Wednesday, 13 August 2014


I was made up on Monday when RealXS Radio played MyXS selection from 2pm til 3pm. They played 11 of my selections, and all were part of my karaoke repertoire as I do believe “you gotta sing the songs!”
They included (skip this bit if you like) 1) Thunderstruck (AC/DC) 2) The One I love (REM) 3) Here I Go again (Whitesnake, slow version) 4) Feel Like Makin Love (Bad Company) 5) Jump (van Halen) 6) Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd) 7) Poison (Alice Cooper) 8) Since You’ve Bin Gone (Rainbow) 9) Wind Of Change (Scorpions) 10) Don’t  Fear The Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult) 11) The Passenger (Iggy Pop)

Having put me down as being from Manchester not Leigh in my recent letter, the MEN couldn’t even get my name right in Tuesday night’s away days guide!

Last night it was the launch of Richard Edghill’s book (in conjunction with Dante Friend) at The Etihad, and also a chance to view the South Stand developments from the inside, and progress didn’t look too good to me to be honest.

We’ve signed Mangala at last for £32M – a record for a defender further to the £30M the rags paid for Ferdinand in 2002, in the days before they bought the league, supposedly! What would that fee be worth now?

Vinny was asked on Sky what he thought of the rags appointing Shrek as captain and he replied majestically “I couldn’t care less”
David Silva has signed a new 5 year deal which is great news.
Tomorrow it’s City Live at Manchester Central, which we’re all looking forward too very muchly. See you there!



  1. You certainly like your ballads Dave.

  2. So farewell Javi Garcia
    It's a shame when a player has to go
    but the sad truth of the matter is,
    You were always a bit too slow.

  3. I never realised we had so many poets on this board. Just shows that Robin Williams didn't die in vain.

  4. Unless Fernando proves me wrong I fear that we might miss Garcia’s defensive discipline more than some people think.
    Yaya might have the glamour, but he leaves huge gaps, especially when he thinks he’s been fouled and starts moaning to the ref and kicking people. Fernandinho had a great middle of the season, but he had some poor games as well.

  5. I agree with Neil. Would have rather we kept Javi Garcia and not bothered with Fernando.


  6. I have to disagree with you on this one, gentlemen. From what I've seen of Fernando pre-season, I already regard him as a substantial step up on Garcia. Garcia's lack of pace was a constant liability - almost as soon as he came on in any game he started to give dangerous free kicks away around the edge of our area as he just couldn't match the sharpness of the forwards he was facing (or more acurately, trying to chase!). I will concede that towards the end of the season he did give us good service but we'd been waiting 18 months by then.

    With regard to Yaya, despite him being an undoubted match winner and absolutely awesome at times, I just can't take to him. Petulant, lazy at times, he seems to make his mind up to only put in a good performance when it suits him. Fortunately, he seems to turn it on for the big games but I want it week in, week out. I think the acquisition of Fernando will enable Manuel to rest him more often as a pairing of Fernando and Fernandinho will give us far more energy than Garcia and Fernandinho ever could.

    1. The end of last season was a bit surreal. Garcia who had looked absolute "bobbins" for most of his time with us suddenly started to look a very competent player,Ya Ya was in the mood to do what only he can do,Hart got his act together and the defending looked less wobbly. It may take a few games to get Mangala and Fernando bedded in but it looks possible we could three very good central defenders to rotate.