looks good value for his new deal, and we’re getting them all sorted.

Mario to Liverpool, and wouldn’t it be orrible if he went there and did well. Not sure what his disciplinary record has been at Milan, but just like Joey Barton before him, the red mist will undoubtedly descend  again at some point.
Went down to the ground today to hopefully pick up the Manchester City, A Backpass Through History book but they didn’t stock it in the shop.
Had a wander round to try and suss out our selling points at the South stand. As I’ve said previously Andy and Steve have now retired, Peter’s not too well and neither is Tom, but hopefully they’ll both be OK for Monday night. If anyone out there fancies doing an hour before the game it will be appreciated.
Not much progress apparent on the South stand since last week so not sure how it will fill up.
Safe standing looks like a real possibility now, so maybe we won’t need to do anything with the North stand.
Malky MacKay had been bantering by text we’re informed and is in all sorts of trouble – I thought banter was a two way thing to qualify. We await further developments. Oh and van Gaalling reckoned he was the King of Manchester. Erm no, Stretford maybe but Manchester never. He did make me laugh though when he said he was a nice man.
Liverpool then, our fiercest rivals, and here’s the It’s A Fix extract from KK216 -

Last promotion was in 1962, since when they’ve won the lot but no title since 1990 (who’d’ve thought we’d win it twice before them?) Recent connections : Kolo Toure, Daniel Sturridge. 157th league meeting.

Some celeb fans: John Bishop, Ricky Tomlinson, Billy Bob Thornton, Angelina Jolie, Cilla Black, Samuel L Jackson, Ian Beale (Eastenders), Daniel Craig, Mike Myers,

Last season : They had the title sown up, the shirts printed, and the parade organised – flying high in April, shot down in May, but that’s life!
They finished 2nd with 84 points and 10 wins 5 draws and 4 losses away from home.
In the Capital One Cup they lost 1-0 at the Swamp to the rags in the 4th round.
In the FA Cup they lost unluckily 2-1 at Arsenal in the 5th rd.

At the Etihad in December it was a 2-1 City win. Coutinho (24) opened for the moaning scousers but Kompany (31) and the Beast (45) won it for us, as unusually we didn’t score at the North stand in the second half. Crowd was 47,351 with 2,726 red scouse.
At Anfield in April, it was that heartbreaking 3-2 loss as Liverpool took the title, prematurely, and Rodgers became manager of the year/decade..
Liverpool went 2 up through Sterling (6) and Skrtel (26), but City came back through Silva (57) and Johnson (OG 62) Coutinho (77) clinched it after a Vinny slice. Henderson was sent off near the end and the crowd
was 44,601

We also played em in a friendly in the USA in a 2-2 draw but we lost out on penalties. After which, Rodgers was named manager of the season for 2014/15
Transfers so far : Alberto, Ngoo, Sama and Suarez have gone and Lambert, Lallana, Can, Marquilla, Moreno, Origi, and Markovic, approx. £70M spent. .
This season so far : They had a narrow win over Saints, their feeder team, 2-1 at Anfield.
League form at City : In the last 8 games we’ve won 3 drawn 4 and lost just once : WDWWDLDD

Comment :. Despite the apologists (Reade, Dalglish, Dunn etc) coming out in force they finally got shut of Suarez. Plenty of new signings, but will they gel? Their despicable behaviour at last year’s game may have repercussions today, and whilst the Stevie Gerrard song will get an airing, hopefully it won’t come back to bite us in the bum!
Justice for the 96. Still.

Wwtwtwshite : Av’d 22,742 in 31/32, and last season it was 44,668.



  1. It's hard to envisage us not winning this; Our home record is remarkable,being at probably 90% full strength,one of the best strikers in Europe ready to come off the bench (if not starting) Liverpool Suarez less. I know SH happens but it would have to for the over hyped Liverpool to get anything out of this one.

  2. It's coming to something when I'm disapointed that we conceded a goal at all. Under the cosh possesion wise for 35 minutes, without Joe having a serious save to make. But once we scored we looked in control, with the exception of a four minute spell after their goal when the player collectively tried to entertain the fans with a collection of comical errors. What the f*ck was that all about?

    1. The better they are the greater the expectation. I don't want to become what I despise advocating sacking the manager because we only won the one trophy this year or in other words a Chelsea/ Manew fan. On another day one of those silly moments could cost us dearly, Vincent was not happy and I hope he let the guilty parties know after the match.This will be a long hard season but it is good to hit the ground running.

    2. Tony: I don't we're ever going to lose our collective lethargy. It was there all last season at Fulham, Swansea and Villa, and both games against Cardiff and Southampton. Some of these games were eventually won, but it's part of our languid style and to be fair, the season didn't end too bad.

    3. I noticed when we won the first title it was controlled possession then when the ball is lost hunt in packs to get the ball back, which was the Guardiola/Barca method. As ever this takes a lot of energy and concentration, we lost both for a few moments and paid the price. What really impresses me about this team is the confidence we have to create under pressure while lesser teams will look for the backpass. The only concern I have is the dependence on Silva and Toure as a creative force.Without them we are a very good side but together they take us to another level. Should beat Stoke,( Oh! how I miss those "Oatie cakes").

    4. I hope I didn't sound critical, because I didn't mean to be. There was just a four minute spell after they scored where we looked like Brian London after two rounds with Mohammed Ali, totally punch drunk. We snapped out of it and could have scored again toward the end.

    5. Tony,that was fair comment. How many games in recent times have we dominated only to concede needless goals? The expectations can get out of hand regarding trophies but I think we have the right to expect concentration and commitment to stay at the same level for 90 minutes. I too was disappointed when we conceded as I don't recall Joe making a serious save up to that point and we would have gone top. These are very exciting times to be a blue. I am really looking forward to the Stoke game.

    6. A special mention for Jovetic and Dzeko,both looking red hot. The Stokie Boo boys won't affect this team.