Monday, 16 June 2014

monday evening

Monday evening
Been back to the Etihad today to change one of my duplicated Father’s day T shirts for…..wait for it……the model of the Etihad (strings not included!)
Watched Germany v Portugal – Mueller eh? Phil Neville’s commentary didn’t concern me really last night, but let’s have a change, and how many more Liverpool clips must we see?. Did you notice how they’re trying to spice up the ITV panel? Bring back the Big Mal/Paddy Crerand type days.
Roll on Wednesday and the fixtures



Good to see all the City players and ex players in the World Cup. England had hard luck. Why do commentators not mention Rooney’s salary when he takes a corner like that?
Was Suarez crying again?
Pick of the tournament so far had to be the Swiss last minute goal when the player was fouled but got up and laid on the winner.
Visited the Subbi club in Tyldesley yesterday with eldest daughter and grandaughter and had our pics taken with the two trophies.

Fixtures are out on Wednesday, can’t wait, can you?

Friday, 13 June 2014

personal criticism

Tony - no place for personal criticism on the KK blog any more, and by the way, Moyes Can't manage!!


Popped over to the Etihad on Thursday and picked up a Champions T shirt in which I look rather fetching if I say so myself plus a baseball cap (junior as I‘ve got a pointy head!)
Then it was over to The Lowry to take in Shelagh Delaney’s play ‘A Taste Of Honey’ and one of the songs was Blue Moon.
Then we drove over to The Jewish Museum on Cheetham Hill Road for the David Conn talk on City and modern football.
There was an interesting exhibition called Four Four Jew which partly featured City and the furore when Bert was signed. There’s also a magnificent shot of the City v Everton cup tie in 1956 with the Kippax pre roof and there I am – with my pals Ray and Col stood on the rail right at the back next to the flagpole. 76,000 there and I can spot myself. Worth the fee just for that!
We were joined by Colin Savage and David gave an interesting talk based on his book ‘Richer Than God’ some of the content of which I disagree with but made for a lively debate. Nothing will convince me that FFP wasn’t brought in to thwart City’s dominance.
Anyway the World Cup started last night with Brazil (why can’t countries spell their own names correctly?) or is it Brasil, beating Croatia with Vedran Corluka (last game for City our last win at Sunderland) dubiously 3-1.
Tomorrow it’s England v Italy. Family’s coming round and I will be showing them the 1966 World Cup Final programme, whether they like it or not!
C’mon Joe. C’mon England.
PS Deadline for KK216 is Monday July 14th please.


Tony - good job I didn't call you a cad AND a bounder then!No offence!

Thursday, 12 June 2014

You bounder

You bounder Tony. You mean you had a girlfriend BEFORE you met your wife?
Rags reckon Mancini applied fot the united job!

Monday, 9 June 2014

KK 216 Kindle

Had a good night at the Ashton branch last Thursday for the launch of the David Mooney book on City’s 1999 season.
The 12 man Bredbury branch team  (Ours comprised Joe and Dolly O’Neill, me and Steve Welch) won the quiz and they donated the prize money of £80 to the Christie appeal, which was very noble.
We were informed on the night that Alex Channon is recovering well from his heart attack and we add our good wishes for a speedy recovery.
Anyone fall asleep watching Giggsy as manager  TV documentary?
Great article by Ed Vulliamy on Bosnia and Edin Dzeko in the Observer yesterday.
England drew with Ecuador 2-2 and Honduras 0-0 to complete their pre World Cup games – couldn’t be arsed to watch em but will be tuned in as soon as the WC kicks off.
Controversy reigns over alleged corruption over the Qatar bid and the racist card has already been tabled. Notice that City have never played this card when falling foul of FFP.

Anyway, I’m pleased to announce that the early Kindle version of KK216 is now available. It can be downloaded from any kindle device or on a pc/smartphone/tablet by downloading the free Kindle App.
Front cover features  Sheikh Mansour with Manuel in his Lamborghini and Vinny in the back seat with a couple of trophies. Caption is of course – Sheikh Mansour went to Spain, in his Lamborghini….brought us back a manager, Manuel Pellegrini….
This issue includes most of the regulars. Editorial covers the end of the season and close season so far. There’s a 2013/14 season review based on the KK Komp – winners will be announced in the next KK, John Gwynne recalls May 11’s, Nigel Morris takes a light hearted swipe at FFP and other things, Jon Contrill’s City World covers from April 10th to May 29th, Savage Attack covers his take on his 2013/14 Prem league predictions, How Was It For You reflects on the final countdown, It’s A Fix concentrates on the Arsenal Community Shield match, Concannonballs is David’s take on the Class of 2013/14, Sean Riley’s done an end of season review, Scream In Blue is worried over City’s takeover of other clubs worldwide, Tony’s monthly round up is exactly and brilliantly that, Colin updates us on the farcical FFP, Ged’s sounding off, so to is Rob Dunford, Howard’s done an end of season Q and A with journos, there’s a review of last season’s KK’s, KK Kompetition is listed for 2014/15, and finally Bryan Duffy continues his Isn’t It Funny series… there you go.

We’ll be looking or updates etc including the World Cup, by the end of June, so the printed version will be out for the start of the season, as always, and it’s our 27th….

Hoping to attend, though we’ve not been invited, David Conn’s chat on City at the Jewish museum on Wednesday night at 7.30PM.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014



David Mooney advises that he’s got a book launch on Thursday at 7.30pm at The Alexander (OL 6 7DY) in Ashton with the Ashton MCFC OSC. There’s a quiz (£5 entry). It’s all about Wembley 1999  (May 30th 15th anniversary) watching the highlights, plus the author (DM) will be there with his new book. All the Wembley team are invited so chance for a chat and some autographs maybe.


Met up with Colin Savage and John Harding last week. John is the author of the updated book on Billy Meredith, and Colin’s articles in KK’s 214 and 215 were based on the original book, so a few questions to ask and answers to be published  in a later KK.
The following day John was giving a talk on Shelagh Delaney (A taste of Honey)  and was also launching his book on the subject so we went along to that one as well. I also bumped into Tim Keogh who’s written a couple of books on his City experiences which are fascinating. The latest is called ‘This was our City’
Yesterday we continued in holiday mode and did the cruise down the Ship canal to Liverpool from the Lowry.

On the City front it’s just the usual speculation but nothing concrete on buys and sells.
KK216 Kindle is coming along nicely and is explained as follows :
Well we thought that after the title win our contributors wouldn’t be able to contain themselves in putting fingers to the keyboard and most have come up with the goods.
Also the Kindle version has lagged behind the printed version all season so we thought that these subscribers deserve to get ahead of the field for once. This issue may not be as big as normal but we’ve kept the price at £3. The printed version will have articles updated and added, and for the Kindle version these will be included into KK217.
Printed version of KK216, and we’ve now got a head start, will be ready for the new season when there are games to sell at.
Details of how to obtain the kindle version will follow when it comes out.
Hope everyone is happy with this arrangement.

Dave and Sue