Sunday, 3 August 2014


Went to the local garage, then to Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and finally Tescos where I picked up an Observer. Shouldn’t have bothered. Reports of rags v Real and Arse v Benfica. No report anywhere of City v Olympiakos. Not sure what the point of this trip to the USA was all about. Doubtful if, even as Champions we’ve encouraged much new support and the media have their dream final of rags v Liverpool.
Someone at the club needs to have a serious look at our non existant press coverage.
We’ve got a few players match fit and the form of Jovetic and Kelechi has been encouraging.
Pleased we’re on our way back in a way and time now to get the World Cup boys ready for action.
Ironic, hypocritical even that a few years ago when Chelsea went to the States Gill rubbished the place as not being a big draw for the rags.
No wonder everyone hates them!



  1. So farewell Jack Rodwell,
    though I didn't agree,
    My Son always said you were crap
    Now we'll see.....

  2. Oh what might of been.
    from the little we have seen
    Of such talent we caught a glimpse
    Now he wakes up and just limps

  3. They seek him here
    They seek him there
    A muscle strain
    Or hamstring tear
    Faster than Phil Jones or Tom Cleverley
    Box to box midfielder, but he's never fucking fit
    Coz Jack Rodwell is a broken leg in traction

  4. Press coverage:

    Since the WC finished:

    Ian Numpty Herbert (Independent, Deputy/Northern Football Correspondent) - 28/30 articles about Utd, puff pieces on player after player and van Gaalist promotion. The two other articles are
    (a) about US and football, framed by the Utd./Galaxy match and referring to Robbie Keane as an English striker(!), and
    (b) an article about the Redskins NFL, complete with several utd namedrops.
    Must have been on a sponsored jolly.

    Jamie Jackson, (Guardian, Manchester Football Correspondent) 20 Utd articles in a row, with no exceptions.
    Must have been on a sponsored jolly.

    Either the Glazers have bought the newspapers, promised the moon on a stick for exclusive press coverage, Vicky Kloss is on holiday, or football is as bent as a bent thing. Or all 4.

    Loved the slurs over Lampard's loan being paid by NYCFC to get round FFP. Rubbish of course.

    1. To the press at large we are just a bunch of nobodies
      But we don't care we'll just collect the trophies.

    2. Nothing would give me more pleasure than to win the PL THIS year and ram all the LBW stories down their throats.

  5. City 1 united 4 in tonight's Manchester senior Cup. This result is going to perpetuate the myth that we've bought success whilst they are bringing on youth

    1. There's a special offer on titles this year buy one get one free!