Monday, 31 March 2014


What a boost we were given with Chelsea’s loss at Palace (though we have to go there!) and Arsenal being without Ozil, Walcott, Wilshire and Ramsay. First half domination but at walking pace and second half we finished up glad of a point. Beginning of the week we’d’ve taken 4 points from the two away games, but the way things went it felt like 2 dropped.
 Thought the Red Issue plane/flag flying over O/T was pretty despicable but not untypical of rags fans.
Spurs were pitiful at Anfield and Liverpool are now certainly in the driving seat. Brendan Rodgers – what’s he ever won? What’s his experience in Europe?
Anyway Saints on Saturday now looks a tough one, let’s hope Sergio’s back.


Friday, 28 March 2014


Enjoyable week wot! Fun and games at the Swamp. Fergie/Moyes in/out – plane to be flown over O/T with the Chosen Wrong banner. Luvly people them rags aren’t they?
Anyway, another major test tomorrow as we go to what used to be a graveyard for the Blues. I’m not there unfortunately as it’s a bit of a family weekend, so I’ll be watching on TV.
Here’s the It’s a fix extract/update from KK214 -

Ever present in the top division since 1919 when they cheated their way up from division 2 finishing 5th.
Last pot FA Cup 2005, 9 seasons ago, Recent connection Samir Nasri, 172nd league meeting

Some celeb fans: Bradley Walsh,  Piers Morgan, Johnny Rotten, Ray Davies, Roger Daltry, Colin Firth, Tony Hadley, Barbara Windsor, Jack Whitehall

This season so far they’re currently in 4th place with 63 points from 31 games with 10 wins 4 draws and 1 loss at home.
They’ve just lost 6-0 at Chelsea and drawn 2-2 at home to Swansea, so are slipping up, and our confidence must be high.

At The Etihad in December it was that fantastic 6-3 City win. Aguero opened (14), Walcott equalised (31), then Negredo (39) and Fernandinho (50) made it 3-1. Walcott made it ) 3-2 (63) but Silva (66) then Fernandinho (88) made it 5-2. Mertesacker (90+3) made it 5-3 but Toure (90 +5) finished em off with a penalty and Wenger thought we were lucky!
Crowd was 47,229 with 2820 Arses

In the Capital One Cup, they drew 1-1 at West Brom winning on pens but lost 2-0 at home to Chelsea.

In the FA Cup they beat Spurs 2-0,in the 3rd rd, Coventry 4-0 in the 4th, Liverpool 2-1, luckily, in the 5th and beat Everton 4-1 in the 6th, all at home. In the semi they face Wigan, so are surely favourites to win the Cup.

In the Chimps League they played :
Fenerbahce  3-0 away, 2-0 home; Marseille 2-1away, 2-0 home; Napoli 0-2 away,2-0 home; Dortmund 1-2 home, 1-0 away.
In the Group stage they lost 0-2 at home to Bayern Munich and drew 1-1 away going out limply.

Our form at Arsenal :  Last season it was a 2-0 win in January. Jimmy M put us 1-0 up (21) and then Dzeko made amends for his missed penalty (32) when they went down to ten men.  Vinny was also sent off but that was later rescinded.
Crowd was 60,107 with 2,107 Blues who’d paid £62 for the privilege, and the team were reminded by the assistant referee.
Prior to that it was a 1-0 loss and two 0-0 draws.

Groundwise: Football grounds in London are ridiculous and they’re often affected by  tube strikes. Same place in the corner for us with tickets priced at £62 again They have a banner stating : “You can’t buy class” but berate Arsene  for not buying….class, though what signings Walcott, Oxley-Chamberlain, Ozil etc  make of it we don’t know! Disappointing that they’ve come down to the level of the rags.

The Emirates Capacity: 60,355 (2,900 for City)

Comment:  They’ve slipped up recently and we’ve got the bit between our teeth, so an FA Cup looks to be their best bet.
Walcott’s injury was a blow and Wilshire’s now out. We got our first league win there last season  since 1975 so a repeat would do very nicely thank you!

WTWTWShite: averaged 23,824 in 1985 and this season it’s 60,095
Pubs/parking: Usual pub is the Drayton Arms. Parking is crap as they shouldn’t have built the new ground in London
Away day zine: The Gooner, A5, colour, very professional and swap with KK.
Sat Nav: N5 1BU


Thursday, 27 March 2014

Derby day refelections

Busy traffic on Ordsall Lane but clear on Talbot Road, where we parked up in our usual spot around 7PM. Very quiet going to the ground in the drizzle, none of the usual rag shite of how they were gonna win 6-0.

Picked up a programme, daft size, very red and glossy. Interesting map of Greater Manchester with locations relevant to players etc eg Tony Booth from Middleton, and Johnny Ashton senior from Prestwich compounded by Johnny Ashton junior being from Clayton. You’d expect them to get City players name wrong, but it’s a poor do when they get their own wrong – twice. Still it was probably done by one of their out of town fans who think they do but don’t know the club.
Good piece on O/T's floodlights opening in March 1957, about 4 years after City's!

Paddy ‘spitter’ Crerand thought there was always a fear of City around united, but I didn’t detect any such thing tonight.
How many times did they feature Rooney’s “I wish I’d had my transplant before I scored that goal” overhead shinner – once on page 25, again on page 53, and if you think that would be enough you’d be wrong as it’s featured for a THIRD time on page 79, just so you’d know!
Ex Blue announcer Alan Keegan let us down again by not introducing City as the Capital One Cup holders – remember all the gloating at the semi a few years ago? We’d expect better Alan.

Inside the ground a rag kindly dropped his flag down into the City fans to be tossed about and ripped to shreds.
Wow, a goal up before we’d drawn breath, should’ve been more, Fellaini and Welbeck should’ve walked, Rooney in the refs ear all half, and what an airshot that was!

Second half I said to Steve “we seem to have a plan at corners” as Edin smashed in the second, and what a display from him tonight. Some great songs by Blues. Players were falling off the edge of O/T’s ridiculous pitch, Manuel made the right changes and Yaya inevitably finished em off for 3-0, which should’ve been ten!

Exiting the ground there was a few brief flurry’s of –
“20 times, 20 times we are Champions,
20 times, twenty times I pray,
20 times, 20 times, we are Champions - and I couldn’t resist adding “but you really fucked it up today” even though we were supposed to be taking a low profile!
The vitriol against Fergie, Moyes, the team, by those rags was wonderful, and hands up you Blues who tuned into Red Wednesday which was a delight!
Liverpool beat Sunderland last night 2-1 so we go back to 2nd place but with it all to play for.
Enjoy this week.
BTW kindle version of KK214 is up and running!


Tuesday, 25 March 2014

derby day

Derby day dawns, as the rags face their unreal rivals. Well they’ve let Liverpool get the double over them so they won’t be too bothered if we do the same, or will they? Who’re they trying to kid? A win would put us 3 behind Chelsea with 2 games in hand, and at least 10 goals better in GD, so no pressure then!

Here’s the It’s A Fix extract/update from KK214 -
Last promotion was in 1975. Since then they’ve cheated, lied, bullied and bought success, though they won’t admit it
They’re ever present since promotion in 1975. Last pot, title last year, recent connection Carlos Tevez, 150th league meeting.

Some celeb fans : You know them all, Coco the Clown, Biffo the Bear, Justin Timberlake, Ollie Murrs, Insane Bolt, James Nesbitt looking like a complete prick at Arsenal last year, and Bates off Downton

This season so far they’re  in 7th place with 51 points from 30 games and  6 wins 3 draws and 5 losses at home. They’re 11 points off a Chimps League place in this, their transition season, the only club to be in such a state, unlike Chelsea, City, Everton, Spurs etc who’ve all changed their managers,  despite them being  being Champs!
They won the Community Shield, beating Wigan 2-0 with 2 from RVP (ragspeak for one plus an own goal!)
At the Etihad in September it was that comfy 4-1 City win. Goals came from Aguero (16,47), Toure (45), Nasri (50) whilst united’s consolation came from Rooney  (87). Crowd was 47,156 with 2,678 rags

In The Capital One Cup they beat Liverpool at home 1-0, Norwich 4-0 at home, Stoke 2-0 away. In the semis they lost 2-1 at Sunderland, won 2-1 in the 2nd leg, but went out on pens hilariouisly.

In the FA Cup they went out 2-1 at home to Swansea in only the 3rd rd.

In the Chimps league they’ve played :
Bayer Leverkusen 4-2 home, 5-0 away; Shakhta Donetsk 1-1 away, 1-0 home; Real Sociedad 1-0 home, 0-0 away.
In the Group stage they lost 2-0 at Olympiacos, but as expected  they pulled it round at the Swamp 3-0 and face Bayern in the Q/F though Moyes has spotted their weaknesses (but not united’s!)

Form at the Swamp : Last season  we won 2-1 in April, giving them a footballing lesson. Jimmy Milner scored the first (51) then it was an own goal equaliser (59) claimed by Jones in true rag style before Aguerroooooooooooo scored the winner (78) leaving half a dozen rags in his wake and De Gea bemused. Crowd was 75,498 with 3,074 human beings. Before that it was the 6-1 and 3 close losses after the 2-1 Munich game.

In the January window they brought in Mata for £37M to boost their debt. Main outs were Anderson and Zaha.  Rooney’s got another new deal and RVP wants one now. Vidic wants out, baines didn’t want in,  and there’s been much mutterings from rags over the Moyes situation. “Why was he appointed/” “What’s he ever won?” “We need a complete clear  out” “he shouldn’t have removed the backroom staff” Blahdy, blahdy, bollocky blah.
They’ve still got a fairly strong squad though maybe not the right manager but we shouldn’t underestimate them cos it is their Cup Final after all.

Groundwise : They’re  experimenting with a singing section (where did they get that idea from?) in certain games, but  we’re again tucked away in the corner between the decrepit main stand and K stand away from the TV cameras and behind the goading, snarling, disabled rags and their nauseous  helpers with their banners, who feign shock horror when they get some back.
It’s the corner where their players run over  for a gloat if they’ve fluked a goal or a win.

They’ve got the walk of hate, the coin throwing tunnel and the missile corners.
The dug out is, of course in front of a not so classy, brick wall
Entering and exiting the ground can also be a problem especially on a night game, so best to get there early if you can as they like to pick off the stragglers, bottling, bricking and spitting not being uncommon. Of course last year no probs exiting as they’d all gone home before the final whistle!

Old Trafford/Swamp/Cesspit/Sty/Leper colony

Capacity : 76,000 (3,000 for City)

WWTWTWShite: Crowds were down to 11,685 in 1930/31, and the current average is 75,172
Parking : plenty of car parks, some which the club have relieved from the local scallies.
Away day zine : UWS (swap with KOTK)
Red Issue, Red News, Red Shite, Red Bollocks, Red Lies, Red Turds, Red Hypocrisy, Red Twats, Red C*nts, Red wan*ers……..
Sat Nav : M16 0RA -  this will get rags fans in the vicinity so be prepared for dozens of em decked out in their colours and asking you “which way to the ground” I kid you not. When they spot the Liverpool warehouse they’ll be perplexed as to whether they’re in Liverpool, Salford or Stretford. Keep the dosy sods guessing.
You may have to walk down the old Warwick Road past all the cheap tack befitting of rag and bone men. Then you can gaze at the statues two of  whom are ex City players - Busby  and Denis (back heel) Law.

C’mon City


Monday, 24 March 2014


Torrential rain on the way to the ground, just about cleared when we parked up, then showers all afternoon.   We were informed that Chelsea were winning 6-0 and their goal difference was now better than ours – which of course it wasn’t! 

Terry Phelan was hovering about outside G entrance doing that footballers thing where he’s on the phone so that no one will talk to him. Or maybe he really was on the phone! 

Anyway a bit of a struggle before the first goal but a coast after that and a boost to our GD which may be vital later, but what’s happened to the Beast?

Liverpool looked good again at Cardiff and the rags won at West Ham with a wonder foul from Rooney. Russell Brand and even Teddy Sheringham thought so but no-one else. What is going on?

Dropped the zines off in the Stockport outlets on Merseyway and bumped into legendary Blue John Leigh. Went for a coffee and it turned out his daughter worked there on a Saturday! Last time we did that was in Copenhagen. Happy days.  So that’s all the subscriber and contributor copies of KK214 sent out.

We popped along to the Leigh Sports Village tonight and saw a very impressive display from the under 21’s in a 6-0 win over Blackburn Rovers. We should play there more often.

Tomorrow it’s the derby of course. Tension building up, we’ll be OK won’t we?.


Friday, 21 March 2014


KK214 picked up from the printers and delivered to outlets in Manc. Today. Quick flick through and a couple of annoying mistakes (before Ged points them out!) in the editorial – I’ve put Fowler instead of Savage and next deadline is Monday April 14th just after Liverpool away not Saints home. Though this is under review depending on results – I’ll keep everyone informed !
rags have drawn Bayern Munich in the Chimps League and RVP is out for about 4 weeks. Tomorrow it’s bottom club Fulham (shudder!), here’s the It’s a Fix extract  from KK214 :

Fulham home
12th season in the Prem. No silverware. Recent connection Mark Hughes. 58th league meeting.

Some celeb fans : Ray Brooks, David Hamilton, Hugh Grant, Pierce Brosnan, Lily Allen, Nigel Havers, Sharon Duce, Daniel Radcliffe, Nick Frost, Keith Allen, Patrick Mower, Ralph McTell

This season so far : They’re in 20th place with 24 points from 30 games  with 3 wins 2 draws and 10  losses away from home.
At the Cottage in December it was a 4-2 City win. Toure (23) and Kompany (43) put us 2-0 up by half time but Fulham hit back through Richardson (50) and Kompany OG (69) to level but Navas (78) and Milner (83) clinched it for the Blues. Crowd was 25,509 with 2,973 Blues, officially.

In the Capital One Cup : They beat Burton Albion away 5-4 on pens after 2-2, Everton 2-1 at home, but went out at Leicester 4-3 away.

In the FA Cup : They drew 1-1 at Norwich and won the replay 3-0, drew 1-1 at Sheff. Utd but lost the repay 0-1.

Form at home v Fulham: Last season it was the 2-0 win in January with a brace from David Silva (2,69). Crowd was 47,286 with 558 Cottagers
For City it’s : WWDDLLWLDDW

Comment :
In the January window in came Clint Dempsey, Kvist, Holtby, Mitrogleu (£11M), Heitinga, Cole and Tunnicliffe (now at Wigan) .
Out went  Ruiz, Arthurworry, Grimmer, Hughes, Senderos and Berbatov. The latter’s fee was bumped up by our interest and he signed for the rags, turning our fortunes, with his Wembley misses in the semi-final of 2011. Thank you, thank you, Dimi, Alex Ferguson, and the rags, as we went on to unprecedented success.
Sadly they’ve nose dived under new Chairman Shahid Khan.  Martin Jol went, ex rag Rene Meulensteen, along with Ray Wilkins, and Alan Curbishley came but were given the boot and replaced by Felix Magath.
They actually won a game at home to Newcastle last week but still look doomed and it should be our 3 points.

WWTWTWShite: Averaged 4,057 in 90/91and this season it’s 24,899


Thursday, 20 March 2014


Very busy week. Barcelona, away, then on with the zine, Hull away, back to the zine and off to the printers on Monday night, so just coming up for air. Good job I don’t have to go out to work these days!
Some further observations from the Hull game. Joe was well fired up, and as already pointed out he needs to control it a bit. George Boyd in trouble for doing the despicable ‘Paddy Crerand (Stoke home 1967 v Tony Allen) gobbing thing. Vinny let off for his anger after getting himself sent off. Calm down boys, controlled passion please or we won’t finish another match with 11 men.
Anyway, we hope to pick up KK 214 tomorrow and deliver to the outlets. BhaJ1 on Merseyway Stockport.
Aleef on Cross Street/Market Street, Piccadilly approach, High Street, and Mount Street. National Football Museum. Subs and contributor copies to be sent out over the weekend, and we should hit the streets for the Fulham home game.
This issue is, naturally, the quadruple special (domestically – so with a touch of irony). We won eff all for 35 years then 4 trophies in 4 years – FA Cup, Title, Community Shield and Capital One Cup – the full set.
It’s A4, colour front and back cover, 48 pages, covering Barcelona, Capital One Cup Final, Kendall book review and loads of the regular stuff. All this for just £3.
Rags won last night so Moyes’ jog is safe til next Tuesday at least.


Saturday, 15 March 2014

it's back on

Hull, and a bright day for a run over the M62. Not as much fare available at the leisure centre, and it was cold and windy outside the away end but lovely and sunny inside.
Vinny got himself in a right mess, looked to have been fouled, but brought his man down and off he went. David Silva was having a belter and scored a scorcher, why doesn’t he shoot more often? Second half chances for Fernandinho and Dzeko after a scare with Joe. First class performance for some beleaguered performers who all came good, Demichelis, Garcia and Edin Dzeko who finally notched a goal to clinch it. Dreadful getting out of the car park after the game, but who cares when you’ve won. Bonus was Villa beating Chelsea so it’s wide open again!


Friday, 14 March 2014


Barcelona – plumped for the two night stay Spike (Sport Options) trip. Early start but pleasant flight and smart hotel. City fans in relaxed mood.
Managed the Gaudi after bumping into the MacKinnon girls, which was breathtaking. Later visited the boy and friends, Rik, Danny, Natalie, etc in the Place Real, but the missus was unwell  so we retired to the hotel by taxi so missed KOTKers we were hoping to meet up with. We did manage to spot young Don in his sky blue Borat attire, a sight to behold, get a shave young man!
Got to the ground early enough, time for a bite then up in the lift to our level, then herded into one of the pens, not the one on our ticket. No drinks allowed so naturally I took in a bottle of water!
Uninspired game, not without incident, but we weren’t good enough making the Wigan performance even more infuriating.
Comfortable journey back home (unlike the Thos Cook flights the previous night, being diverted to Newcastle)
Working hard on KK 214 and tomorrow it’s rejuvenated Hull away. Here’s the It’s A Fix extract from KK213 :


First season back in the Prem for Hull since they went down in 2010 after a couple of seasons in the Prem.
Last Pot : Erm, none
Controversy reigns in Humberside, in the city of culture. I lived there for two years and never, never, EVER heard them called City, they were ALWAYS referred to as Tigers! However, KK subscriber Stephen Hodgson insists that it’s “No, to Hull Tigers” so there! But after all, there’s only ONE City !

Celeb fans : Sinitta, Roy North (Basil Brush’s mate) Omar Sharif, Tom Courtney, John Alderton, John Prescott (possibly)
This is our 12th league meeting 

This season so far : They’re in 13th place with 30 points from 28 games with 5 wins 4 draws and 5 losses at home.
At the Etihad in August it was a 2-0 City win, Negredo (65) and Toure (90) were the scorers in a bit of a struggle. Crowd was 46,903 with 1,587 Tigers/City fans!
In the Capital One Cup they won 2-1 at Leyton Orient in the 2nd rd, beat Huddersfield 1-0 at home in the 3rd rd but lost at Spurs on pens after 2-2 aet in the 4th rd.
In the FA Cup they won 2-0 at Boro in the 3rd rd, 2-0 at Southend in the 4th rd, beat Brighton at home in a replay in the 5th and then saw  off Sunderland at home in the 6th rd. In the semi-final they play Sheff united at Wembley.

Form at Hull: Last visit was in 2010, a 2-1 loss Altidore (31) Boateng(54) put them ahead and Adebayor (59) got our consolation goal. Crowd was 24,959 with 2,500 Blues. This followed  a 2-2 draw in 2009. Overall we’ve played 8 times in the league over there, winning only one (2-1 in 1909/10) drawing 3 and losing 4,

Kingston Communications Stadium :
Capacity : 25,504 (2,500 for City) :

Groundwise : We’re in part of the stand behind the goal as usual.

Tickets: £35

Comment : They’re making a good fist of survival under Steve Bruce, the Elephant man and gave us a few scares at the Etihad. We’ve a poor record at Hull - no doubt the MOTD commentator will remind us it’s been over a hundred years in the league since our last win there!
In January they added Jelavic, Long and Kebbie to the squad and there were plenty of outgoings but no big names, so with Huddlestone pulling the strings they’ve strengthened and are in the semis of the FA Cup.
Nothing but a win will do, otherwise the title looks dead.

Pubs/parking : plenty of local pubs, on street parking and a decent sized car park in the park next to the ground, plus a leisure centre if you fancy a snack!

Away Day zine : There was one on sale last time so look out for it!

WWTWTWShite: Averaged 3,993 in 1981/82 and this season it’s 23,997.

Monday, 10 March 2014

I Don't like Mondays

I don’t like Mondays
I was on 5 live on Saturday morning and predicted a 3-2 win which the Wigan fan from The Mudhutter fanzine said he’d take!
Well what the eff was that?
Lovely day for a change and after the euphoria of last week’s Cup final, it was the visit of Championship Wigan and the return of Uwe Rosler.
Internationals mid week though, so we wondered what toll that had taken on our ‘strong squad’ Would Manuel have learned from the difficulty we’d had beating Watford with a weakened squad, and the good sense to play a strong squad against Chelsea in the 5th round.
The answer was, for whatever reason, an emphatic NO.
Wigan fans were in cocky mood before the game going past me at my pitch chanting aggressively “ FA Cup Champions”. Winners, yes. Holders Yes. Champions No. If ever the team needs motivating before games like these then they should come and stand by me before such games.
I won’t dwell on the match. We couldn’t rely on wonder strikes to get us out of jail today so the rest of our season rests on the result at Barca. If we want to be taken seriously as top notchers then we need to do much better than this. I’m seriously pissed off.
Here’s the it’s A fix extract from KK213 :

Barca were formed in 1899 by Swiss, English and Catalonian footballers led by Joan Gamper. They are a symbol of Catalanism, their motto is ‘More Than a Club’ and anthem is ‘Cant Del Barca’. Club colours are reputed, peculiarly, to be based on those of Crystal Palace

They are an irreverent bunch and in 1925 booed the National Anthem, then sang God save the King, as a protest to the Rivera dictatorship. This caused sanctions, Gamper was forced to relinquish his presidency, and he committed suicide in 1930 due to financial and personal problems.
After the civil war in 1936 some of their and Bilbao players enlisted to fight against the military uprising and then president Sungal was murdered by the military.
In 1938 Barcelona was bombed causing 3,000 deaths , the Catalonia flag was banned as was the Catalonian language. When they lost 11-1 after winning the first leg of a cup game 3-0 in 1941 they were reminded that they were only playing due to Franco’s generosity!
In 1951their fans supported a tram strike by walking home from the ground in their thousands and have always been classed as staunch defenders of rights and freedom.

They’ve won 22 La Liga’s, (and are current Champions) 26 Copa Del Rey’s, 11Super Cups, 3 Copa Eva Duarto’s.
In Europe they’ve won 4 UEFA Champions cups, 4 Cup winners’ Cups, 4 UEFA Super Cups, 3 Cities Fairs Cups, 2 FIFA World Club Cups.
They are managed by Gerardo Martins.
They were the first team in 1961 to knock Real Madrid out of Europe, which was some revenge for an 11-1 drubbing in 1943.
They are currently 3rd in La Liga with both Atletico and Real Madrid above them with 63 points from 27 games with 20 wins 3 draws and 4 losses, including a 0-1 at Valladolid at the weekend, putting them 4 points behind Real Madrid at the top.
Current connections are Ferran Soriano and Txiki Beginstain, who will be frostily received!
Results in the Champions League : Celtic 1-0 away, 6-1 home; Ajax 1-2 away, 4-0 home; AC Milan 1-1 away, 3-1 home.
Last season they went out to Bayern Munich 0-4 away, 0-3 home

Friendlies :
1951/52 A 1-5; 1956/57 A2-3; 1974/75 A 2-3; 1986/87 A 1-1; 2002/03 H 2-1 when they opened COMS and we dreamt we might meet them in Europe one day: 2009/10 A 1-0 (Joan Gamper  trophy) where City fans had a very pleasant experience particularly on the beach, but transport after the game was abysmal! Be warned!

Groundwise : Their first ground was the Camp de la Industria which they moved into in 1909, capacity around 6,000, but in 1922 they moved to Les Corts capacity 22,000 increased to 60,000. Camp Nou was built in 1954 and completed in 1957, and upgraded in 1980 then 1992. Its current capacity is 99,786 with an allocation of only 4,500 for City.

Comment: We were given a bit of a footballing lesson at the Etihad without being threatened on goal and it was 0-0 at half time.
However, the ref was lenient it has to be said and it was a foul on Navas with the type of tackle we were getting booked for, in the build up to their first a penalty and sending off for Demichelis. We gave it a real go after that, but their second goal late on was a killer, and so we go to Barcas needing a 3-0 win, or maybe a 3-1 would do.
They’ve had a few set backs recently so it’s not impossible if we’re not daft.
Whatever, we need to get over Sunday’s disappointment, and enjoy the trip, and the City.
Just a reminder that the deadline for KK214 is Wednesday night, March 12th and stuff is coming in thick and fast.


Saturday, 8 March 2014

Saturday musings

Saturday musings

International week and England beat Denmark 1-0 so another clean sheet for Joe who got a mark of 6 in the manumirror. Hard to understand? What more could he do?

Wigan tomorrow, here’s the It’s A Fix extract from KK213 :

The draw included Wigan, Sunderland, Sheff. Wed/Charlton, Everton, Arsenal, and Brighton/Hull, so who would we get?
We were number one, 4th and next to last out of the ‘bag,’ drawing Wigan at home. Could’ve been worse. Couldn’t really be better with a return of Uwe to his first love!

Celeb fan: Mikhai Gorbechov

Some connections : Sam Barkas, Fred Eyre, John Benson, Uwe Rosler
This season so far : They’re in 6th place in the Championship with 52 points from 32 games with 7 wins 2 draws and 8 losses away from home. They’re now in a play off place after a tricky start under Owen (talks the talk but can’t walk the walk) Coyle, improving immensely since Uwe took over, and won 4-1 at Forest last week.
In the Capital One Cup : They lost to us 5-0 in the 3rd round.

In the FA Cup : They drew 3-3 at home to MK Dons (8,316) and won the replay 3-1 in the 3rd round. In the 4th round they beat Crystal Palace 2-1 at home (9,542), and in the 5th they won 2-1 at Cardiff

In the Europa League: It was 0-0 away and 1-2 home to Zulte-Waregem; 3-1 home and 0-1 away to NK Maribor; 1-1 home and 0-1 away to FK Rubin Kazan. 

Previous meetings in the FA Cup : Four meetings so far:
1891 1st rd 1-0 home (Wigan   County)
1971 3rd rd 1-0 City defeating non league Wigan 1-0 at Maine Road.
2006 4th rd 1-0 home
2013 Final 0-1 Wembley

Home league form against Wigan: WWWWWDLLW.
Pretty good, 5 consecutive City wins but generally close games.

Comment : Most of the players are still there, Callum MacManaman, Shaun Maloney, Ali Al- Habsi, James McLean, Emerson Boyce, Jordie Gomez, Ben Watson (now injured) etc, plus Grant Holt and Nick Powell (boo) have been added. Ryan Tunnicliffe a Blue from the rags is Cup tied though, so not a problem for his mad Blue dad.
We’ve already had revenge for last year’s Cup Final, but it would be nice to rub it in a bit despite Uwe’s presence, who’ll get a great reception. Championship teams Blackburn away and Watford home have given us tough games but you can only see one winner here.

WWTWTWShite: Averaged 2,758 in 1989/90

So there you go. Charlton in the semi and Hull in the Final please!

Stuff is arriving nicely for KK 214, and deadline is for Wednesday night after the Barca game

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


We went on the Saturday, me, Sue, grandson Joe,  with daughter Marnie driving. Two hours spent on the merits of breast feeding which me and Joe could’ve done without!. Fairly quiet on the M6/M1, stayed over near Luton.
Took the train from Denham, more Sunderland than Blues and when we arrived at Wembley it was all Sunderland. Had a stroll round the new Mall which was a pleasant surprise from previous visits and took up our usual ‘meeting and greeting’ spot on Wembley Way. Again it was initially all Sunderland, decked out in their bold red and white. a bit different from 1973 at Maine Road. I remember them, mainly lads/blokes, dressed in their suits – flares, kipper ties, wide lapelled jackets, talking in that funny accent boarding their coaches and being quite amusing. I recall going back to where my car was parked – I was too late for my usual spot in Roseberry Street, so I parked further back. My car, a 1965 Triumph 2000, was parked on the opposite side to where I’d parked it, with the driver’s door booted in, and everything inside had been nicked!. I had to get in and out of the passenger side for weeks until I could afford to get it fixed.
We were told that it was all Sunderland in London last night, particularly in Covent Garden, but we had good repartee with Mackems whilst selling KK213. Sue spent most of her time obligingly taking photos for Sunderland fans. Slowly but surely the City fans started arriving, most travelling down on the day, reasonably subdued, to be honest, but cheerful and quietly confident.
Then it was off to our end, totally City obviously, loud and proud, and into the ground, where the turnstiles and escalators actually worked.
After 4 minutes we had the applause for Mike Doyle, and there was a photo displayed on the main screen. A master stroke. 1894 group?
Atkinson was lenient, they scored, Vinny made amends with a brilliant tackle, but 0-1 at half time, but not quite as bad as last season!
Second half and two wonder goals put us in front. “please for once City don’t have us hanging on for the last few minutes.” Joy as Jesus clinched it and game over.
How did it compare? Just as good as any previous Wembley victory. Pleased especially for Pants after last season and Joe Hart being adult about it, but slightly sad for Joleon and James M. Maybe another Wembley visit will compensate?
Euphoria going home, and looking forward to seeing the Cup again on Sunday.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Tony P and Lobby

Hi Tony, interesting to note that 'Lobby' whoever he/she is (i thought it was a sort of hot pot) thinks you sell KK on Joe Mercer way.
If it's true, well your sales are shite my friend and you must do better!
Personal criticism from someone who hides behind a non de plume has no place on the KK blog. Show yourself boy/girl and maybe then we can take you seriously.
The win was wonderful yesterday, but we can't carry on playing with ten men (Dzeko) though I don't think there's much between MD and Lescott. Good to see Pants get a game in a big one. No ones picked up on the quick long kick to Serge which ultimately led to second goal .
Lots of games coming up so whilst disappointing for Joe, Joleon and Jimmy M to miss out yesterday their chances will come over the next few weeks.
Still feeling euphoric