Thursday, 31 July 2014


You might think Evertonians would be pleased with the back page of the Liverpool/manumirror featuring record signing Lukaku, but it’s a negative article. No sympathy for Saints inside, after all they’ve sold their stars to manu/Liverpool and the Arse, so that’s OK then.
Brian Reade has a bit of a pop at van Gaalling. Premier giants in the USA are united and Liverpool and Willy Caballero  has not joined City just to warm the bench and pick up a fat pay-cheque according to David Maddock. Funny how our signings only come for a fat pay-cheque isn’t it?


Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Finally the Liverpool/manumirror (Welsh edition) has the back page on the Yaya story – he’s staying which is good news. Change of policy? No chance it’s an article by scouse reporter David Maddock (son of John maybe?) and obviously only included as City are in New York, where he is,  to play Liverpool. Usual 2 page spread on Liverpool and united ffsake.
Still we should get a mention tomorrow after the City/Liverpool game. 2 page spread if they win, and quarter page if we do.
If you think I’m annoyed, spare a thought for my Everton supporting son in law who’s miffed that the news is all about the shaving foam stuff and not a peep about their record signing Lukaku.


Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Tuesday – had to switch off Sky sports news today – all about united and Liverpool again, whose next game is against Manchester City, we were told.

The Mirror was no better – their bloke in the Usa is the MUEN fella! I’ve written to them, let’s see if they improve their act?

Monday, 28 July 2014


Weekend – Saturday - attended the youngest son’s graduation at the Bridgewater Hall, who DOES he take after? Very proud day.
Then we repaired to the Wharf where outside, a couple of arseholes wouldn’t let me and Sue sit down in one of the five spare seats on the bench as they were taken. Now I know I’ve put on a bit of weight but when one other person came and sat there I wasn’t best pleased. As it happened by then a nice young lady with a youngster in a pushchair said we could sit on her bench while she waited for hubby. When he arrived, Daniel, he recognised us and we had a chat about City!! We were then joined by other family members and enjoyed a nice meal.
Fantastic performance by our boys particularly Navas and Jovetic in the 5-1 win. Wonder if Mario thinks he’s made the right move?
Today I dropped off the zines at Bha1ji in Stockport that City hotbed, though the only shirts I saw were worn by sadrags. Finally got hold of some 2p stamps so posted the rest of the subscriptions out.
Sad to report that the manu/Liverpool mirror has lived up to its name with scarcely a mention of City and huge spreads on the teams which finished 2nd and 7th. It really is time to consider if it’s worth continuing to buy this dross though who’ll keep watch if we don’t? Letter int post,but do we have a publicity dept?.
Laughable letter in the muen in response to my rant at the bitter rags recently. E mail response promptly despatched, don’t hold your breath re printing though!!

Friday, 25 July 2014


Picked up the zines from the printers but what’s going on in Withy Grove? Too busy to get through to the Arndale so parked in the ‘Glass car park’.
Managed to put the zines into the High Street and Cross Street/Market Street outlets so we’re up and running though the season’s a few weeks off yet.
Picked up the Liverpool/manumirror – 2 page spread on the rags in the USA, one full page on Liverpool, nothing on City’s 4-1 win over the MLS Champs, just the negative Lampard and ‘City in web of deceit’ on Mangala  pieces.
Words fail.


Thursday, 24 July 2014


Should pick up the new fanzine, further to the Kindle version of May, tomorrow, sothey  should be in the outlets in Manc by Friday afternoon. This issue is A4, 56 pages, £3, and the colour front cover has Vinny with the trophies along with the Sheikh and Manuel in The Sheikh’s Lamborghini  (SM 1) based on the song (ta for whoever thought up that one, genius)
This issue includes all the regulars and summer diary, Class of 2013/14, World Cup, FFP, Melbourne City, Yaya Toure and tons more.
It can also be bought direct for £4.20 from (cheques to) King of The Kippax, 25, Holdenbrook Close, Leigh, Lancs, WN 7 2HL.
The Post Office, in its wisdom, have plonked a £1.17p postage charge on the zine, which doesn’t have a single stamp. So that’s a first, second class and 2p stamp required and visits to four separate post offices to find 2p stamps!


Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Couldn't agree more Tony. I can't believe, well I can actually, that united allow their people to talk such drivel Pleased to note that all their postings bar one put down his utterings totally. What was the other comment? Glory, glory man united.
No wonder everyone hates the fuckers

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Good win at Hearts, 2-1 but Negredo is now out for a couple of months, could do with getting someone in on loan.
Rags have done a deal for the next ten years £750 M, pretty fair eh?
Big Bob ‘s just been round, tells me that City have flirted Thomas Cook’s and gone to Thomson’s, unsurprising after the debacle of Barcelona away. Bob also pointed out that Holland reached the World Cup final last time round so van Gaalling’s actually taken them backwards!
Total publicity for the rags at the mo but good article in the Observer by Paul Wilson bringing them back down to earth. Rags are finding out now that when you’re not winning trophies employing new managers can be exciting.
KK216 is now at the printers and I should pick it up at the end of the week.
The champions are off to the USA and play the first game on Thursday, minimum publicity as opposed to the rags, and Irwin reckons Luke Shaw will be a star. Well he would wouldn’t he?


Friday, 18 July 2014


Hearts tonight up at Tynecastle, hope we do better than at Dundee!
There’s been a long history of friendlies between the clubs starting in 1904/05 a 1-2; 1950/51 a 0-1; 1953/54 h (opening of floodlights) 6-3; 1956/57 a 4-3; 1957/58 a 5-3; then the USA tour 5-6, 2-5, 7-1, 0-6; 1979/80 a 1-1; and finally 1995/96 a 1-5.


Thursday, 17 July 2014

Basking in the Sheikh's Leap Forward

Long time since I submitted anything to KotK either paper or online. Posting things on MCIVTA is OK, but feels ephemeral so decided to post this here for posterity.

For those of you who are not of "a certain age" or for whom billy Bragg was just another member of the Red Wedge tour, you may need to refer to the links below for this to make any sense whatsoever :-)

Lyrics -
Video link -

In 2010 we'd still won nowt but the rising shoots were green
While in Manchester town centre reading City magazine
Khaldoon Al Mubarak spies a Man U fan who's crying
Over losing out to Chelsea
So he walks over and he's trying
To sympathise with her but he thinks that he should warn her
That the Blue Moon is just around the corner

At the Etihad stadium a journalist is blinded
By the quality of signings and his colleagues are reminded
Of Colin Bell, Mike Summerbee and Francis Henry Lee,
...and Billy Spurdle

Well your t-shirt spawns abuse from yet another shite-head
You can bet that he's from Liverpool or a Cornish Man United
So you read King of the Kippax
And you see the growing pride
After 20 pain-filled years as fanzine writers

Mixing skill and effort after years of looking clueless
It's no longer embarrassment and the usual excuses
We're walking now down Wembley Way
Down to where the Cup is waiting
We are basking in the Sheikh's leap forward

Peter Swales is long ago and United now get roasted
Another year at Mary D's there's a party to be hosted
We've got Vinnie as our captain
And England's finest as our keeper
We're all basking in the Sheikh's leap forward

Well one leap forward and no leaps back
It's Manuel's way - all out attack
Basking in the Sheikh's leap forward

That noise you heard when Sergio scored
It's Northern pride not yet Singapore 
Basking in the Sheikh's leap forward

Two in three we're on a roll
With Silva's tricks and Yaya's goals
Basking in the Sheikh's leap forward 
The red side moans and the blue side cheers
The counter's stuck on 00 years
Basking in the Sheikh's leap forward

In a perfect world we'd all sing in tune
But stuff all that just shout Blue Moon!
Basking in the Sheikh's leap forward
FFP may be a blip
But we all know Platini's a t*t
Basking in the Sheikh's leap forward 

Basking in the Sheikh's leap forward
Basking in the Sheikh's leap forward

close to fade…

Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Sunday I went up to Dundee in the Gedmobile with Jason and Ged, the man himself. Good run up there, roads fairly clear, and arrived in good time for kick off and to say hello to all the old familiar faces, including sometime KK contributor and Scottish resident Steve Heald for the first time.
Nice hot day, good turnout of Blues but disappointing display from our boys, losing 2-0. I know that these games are supposedly to get the lads fit and put some of them in the shop window, but I don’t like to see us lose any game!
Good run back arriving home at about half ten.
Pleased to say that the monstrous KK 216 is nearing completion and should be at the printers pretty soon to be out by the end of next week.
Meanwhile back to the grindstone!

Saturday, 12 July 2014


Yesterday it was the wedding of my niece Ruth and her bloke Ben. It was a City themed wedding, Ruth a Blue through and through, Ben a converted Southport fan but with strong affiliations to his hometown club.
So heartiest congratulations to them both and wishing them a happy and successful future together.
Bonus was the boys of Melbourne City being in the same Hotel as where the reception was held. Aussie Gene Laschuk recently penned an article (Kindle version of KK216) on how he felt uncomfy with their name change to City, but all the guys we spoke to were very happy with the City involvement. They play games v Bury (closed doors) Oldham and Bolton so you can get along to the latter two if you like to give your support.
Tomorrow it’s the Dundee friendly. We expect to see the likes of Negredo, Nasri, Navas, Kolarove and co so a reasonable team expected although none of the World Cup boys will be playing. Dundee have just made it to the top flight of Scottish soccer so a good turn out is expected in a tough city.
Sean Riley reviewed the Dundee derby in KK a few years ago and City have played them three times in the past. 1965/66 home 1-2, 1985/86 away 2-2 and 1-1 in San Jose (do you know the way?) .

Thursday, 10 July 2014


So proud of our City contingent helping to get Argentina to the Final. I’ve always been jealous of West Ham fans singing “West Ham won the World Cup (1966)” Wouldn’t it be great if we can be singing that for the next 50 years? (Well maybe not me!)
Genius van Gaalling got it wrong – having to substitute his two crocks RVP and Nige then another so he couldn’t put Tim Krul on for the pens. Not read the papers yet but assume he’s getting slated. Any praise for our three boys? Let me know.


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

It should've bin ten!

Popped down to the ground yesterday and everything's coming on a treat. We've signed an Argentinian goalie - would've thought we'd buy English as we must be getting close to Gill/Platini's next stroke to do us. What about them Germans eh? What did that result remind you of? Anyway for all our German followers on this blog here's a song you can sing _ "It should've been ten, it should've been ten, you lucky bastards, it should've been ten!"
Holland v Argenrtina, and whatever happens to the Dutch from now on look out for the "he's done enough yo prove he'll be a top top manager for united".

Friday, 4 July 2014


Back from a week away in Ilfracombe. Bad start when a rag shirt spotted, but after that not a trace and more than a few Blues said hello (I was wearing my Champions T shirt)
Whilst we were away England, as expected, went out of the World Cup, so we all now know why City don’t sign English players.
Rags have snapped up Shaw, and Liverpool Lambert and Lallana.
Finally finished Ronnie Wood’s book (won in a raffle at The Merseyside branch a year or so ago!) and  interesting to note that he got married in the town we stayed at the night before the Capital One Cup final.
Then I read Tim Keough’s follow on book “This was our City” another enjoyable read, and finished off with “The Secret Footballer” – more on these later and now I’m reading about Robert Plant’s life.
Holland are sadly doing OK but it tool van Gaalling 3 attempts to get his tactics right so he’s naturally labelled as a tactical genius.
France have just gone out to Germany which is good and all the anti Nasri stories will now be reversed - or not.
Jonathan Pearce remains my favourite commentator, but I want to hear a bit more about the stadiums – the perimeter walls, number of tiers, roof designs, where stuff was made, and yes how many died in the construction.
Mark Chapman, I think, is a KK subscriber?
Copy for KK 216 is coming in nicely and the deadline is a week on Monday.
It seems like a long close season!