Tuesday, 28 January 2014


You may have missed it but I did an interview for Sky last week. After we notched our 100th goal of the season they decided it would be appropriate to cover the Century City book I did a couple of years ago, which is now out of print. It wasn’t really explained so we’ll leave it at that. Any excuse to pop over to the Etihad. On Saturday a Blue asked me if I got paid for such interviews! Are you kidding, they’re all done for the love of the club, and as it happened we finished the zine unusually early on Sunday so I was available.
I’ve noticed that there’s been a few negative City letters in the MUEN  recently – on taking photos, withdrawing money from accounts well in advance of Cup games, and having to move seats for Euro games. Previously we could have written in and pointed to POB meetings to air these grievances but as these no longer seem to be happening, at the very least the club should respond to these letters, crikey, even Pat Carney responds to council criticisms. I don’t like the club being unfairly criticised and hope to talk to club officials shortly in this regard.
Tomorrow it’s Spurs away, here’s the It’s A Fix extract from KK212 :
Last promotion was in 1976 since when they’ve been successful in most cups, last pot League Cup in 2008. Recent connection is (what’s the score?) Adebayor. 130th league meeting.

Some Celebrity fans: Kenneth Branagh, Charles Bronson (the criminal), Pierce Brosnan, Warren Mitchell, Jude Law, Linda Lusardi

This season so far: They’re in 6th place with 40 points from 21 games and 5 wins 3 draws and 3 losses at home.

At the Etihad in November  it was a 6-0 City win, the goals coming from Navas (1, 90), Sandro (OG 34), Aguero (41,50), Negredo (55)
Crowd was 47, 227 with 2,828 Spuds

In the Capital One Cup they beat Villa away 4-0 in the 3rd rd, Hull at home on pens after 2-2 in the 4th rd, but lost 2-1 at home to West Ham in the 5th rd.

In the FA Cup they lost 2-0 at Arsenal in the 3rd rd.

In the Europa Cup  they’ve beaten Dinamo Tblisi 5-0 A, 3-0 H; Anzi 2-0 A, 4-1 H; Sherriff 2-0 A, 2-1 H;Tromso 3-0 H, 2-0 A. They face Dnipro in the knock out stage 

Our form at Spurs : Last season it was the disappointing 3-1 loss. City opened the scoring Nasri (5), but Spurs banged in 3 late ones Dempsey (75), Defoe (79), Bale (82). Crowd was 36,121 (*City) Prior to that it was the 5-1 win in 2011 but no wins in between the 2002/03 (2-0) our only other win in the Prem.

Comment: AVB was finally relieved of duties and Tim Sherwood has now taken over, so hard to determine how we’ll do, but we need to win again here, and it’s tough one.

Groundwise: We’ll be in the usual upper and lower tier. Their fans are sometimes pretty aggressive before and after the game so watch your backs. Will they be chanting ‘Yid Army’?

White Hart Lane : Capacity : 40, 260 (2,400 for City)
Tickets : £48
WWTWTWShite: Averaged 20,858 in 1985/86 and this season it’s 35,948
Parking : Street parking and local expensive  car parks

Sat Nav : N17 OAP

Monday, 27 January 2014


Saturday’s Guardian had us having never lost at home to Watford, thus missing the 1-3 in the Cup 2nd replay of 1986!
We arrived at the East Car Park, and top KK marks to the head steward, in horrendous weather conditions, wind, rain, hail, the lot. By 2pm it had cleared so we made our way to our selling pitches. Mine was blocked off, I reckoned some fracking was going on, (don’t tell the Barton protesters) surrupticiously . Sue, as you may have noticed was being bullied by the prick driving the little truck (which ironically KK campaigned for years ago) up and around Joe Mercer Way. So, suddenly, after ten years it has become a problem for this one  particular driver, so she was moved on despite an official merchandising stall being set up behind her! Letter to the club imminent!
Tony (Petrie) we already have the ‘Twat in the Hat’ award for KK213, look no further, and photo to follow hopefully, which should wipe the smirk off his stupid fuckin face.
Well, we soon went 2 down, though Pants should have done better for their second. Half time discussion, on the spiral, felt we could come back from two, but not three. Changes made and Vinny and Zab were in no mood to let Watford win. It was to be a test of character and we came through it as you’d expect  of a top team. Felt a bit sorry for their goalie, who did a De Gea (Our Frank hasn’t seen his next door neighbour this week,who a few weeks ago jumped out exclaiming “our goalie’s better than yours”) but we didn’t fancy a replay, and though they nearly equalised Serge made it 4-2 , very nice and a master stroke by Manuel at half time.
Draw, first out, gave us Chelsea at home, of all the teams left it had to be them or Sunderland! Still, at least we know what we’re up against.
All subscriber copies int post and Kindle version imminent.


Friday, 24 January 2014


What a great week – payback time for the rags in the pub, and nothing they could say or do about it!!
Watford tomorrow in the Cup, here’s the It’s A Fix extract from KK212 (out tomorrow and now in all the outlets :

We met them only last season in the FA Cup 3rd round, since then they went on to finish 3rd in the Championship with a host of Udinese loanees, with 77 points, 2 behind second placed Hull, then beat Leicester 3-1 but lost to Palace (72 points) in the play offs. Gianfranco Zola resigned in November and Giusseppo Sannino is the new manager, under Chairman Giamparlo Pozzo, who also owns Udinese and Granada.

Some celeb fans: Jennifer Aniston and Mila Kunis – appointed by DJ Chris Stark, Terry Scott, Vinny Jones, Geri Halliwell, Cyril Fletcher, Henry J Wood, Mo Mowlem, but their most (in) famous son is City fan Nick Leeson.

This season so far: They’re in 15th place with 31 points from 25 games and 3 wins 7 draws and 2 losses away from home, in the Championship.
In the Capital One Cup : They won 3-1 at Bristol Rovers in the 1st rd, 2-0 at home to Bournemouth in the 2nd rd, but lost 2-3 at home to Norwich in the 3rd rd.
In the FA Cup: They drew 1-1 at Bristol City and won the replay at home 2-0 in the 3rd rd, so they’ve been successful in the Cups against both Bristols.
Their Cup pedigree includes just the one Final in 1984 when they lost 2-0 to Everton, and Elton cried all through the game.

We’ve previously played them in the League Cup (3-1 H 4th rd 1987/88) Full members Cup (1-0 H 1986/87) and in the FA Cup it was:
1985/86 4TH rd : 1-1H; RP 0-0 A; 2nd RP 1-3H
1996/97 4TH rd : 3-1 H
Last season it was a 3-0 City win in the 3rd rd at The Etihad, the goals coming from Tevez (25), Barry (44) and Lopes (90) Crowd was 46,821 with around 6,000 Hornets
League form at home we’ve won 3, drawn 2, and lost 2.

Comment: They, like Blackburn, are a mid table Championship side, and whilst we probably won’t play our strongest team it doesn’t seem to matter much these days.
Only known face is still Almunia the ex Arsenal goalie.
What price Sunderland in the 5th round if we both get through!!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Wednesday night

Wednesday night!
Watched it on the box at homer last night. Very impressed, best away performance of the season, no slow build up, fast attacking play, and a brilliant win for the Blues.
Been to the pics tonight, switched phone back on expecting a text saying “stuffy sods” but I got a yesssss!
So I can watch it on BBC right now.
Machine broke down at the printers so it looks like Friday to get it in the outlets.


Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Tuesday afternoon

Tuesday afternoon
Just coming up for air after getting KK212 to the printers. Will be watching the match on telly, so good luck to all travelling Blues, safe journey.

Unless we play our youth team, go down to 9 men, and Andy Carroll gets a double hat-trick we should be OK. Here’s what Phil Lines had to say after the first leg:
Hammer Time
Hammer House of Horrors
A 6-0 Hammering.

I take no pleasure in beating the Irons as they were my adopted London club when stationed there during the lean period of the 80s.
Similar fans, similar area, similar ground, similar club & history - seemingly (at the time) our best days were behind us, loyal, noisy & recalcitrant supporters who despised the fancy Dan bigger team in the same town. I could go on with the analogy as to why WHU are my 2nd team. What's not to admire about Sir Bobby Moore. I really hope they stay up. 
I hope they restore some pride and stuff City 1-0 in the 2nd leg. (Ed - ???)
So barring an England Cricketingesque collapse then we should be heading to Wembley  Sunday 2/3/14 to play the Black Cats or the Red Scum. 
Methinks Gollum will bottle it and concede the semi final, he's got bigger fish to fry, the man U coming 5th or lower in the PL would be catastrophic for their income and the FFP team would be all over them like a cheap suit. Already £200m has been wiped off their shares due to their poor showing in the PL. 
Which means that the O/T derby will be postponed (initially Sat 1/3/14).
Which means with CL fixtures and FA Cup the OT derby will be likely to be moved to back end of April.
Which means it will be the 2nd or 3rd last game of the season.
Which means if we are in the mix and Arsenal have dropped off the radar and the Bin Dippers have shown their true colours, could we, I mean could we win the PL at OT....
Lots of if's and buts and as Ian Holloway once said, "If I had long hair I'd be a rock star"...
Nurse nurse more thorazine please I can't cope thinking about the permutations.
Phil Lines

Saturday, 18 January 2014

100th goal

Blackburn, and guess what? Rain!! Had a glance through the programme, thought there might be a feature on Ian, father of Rovers current manager Gary Bowyer, who played for City in the late 60’s early 70’s then went on to captain Forest in Euro Cup finals, but no.
RTead Buzzer’s column, always do, that and Marc Riley’s when it’s in there. Apparently when we won the title in 2012 we beat Newcastle in November. F*ck me. It was bad enough having to wait a week to clinch it v QPR but to wait 6 months would’ve been a real stressful period. Big whoopsie, nearly as bad as in Mike’s autobiography, when Northern Irishman Johnny Crossan was down as playing many time for the Republic!
5-0 win, fantastic, we should be standing up and applauding for the last half hour of games not gazing on in awe!
Tomorrow it’s Cardiff, for the 100th goal, here’s the It’s A Fix extract from KK211:

‘Bluebird flying high, tell me what you sing…….
They’re back in the top flight for the first time since 1962, last pot FA Cup 1927. Some connections : Andy Dibble, David Bennett, Ron Healey, Tony Book, Robbie Fowler, Trevor Sinclair, Craig Bellamy,

Some celeb fans : Neil Kinnock, Colin Farrell, Shakin Stevens, Super Furry Animals and rag Ian Brown once donned a Cardiff shirt at a Stone Roses gig in Newport.

This season so far : They’re in 18th place with 18 points from 21 games and 1 win 3 draws and 6 losses away from home. .
In Cardiff in August it was a 3-2 loss for City, Dzeko opened (57) then Gunnarsson (60), Campbell (79, 87) put them 3-1 up before Negredo pulled one back (90). Crowd was 27,068 with 2,613 Blues.
In the Capital One Cup they won 2-0 at Accrington in the 2nd rd, but lost 3-2 at West Ham in the 3rd rd.
In the FA Cup they won 1-0 at Newcastle in the 3rd rd. and face Bolton away in the 4th.

Form at home to Cardiff: There was a 0-0 draw in a friendly at City in 1998/99. Last meeting was in 1984/85 in the 2nd division, a 2-2 draw. Prior to that it was 3 wins and a draw.

Comment: Despite their win on the opening day it’s been a struggle for them especially with that Tan fellow as Chairman. Olly has replaced Malky so a double edged chance for revenge which we must and should take.

WWTWTWShite: Averaged 2,826 in 1986/87 and this  season it’s 27,528.
Are they just a shit Swansea City? There’s only ONE City. Us.
Note : I’m being treated for my birthday so won’t be selling in my usual spot. Not a lot of zines left, so be nice to the two Steve’s, Frank, Tom and Pete out there in the (inevitable) rain!!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

FAO Tony Petrie

Tony - no response to my two e mails are you sending anything in for KK212

Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Blackburn tomorrow in the Cup replay. Since the original game we’ve beaten West Ham 6-0 at home and Newcastle away 2-0 but at a cost, and they’ve beaten Donny 1-0 at home.
Their away form hasn’t been great but they recently won at Leeds 2-1
Our form at home v Rovers, in the Cup just the two meetings 1907 1st rd replay :  0-1 home, and 1934 3rd rd 3-1.
In the league the last few results have been 3-0, 1-1, 4-1 and 3-1.
We’re without a few key players and Rovers were quite impressive at Ewood so we need to be at our best. If we make it, and we should, to the 4th round, a game against Watford or Bristol City beckons plus a new KK (212) will be on sale so all to play for. Please.


Monday, 13 January 2014

Monday reflections

Monday Reflection
Sunday Supplement was on at 8 bloody thirty, then Goals on Sunday’s Chris Kamara explained why united’s first goal  v Swansea should’ve been disallowed for offside. Not mentioned anywhere else, wonder why? Then the SS was repeated!
Had to give Newcastle a miss, watched it on the box. Realised it was the first time I’ve seen City v Newcastle full game on telly since the 1955 Cup Final. It was in monochrome (black and white) then so Newcastle looked just the same but City’s sky blue looked lovely today.
Controversy reigned, looked a good Newcy goal to me but there you go - as KK bloggers advise, it gave em licence to kick us off the park, and ho.w they finished with 11 men we just don’t know. Sammy’s now out for 8 weeks and we wish him a speedy recovery.They couldn't scare the Beast though and what a relief his goal was
Pardew, not for the first time, embarrassed himself with his comments to Pellegrini.
Stuff coming in for KK 212, deadline’s today apart from the usual long term suspects!
It’s scheduled to be out for the 4th round of the Cup so I hope the boys won’t let us down!


Saturday, 11 January 2014


Saturday and first we must mention the shock news of local MP and big Blue Paul Goggins’ untimely death, heartfelt sympathy to his family and friends.
Good to note that Brendan Rodgers and David Moyes have both been fined for comments about referees in recent games.
Tomorrow it’s Newcastle, and here’s the It’s A Fix extract from KK211:

Third season back in the Prem. Last pot the 1969 Inter Cities Fairs Cup, recent connection is Shay Given, and this is the 153rd league meeting.

This season so far : It was a great 4-0 win at the start of the season on a Monday night. Goals came from Silva (6), Aguero (22), Toure (50) Nasri (75) Crowd was 46,842 with 1,574 Geordies.
They’re currently in 8th place with  33 points from 20 games and 5 win 3 draws and 2 losses at home.
In the Capital One Cup : 2nd rd they beat Morecambe 2-1 away, 3rd rd they beat Leeds at home 2-0 with a crowd of 36,220, but in the 4th round lost to us 2-0 aet. It was an incredibly boring game and the goals didn’t arrive until the 99th and 105th minute through Negredo and Dzeko, oh oh oh ohio. Crowd was 33, 846 with 2,507 Blues
In the FA Cup : They’ve just lost 2-1 to Cardiff at home in the 3rd rd

Our form at Newcastle : Last season it was a 3-1 City win in December, Aguero (10) and Garcia (39) opening, Ba (51) pulled one back and Yaya clinched it (78). Crowd was 49,579 with 2778 Blues.
Overall that made it 5 wins and 1 draw in the last 6 games.
For City :WWWDWW

Comment: Big improvement in the Magpies season after the early season doom and gloom over Ashley and the lack of signings, but they’ve slipped up a bit recently.
We can’t keep beating them can we? But we need to!

St James’ Park : Capacity : 52,387 (2,500 initially for City)

Groundwise : No surprise, we’ll still be in the top tier of level 7 of the Sir John Hall stand high up behind the goal. No flares or smoke bombs please.
WWTWTWShite : Averaged 16,001 in 1980/81 and this season it’s 49,182
Pubs/parking: Plenty of pubs, Bodega or Tilleys recommended, on street parking and local car parks
Away day zines : The Mag (Good piece on City by Ben Cooper), True Faith (includes Ged’s Q and A on their website), Talk of the Tyne, Black and White Mad
Sat Nav : NE1 4ST

Friday, 10 January 2014

ya ya

I know Neil - so was I - and Kolo is not his TWIN brother!

Y&a Ya

Neil - isn't that Kolo!!!????


West Ham. Bloody rain again – it’s rained for every single game for this issue but tonight it was again relentless so we had a night off selling.
Poor crowd for a semi-final – 38,000, you wonder what people want – we’re getting great football and lots of goals. The boy said he couldn’t afford it – even though he’s got more money in the bank than we have – suitably admonished, spoilt I’m afraid, our fault I suppose.
How easy is it to obtain tickets especially on the day, and of course the weather didn’t help. No excuse.
Awesome performance from the Blues, but you have to spare a thought for West Ham, totally inept. As for their fans, after a 5-0 disappointment at Forest they turned up and supported their team in the ‘ammers tradition. I remember them losing 4-0 in an FA Cup semi v Forest years ago and giving unstinting support throughout. They also lost a League Cup semi at Oldham 6-0 but won the second leg 4-0 I think, so they, like us, have suffered, and they’re surrounded by Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs. Respect.
I also remember us spontaneously applauding our lads for the last ten minutes or so of the Cup Winners’ Cup semi second leg 5-1 v Schalke, and thought our lads deserved some of that on Wednesday night, instead of being prompted to do the Poznan.
Anyway, we’re as good as there (!!!) Whilst they’re a bit of a bogey at the mo Sunderland are preferred as the rags are despicable. If any one has info on which papers printed the lies about our fans in the FA Cup semi that time and ignored rags behaviour then we need to know at KK and we’ll take it up for the League Cup final if indeed we do face them.
Many Congrats to Manuel for rightly winning Manager of the Month for December, time for a decent song?.


Wednesday, 8 January 2014

WHam int COCup

In the Capital One Cup they’ve beaten Cheltenham 2-1, Cardiff 3-2 both at home, Burnley 2-0 and Spurs 2-1 both away.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014


West Ham in the semi-final of the Capital One Cup was probably the best draw out of the three possibilities, though the second leg at home would’ve been nice.

Only previous League Cup meeting was in 1984 3rd rd when we drew 0-0 at home and won 2-1 away in the replay, when we were in the 2nd division and they were in the First.

After the painful 2-1 home FA Cup defeats in 97/98 and 05/06, we picked up in 07/08 with a 0-0 away draw and 1-0 home win in the replay.

Our form at home to West Ham : In the Prem at the Etihad in April it was a 2-1 City win. We went 2-0 up, Aguero (28), Yaya Toure (83)  before a late Carroll (who else?) goal (90+)  squirmed through Joe’s legs, who was suffering from a back spasm. Crowd was 47,189 with 1,699 ’ammers.
Prior to that  8 wins and 2 draws, just the one win for the ‘ammers, 1-0 in 2002/03

This season so far they’re in 19th place with 15 points  from 20 games with 2 home wins 3 draws and 5 defeats and 1 away win 3 draws and 6 defeats.
At The Boleyn in October it was a 3-1 City win. Aguero (16) opened and then doubled the lead (51). Vaz Te (58) pulled one back, and Silva (80) confirmed the win. Crowd was 34,507 with 2,191 Blues.

Comment : A remarkably poor season for West Ham so far and they lost 5-0 at Forest in the Cup at the weekend. Sam was forced to play a weakened team full of kids in that match, obviously concentrating on the game with us. They’re suffering with injuries in particular to Andy Carroll, who may even be fit for this game. For City though we need a strong team and hopefully a big win to give us the confidence for the second leg.

Who do we fancy in the Final – rags or Mackems?


PS - I know a bloke called Bony Maroney, do do do do, dodedodedodee…….

Sunday, 5 January 2014

PS Tony

Two Blackburn players - probably a woman involved!


Blackburn – short journey for a change, in the Tom-mobile. Handy MacDonalds, Blues and Rovers mixing amicably. Able to wish Blue friends Happy New Year including Howard Davies and his youngest son, though they were ticketless. I felt as confident as when we played at Sheff U a few years ago, and it was annoying to note that the top tier of the stand opposite was empty. Surely something could have been sorted to accommodate more City fans enamoured by the magic of the Cup.
Weakened team, lethargic and frustrating display but a goal up at half time, only highlight being the ridiculous decisions by the linesman nearest to us, and the Beast’s  goal.
They equalised after an unfortunate gaffe by Costel and the cameras picked up Joe Hart sat next to Vinny and a bloke in a Blackburn scarf, apparently applauding the goal. Any thoughts?
Watched the second half when we got home and we didn’t look as bad as I thought, certainly nothing like the manumirror report by Simon Mullock.
Boyata sent off but we got the draw and a replay with a possible 4th round home game against Bristol City or Watford so all to play for, and no jolly to Abu Dhabi.
Today the rags went out at home to Swansea which gets funnier by the game, and Wham, concentrating on Wednesday got slammed 5-0 at Forest. Don’t be fooled.
So on we go.
Copy for KK 212 required by Monday January 13th BTW please.


Friday, 3 January 2014


Early kick off again tomorrow at 12.45PM and here’s the It’s a Fix extract from KK211 :


Relegated in 2012, after the Venky’s took over after sacking Sam, then they’ve had Kean, Black, Berg, Bowyer, Appleton,  and now Gary Bowyer is in charge full time.
They won the Prem in 1995, so if they sing “Stand up if you’ve won the Prem” WE CAN ! Last pot league Cup in 2002. Recent connections Santa Cruz, Dickson Etuhu.

Some celebrity fans : Wayne Hemingway, Jack Straw. Jim Bowen, Matt Smith, Lee Mack, Carl Fogarty, Shane Williams, Colin Miller, Dennis Taylor, Bill Beaumont, Steven Hendry, Shane Williams

This season so far : They’re in 10th place with 34 points from 24 games with 6 wins 3 draws and 3 losses at home, 2 points off a play off place.
In the Capital One Cup they drew 3-3 at Carlisle in the 1st rd but went out on penalties.

Previous form in the FA Cup : Meetings in 5 rounds, City winning through on 3 occasions :
1907 1st rd : 2-2 away, 0-1 home
1914 3rd rd 2-1 away
1934 3rd rd 3-1 home
1969 5th rd 4-1 away
2007 6th rd 0-2 away
Rovers won the Cup 6 times, between 1884 and 1928, last appearance in the Final a 3-0 loss to Wolves in 1960 when Dave Whelan broke his leg. Last season they beat Bristol City, Derby County and Arsenal 1-0 at the Emirates before going out 1-0 at home to Millwall in a replay in the 6th rd after a 0-0 at the New Den.

Our form at Blackburn : Last visit was in 2011/12 season when we came away with a joyous 4-0 win.
Goals came from Johnson (56), Mario (59), Nasri (73), and Savic (82). Crowd was 24,760 with 7,531 Blues.
That made it 3 recent wins and for City :

Groundwise: We should get over 7,000 in the Darwen end plus a bit of an overspill, so the Blues can enjoy massive support in a rare Lanky fixture after the demise of Blackpool, Bolton, Burnley, Wigan and Preston even.
Last season they got 5,504 for the visit of Bristol City in the FA Cup 3rd rd., so they must be pleased at getting a plum draw this year.

Ewood Park: Capacity : 31,367(7000+ for City)

Comment : Mid table Championship team, with a few recognisable names such as Robinson, Dunn, Etuhu, DJ Campbell (maybe not!) and Jordan Rhodes.
Manuel needs to take this one seriously as we don’t want a repeat of the scenes after the 2007 debacle, and we want a Cup final win to avenge last season.

Pubs/Parking: Local car parks and street parking plus The Fernhurst is our usual drinking place

Away Day zines : The wonderfully named 6,000 (or 4,000) holes has, I think, sadly gone under.

Sat Nav : BB2 4JF

Thursday, 2 January 2014


Swansea – I was lucky enough to be able to drive down on the Tuesday with grandson Joe and we listened to the classics on his I-pad – Led Zep, Floyd, Whitesnake, Bugg etc. Amazingly the M50 and A449 were clear of roadworks. Quiet New Years Eve at daughters – no karaoke and a reasonable drive to the Liberty on NY Day in the pouring rain.
Thought Dzeko put himself about, Nasri and Negredo were poor, and as for Yaya away from home – but he got himself out of jail with the goal. Wish Sian could have been the linesperson/AssRef, she’d have spotted the offside as she did Micah’s ‘equaliser’ in 2012, but Bony maroney looked good all game.

Funny to see the rags getting cummuppance for their cheating – Young’s dive was the most outrageous yet! Webb tried to compensate by giving them an extra 5 minutes though.
Happy New Year to all KK bloggers and Blues
PS – my note to the Swansea prog didn’t get there in time for the corrections to our history to be made – hopefully next season!!!???
PPS – MOTD – we’ve not won at Swansea in 29 years FFS we’ve only played em twice and we’ve now won 2 drawn 1 and lost 1 in 29!