Friday, 28 November 2014


Black Friday
Just finished reading Stuart Maconie’s brilliant ‘The People’s Songs’ book. It’s the story of modern Britain in 50 songs. Strangely  though, this book, also a radio series, is not the ultimate book  that Stuart wants to write on this subject.  So the first question to ask is : what IS the ultimate book that Stuart intends to write, and when will it be published?
There are also a couple of queries that I’d pose.
The first is my old hobby horse, the lack of recognition (also by Mark Radcliffe in his book, Reelin’ in the Years) of The Moody Blues’ contribution to rock music. ‘Days of Future Passed’ coming out shortly after Sergeant Pepper, a concept album with possibly the first psychedelic album cover.
I also found it amusing and slightly hypocritical (!) that Terry Hall lamented on the demise of his home city, Coventry, but chose to support…Manchester united!
Stuart’s on at The Met in Bury next Thursday, so a chance maybe to ask these questions.

Next, I did ‘I Don’t Wanaa Miss a Thing’ – Aerosmith, on the mic last night (but without Tyler’s screeching bit) . I watched a bit of the X factor recently and one of the contestants made a great  job of it. He was slated by the panel for his choice of song, and that Mel B woman even said it had been “Done to Death”.
Unbelievable. These people are supposed to be experts, and they obviously know f*ck all. It’s a bloody difficult song to sing and in 25 years of karaoke (also slated by the X factor panel) I’ve heard it done by 3 others apart from meself, once brilliantly, twice not so good.
So there!!!

Back to the footy, and on Sunday it’s a handy trip to Southampton, a one thirty kick off ffs. Here’s the It’s A Fix extract from KK219 :

Third season back in the top flight. Last trophy was the FA Cup in 1976 when, as a second division club, they beat red hot favourites, the rags by 1-0. Recent connection is Matt Mills.73rd league meeting.

Some celeb fans : Craig David, David Gower, David Frost, Fiona Phillips, Holly Valance

This season so far : They’re in 2nd place with 26 points from 12 games with 5 wins 1 draw and 0 losses at home.

In the Capital One Cup they won 2-0 at Millwall in the 2nd rd, Arsenal 2-1 in the 3rd rd, and Stoke 3-2 in the 4th rd. They travel to Sheff United in the Q/F.

Last season at St Mary’s in December it was a 1-1 draw. Aguero opened (10)  but Osvaldo equalised (42) and that’s the way it stayed. Crowd was 31,229 with 2,541 Blues.
At The Etihad in April it was a 4-1 City win. Goals came from Toure (3P), Nasri (45 +1), Dzeko (45+4), and Jovetic (81) with Lambert (37P) notching for them.
Crowd was 47,009 with 1294 Saints.

Form at Saints : Last season’s draw made it for City: DLDWLWDDWW. So we’ve only lost two out of the last ten down there.

Comment : Bloody hell, traumatic summer for the Saints. Ins include Long (£12m), Mane (£11M), Tavic (£10M), Forster (£10M),and Pelle( £8M) who’ve more than compensated for the losses of Shaw (£31.5M), Lallana (£23M), Lovren (£20M), Chambers (£12M), Lambert (£4M) and Osvaldo went to Inter. Koeman has replaced Pochettino and is doing even better than his predecessor, so we really know what we’re up against, and any slackness will be punished.

Groundwise : St. Mary’s capacity : 32,690 (3,000 for City) LHS stand behind the goal for Blues
Tickets: £42/£37

WWTWTWshite : Averaged 11,612 in 1955/56
and this season it’s 29,843.

Parking : Local to ground if you can but hard to get away.



Wednesday, 26 November 2014


What a night last night. We had a snack in City Square pre match and was joined by a couple we see regularly. Apparently they’d booked with Thomson’s in September for the trip to Rome, but had just been informed that it was cancelled. Ridiculous.
Great start yet again, one nil up and they were down to ten men, so just needed to hold our nerve. 2-1 down and a corner in the last minute of the half. So what do we do? Piss about.
Plenty of good passing by Bayern but few chances. It looked a bit ominous but with a few minutes to go Alonso then Boateng cocked up and Sergio took full advantage to put us 3-2 up on a glory glory night. Whatever happens now we can at least hold our heads up. Looked forward to today’s papers. Surely even the manu/lpool mirror wouldn’t find a negative angle.
Headline is : City spend hundreds of millions ..but are still a one man team..
So there you go, we’ve won the Prem twice, runners up once, the Cup once, runners up once, and the League Cup once, all as a one man team. Phenomenal. Bayer were weakened but we weren’t despite Silva, Yaya, Kolarov, Dzeko, Fernandinho all missing. OK we mugged them, just like the rags when they fluked the Euro Cup v Bayern that time when all the headlines were glory glory man united.
Rags mugged the Arse on Saturday, and the papers reckoned Wenger should resign.
Anyway, we just need a result at Roma, and hope CSKA lose at Bayern. .


Us and Them - A cracker for Christmas!

Buy it from Amazon here

Us and Them tells the story of Manchester City versus every other club from season 1892/93 until 2010/11.
This includes an A to Z of all the teams City have played against, from Loughborouh to Liverpool, and Gainsborough to Groclin, including friendlies, FA Cup, League Cup, Texaco Cup, Anglo-Italian Cup, Full Members' Cup, Auto Windscreen, European games...the lot.

It's more 'story' than statistics - though these are included in summary. There is background information on each club, a fan's tale (over 30 contributors) for the vast majority of games (90% of which is new material), and these are quirky, hairy, scary, funny, peculiar and, well, just interesting.
There are diagrams of virtually every ground on which City have played, and pictures, caricatures and cartoons are included.
 The development of City's grounds are reviewed from Hyde Road (which has never been seen before), to the opening of Maine Road and changes there until the move to the City Of Manchester Stadium/The Etihad.
Check out the highs and lows, the big wins and big defeats, the Cup semi-finals and Finals, play-off final, league titles and European stories. Read about the original 6-1 and other derby encounters, the early conflicts with Aston Villa, and subsequent bribes scandal; what went on in Milan, Vienna, at Millwall, Notts County and Linfield amongst many other tales, plus the story of the City player who punched a fan who was giving him 'stick'.

The Foreword is by City historian and author Gary James, he writes: "For me this book is a wonderful addition to my City bookshelves. There have been many, many City books in recent years. Several have covered the same or similar topics, but "US and THEM" is different.

 It tells the story of City through the Club's opponents and therefore paints a picture that a chronological history or traditional biographical book cannot. It has been written in a style that allows the reader to delve in. Pick a team, any team, and you'll immediately find a potted history of fixtures between the two sides and, in many cases, supporter memories of a game or games.

This is an approach I really like." This book is a detailed and thoroughly researched history of the City club against around 148 opponents and is an absolute must for all football fans and City supporters and players in particular

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Went to see Interstellar last night, what a load of bollocks. Michael Caine ages twenty years but still looks the same, wears the same clothes and they stick him in a wheelchair. Pathetic!
Rag bastard David McDonnell’s stuff in the manu/lpool Mirror changes tune from ‘moneybags City not winning anything to “Winning the title twice, the Cup and League Cup is not good enough if City go out of the Chimps League”  We were told that when we start winning things the media coverage will change. Well it hasn’t and surely tw*ts like McDonnell should be banned from the club.
Let’s get behind the boys tonight v Bayern who’ve never paid money for a player……
Dave Kydd reckons Rodgers’ biggest problem at Liverpool is the ageing Steve Gerrard, nothing to do with his leather pants, leaving his missus and tatting off with one of the secretaries. Just an opinion, that’s all.



Dropped the zines off in that hotbed of rag support – Stockport. Whilst handing them over in the shop a woman leaned over saying “I couldn’t have a City lighter” picked a lighter up off the counter and lit her cig with it then put the lighter back. Is it me or are all rags complete twats! No wonder…….Got the foreign subscribers in the post, so all done
Tomorrow it’s Bayern at home, hope we give it our best shot, here’s the It’s A Fix extract from KK 219:


History etc covered in KK217.

The teams first met in a friendly in Munich in 1953/54 – a 3-3 draw.
First competitive meetings were in the Chimps League in the group stage of 2011 resulting in a 2-0 loss in Munich and a 2-0 win in Manchester.
Last season it was a 3-1 loss in Manchester and a 3-2 win in Munich.
Earlier this season it was that late deflected Boateng goal which did for us, 1-0 in Munich. Crowd was 68,000 with 1387 Blues

Needless to say they top the group having beaten us, Roma 7-1 away and 2-0 at home and CSKA Moscow 1-0 away to give them 12 points. They’re through so might not be too worried about a loss just like last time, but they may feel the same about the home game with CSKA

This season after 12 games they’re in top spot with 30 points, 4 clear of Wolfsburg, and with 9 wins, 3 draws and no losses. 31 goals for and just 3 against.

Comment : Their fans were also pretty miffed about the ban in Moscow and, according to the MUEN have had leaflets printed with ‘Respect Fans’ on them to show at the game. Not sure what the 1894 group are planning but we should be at least turning our backs and booing the Chimps League anthem.
Can we do it? Why not?

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Sad to hear of the passing of Paddy Fagan, one of my favourite outfield players of the fifties.

I see Manuel couldn’t even get North West Manager of the Year. What is going on?

Managed to get the subscriptions in the post.

Fine day for Saturday’s game. Took up my spot and chatted to Paul Lake, Gordon Hyslop, Johnny Williamson, and Sue Bookbinder amongst others who were on their way in.
East stand level 2 and they’ve built something on the concourse in readiness for when we’re all kicked out of our seats.
Oops, a goal down early doors again, but quick response from Jovetic. Yaya powered through for 2-1 then got away with one of his flamboyancies before we nearly threw it away but hung on for the win and really it should ‘ve been more.
MOTD didn’t show the fouls on Sergio, then slated our performance.
No credit.

Round and about the rags won at the Arse with a fluke and a breakaway goal. Chelsea won, and today Liverpool lost at Palace. Rodgers has fallen for leather pants and the honey trap I believe so his days are numbered I reckon.
Bayern had a thumping win so will be confident on Tuesday.
Tough week ahead with Bayern home, and Saints and Sunderland away. C’mon City.

Kindle version of KK219 now available

Friday, 21 November 2014


Rags out of Europe so arranged the first of their prestigious friendlies. Argentina v Portugal at the Swamp. Only 41,000 turned up despite their ex golden boy playing and the crowd being swelled by Blues.
No tweet from Camel gob re empty seats. No word yet either from Rochdale rag manager Keith Hill on united’s spending. Wonder why?

England won the second of their two games, 3-1 v Scotland. James Milner instrumental in the build up of the 2nd and 3rd goal. Is it me or was there not a mention?

Got an email from the club telling me that our normal seat could be available for the Bayern game. Rang up, got no sense, so as we were going to town anyway popped in and had it confirmed that our seats had gone. I’ll be checking if Germans or UEFA officials are sitting there on Tuesday.
Whilst there had a look in the store and bought some stuff. Delivered almost the last few Us and Them books a while ago and guess what? Not one on the shelves, and the manager is supposed to be a mate!

Leicester away tickets now on sale. We get all kinds of emails re clothes and stuff we’re not interested in but important stuff like tickets we have to trawl the net.

Lots of fans' stuff building up from the last few fanzines – CSKA Bogoff scheme, compensation for Moscow away, Alan Henning, what’s the deal for season ticket holders being moved from East and West stand level 2, to name but a few. Is there to be a grand opening for the new Academy?
Beginning to feel a bit like Yaya in the summer. Time for Points of Blue to be reinstated.

Hope to get to town today to put KK219 in the outlets.

Alan Turing film superb, glad Roytonboy enjoyed it too. Will the rags be doing a film about Lou MaCari’s Chippy? Watch this space!

Tomorrow it’s Swansea, and here’s the It’s A Fix extract from KK219 : (Note the corrected kick off time!)


The Swans are now established  in the Prem. Most famous connection is Roy Paul, apart from Scott Sinclair. Last and only Pot : Capital One Cup 2013. 27th League meeting.

Some celeb fans : Catherine Zeta Jones, Dylan Thomas, Spencer Davis.

This season so far : They’re in 5th place with 18 points from 11 games and 1 wins 2 draws and 2 losses away

In the Capital One Cup in the 2nd rd they beat Rotherham 1-0, 3rd rd  Everton 3-0 both at home, but lost unluckily at Liverpool 2-1 in the 4th round.

Last season at the Etihad in December it was a 3-0 City win. Negredo opened with a stunning free kick (8), then Nasri, having a great game made it 2 (58) then 3 (77).
Crowd was 46,559 with 871 Jacks.
At the Liberty on New Year’s Day it was a 3-2 City win. Goals came from Fernandinho (14) Toure (58) and Kolarov (66). Pantilimon (85og) and  Antichobe (90) made us sweat at the end
Crowd was 20,498 with 1000 Blues. Having hit top spot for the first time in the season we dropped to 2nd after this game!

Our form at home to Swansea : Last season’s win made it for City : WWWWWWWW- 8 out of 8!

Comment : Main summer ins included Fernandez (£8m), Montero (£4M), Emers (£1.5M) and Sigurdsson whilst main departures were Vorm (£5M), Flores and Michu.
Martinez, Rodgers, Laudrup and now Monk are all carrying on with the tradition of the Swansea passing game, and City will need to be at our best to collect all three points.

WWTWTWShite : Averaged 3,367 in 1991/92 and this season it’s 20,366.
There’s only one City. Us.


Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Just up for air after getting the zine off to the printers, thanks everybody, magnificent effort. Should be in the outlets by Friday afternoon, depending on how well the anti- biotics are working!
I’ve had a go at doing an index, here  it is:

Front cover – has Sergio on the front celebrating his goal against the rags with the caption, to the tune of the song…..YOU SIGNED Phil Jones (and DeGea, Valencia, Blind, Shaw, Smalling, Carrick, Fellaini, Di Mario, Rooney, Rooney, Rojo,  Van Persie, Herrera, Mata, Falcau) …WE SIGNED KUN AGUERO….
It’s A4, colour front and back cover, 52 pages, is £3 and should be out for the Swansea home game.

Pages 2/3 (and 9) – Editorial sets the scene with general issues over the last month – has a pop at Mirror and Guardian headlines, plus club’s policy on the refund situation for Moscow.

Pages 4 -6 – Steve Rigby reviews Paul Toovey’s latest book on the origins of City – and suggests he deserves official recognition from the club.

Pages 7 -9 – Jon Cantrill’s City World daily diary – criticises City’s bogoff scheme for the CSKA game, and the timing of the firework display.

Pages 10 - 12 – The Bunbury View – Paul  covers CB Fry, Liverpool FC, Wane’s (Rooney’s) vanishing mane, and current form.

Page 12 – Peter Brodie asks why we didn’t do more for Alan Henning

Pages 13 -16 – HWIFY – covers all the recent games from Spurs to QPR.

Pages 17 -20 – Concannonballs – David looks at the 14 reasons why we might be shit, but concludes that we’re playing well beneath our capabilities.

Page 20/21 – Phil lines asks if City’s voice is finally being heard in Europe – hoping the Du Pont succeeds in his attempt to throw out Platini’s ridiculous anti-City FFP regulations.

Page 22 – Uncle Ryan’s problem page – Mike takes topical issues and turns them into letters and answers.

Pages 23 -26 – Tony Petrie’s monthly round up – and this issue’s tw*t in the hat g, goes to the stupid rags Faye and Lilly Rae Doyle  
, mum and daughter who didn’t like the 3 year old’s blue school uniform ffs.

Page 26/27 – Peter Brodie explains why he resents Champion League and UEFA match nights.

Pages 28 – 30 – Ged Sounds Off reflects on recent games, assesses the Chimps League permutations, and reckons the BBC are taking the p*ss.

Pages 30/31 – Neil Shaw wonders if we’re losing our identity.

Page 31 – Bryan Duffy ponders on how funny it is (not) on the take on recent issues.
Also KK Kompetition for Manchester in the Great War book.

Pages 32/33 (and 39) – It’s a Fix covers the next batch of City games. Correction – Swansea kick off is 3PM nor 12.45PM

Page 34 (and  41) – Ged investigates and draws conclusions on WSC’s suggested innovations. 

Pages 35-37 – Savage Attack – Colin reviews his early season assessment of Premier league teams.

Page 38 – Desert Despatch – Simon Curtis’s zany take on the monthly topical items.

Page 39 - RIP football - Neil Mather despairs at the state of the game.

Pages 40/41 – Hark now hear the City sing – Phil Lines reflects on Derby day goings on.

Pages 42/43 – A dictionary of football phrases – Ross Percival enlightens us on some stock footy phrases.

Pages 44/45 – Burfield steams in on UEFA and Raheem Sterling.
Ron Robinson copies KK in on a letter sent to Cheesy re UEFA officials at the CSKA home game.

Pages 46/47 – Trevor Beard’s letter on corruption at the highest levels in football, Eds Bits, Jon Cantrill’s letter to City re the BOGOFF scheme for the CSKA game, Don’t Call Me – The Eds criticism of the MEN Viewpoints editing policy band rag bias.

Pages 48- 51- Burfield’s take on UEFA, form, fiasco’s and cockneys

Page 52 – Werewolf hair, anybody? - Shell Edmonds muses on bodily hair and current form.

There you go. Might go and see the Alan Turing film tonight. Doesn’t it make you feel proud that we’ve got the Alan Turing Way, and they’ve got the Lou MaCari chippy!


Sunday, 9 November 2014


Heard the traffic was bad on the M1 so switched to the M6 toll and the M40, bumping into Blues at Warwick services. Weather horrendous on the way down, ironically when we got to the outskirts of London it was as dry as a bone. However it started to pour down so we entered the ground to finish off KK sales. We were promptly stopped from selling but the steward then checked with the club and said it was OK! Staff behind the bar were dressed in City legend shirts which was a nice touch. Roof leaked on the concourse which was a bit uncomfortable.
City fans very disgruntled regarding the Moscow non compensation situation
Minutes silence held pre kick off with the usual interruptions from late comers, not advised by the stewards, and then compounded by the shouts of dickhead and such. Dodgy start 1-0 down. I shouted at Joe to give an early kick upfield and the lads in front turned on me “who to, there’s no one there?” “Aguero’s there” “he’s 5’ 4” “I’d back him against those two defenders, 5’4” or not. 1-1 then 1-2 and 2-2 so happy with a point in the end considering.
MOTD were pleased to be taught the rules and Mike Dean proved once again why he is the Prem’s top ref.
Sunday morning and we went for brekky with generous friends Raymond and Chrissie. We were joined by Zab, Willy, Martin and Joe (not at the same table you understand). Joe was halfway through his (second) boiled egg so was entitled to tell me to eff off when I had a word, but he seemed happy to listen to the utter bollocks I was talking. We had a good run home on a bright day when I thought of all the things I should have said!
Stuff coming in nicely for KK219.


Friday, 7 November 2014


Well the euphoria of the Derby win lasted just a few days. I revisited the Noel G/GaryN interview on catch up and thought it was quite entertaining. Whilst some may think Noel is not a true Blue, whatever that is, Oasis have done wonders for the profile of City, and helped keep our chins up during the difficult times. Don’t look back in anger!

Bonfire night so an unusually dry night. Firework display fantastic but started at 7.15 and finished at 7.30, so big queues to get in and most missed the kick off.
Lots of booing when the Chimps League anthem was played and I, like most others turned my back, and also put two fingers up on each hand! Fuck off Platini with your bent competition.
As for the game, well it was as bad as the Newcastle performance. And barring a miracle it looks like we’re going out.
It was a full contingent from the KK household, with the Eds, daughter , granddaughter, grandson and girlfriend, (though Funboy’s in Amsterdam, and Frank’s got a boot on his poorly foot, so is inactive!) will they ever want to come again? Mo, the pub landlady went in the south stand with Kirsty Gower, and said she enjoyed the atmosphere, so that’s OK.

Tomorrow it’s the late kick off down at QPR, here’s the It’s A Fix extract from KK218 :

Back in the Prem. Last, and only trophy, the League Cup in 1967. Most recent connection SWP. Nedum Onuoha. 45th league meeting most recent connections are Mark Hughes, Nedum Onuoha, SWP and Joey Barton.

Some celeb fans: Bill Bailey, Pete Doherty, Glen matlock, Martin Clunes

This season so far: They’re in 19th place with 7 points from 10 games and 2 wins 1 draw and 2 losses at home
In the Capital One Cup they went out 1-0 at Burton Albion

Last meetings : At The Etihad in September 2012  it was a 3-1 City win. Ya Ya opened (16) Zamora (59) equalised, then Dzeko (61) and Tevez (90+) clinched it. Crowd was 45,579 with 1,409 R’s

At Loftus Road in the January it was a disappointing 0-0 draw. Crowd was 17,894 with 1726 Blues
That made it for City : DWLWWD.

Groundwise: Looking a bit tatty, and they’re thinking about a move. We only have the upper tier behind the goal with tickets priced at £55 and outrageously £50 for concessions which is a disgrace.

Loftus Road : Capacity: 18,000 (1800 for City)

Main transfers in were Caulker £8M, Fer £7M, Mutch £6M, Sandro £10M, McCarthy £6M and Kranjcar came in on loan with a few others, whilst Remy £8M, Benayoun and Ji Sung Park went out. 

Comment:. ‘Appy ‘arry took em up in the play offs but they’re having a real struggle this season again.
We can say hello to a few old boys but camel gob’s been dropped and his now banned after his latest daft tweet, so we can’t give him the stick he so richly deserves! If you see him though wave your KK218 at him, just a few left to sell.
Needless to say they’ve picked up a little bit and we’ve a few star players out, but, bloody hell, if we don’t win this one Pellers will really be in trouble during the International break.

WWTWTWShite: Averaged 5,670 in 1964/65, just a couple of seasons before their League Cup appearance, currently it’s 17,232.
Parking: Street parking was OK last visit.
Pubs : Moon on Green, Walkabout bar in Shepherds Bush, Springbok
Away day zine: A Kick up the R’s
Sat Nav: W12 7PA

Incidentally, deadline for KK219 is next Monday November 10th, keep stuff coming in please.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Derby nerves on Sunday pre-game, bro Frank couldn’t make it as he’s chipped a bone in his foot so it was me, Sue, daughter Marnie, grandaughter Heather plus the Funboy of course!
Fine day again and I took up my pitch near the Mercedes garage entrance and it was good to see the Sky Blues making their way in – a bit different to the days when the reds used to take over Maine Road but that was a long long time ago.
So amongst friends and, it has to be said, some trepidation, but some confidence too.
Programme had a pic of your esteemed Ed with super Frank (I did tell you earlier!) along with Alan Galley (who I’ve known since the 50’s) and Kev Parker. Mrs Ed reckoned I looked almost presentable, so that’s alright then.
Intriguing game. Perfect pass from Yaya, cross from Gael and class finish by Aguero good enough to win any derby. Fellaini a disgrace as was Rooney, no wonder everyone hates them, and Oliver bottled it on the penalties. Fred (2 rows in front, Milner’s no 1 fan) went mad at the substitutions, and was proved right in the end when the rags tried to make a game of it, but if the ref had done his job we’d have been out of sight by then.
Pleased to see that my request for mods to the kerb near where I sell after the game have been actioned so hopefully City fans won’t go head over heels and injure themselves there any more. I’ll keep an eye out.

So, a pleasant evening awaited, but I couldn’t be arsed to shove the rag gloating back down their throats, that’ll have to wait til Thursday!
That is if we do the biz against Moscow, which I’m sure we will tomorrow night.
I had to visit the ground on Monday morning on request, to do a TV interview for the Prem League, which I agreed to do last Friday. Apparently goes out worldwide, but not in the UK!
Here’s few thoughts on tomorrows game:

Over in Moscow we all know the story and how UEFA,  and our club, cocked up completely.
In the game Zab missed an early one, we went two up, should have had a penalty, which didn’t seem to matter much at the time, and were totally dominant. And then… did that happen, 2-2 and a dodgy pen? So, a chance to make amends, here’s how it went last year at the Etihad : It was a comfy 5-2 win, Sergio put us two up (3P, 20), Negredo made it three (30). Doumbia  (45) pulled one back, then Negredo (51)made it 4-1. Doumbia (71P) made it 4-2 then Alvaro completed his hat-trick (90) for 5-2. Crowd was 38,512 with 762 Moscovites.

It didn’t happen at the Roma game but we’re all being encouraged to turn our backs when the Chimps league anthem is played. Steve P reckons we’ll get fined, but what the heck. C’mon City.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Saturday evening

Late Saturday
Geordie Bryan was milking it in the pub on Thursday and the rags were buoyant. Matty (Pellegrini) sang Wonderwall and, remember the last line when it was F*CK off Alan Ball (not by me obviously) well – eff off Louis van Gaal fitted in nicely so, game set and match to us Blues.

Back page of today’s manumirror headlined with “united are no better than a year ago, taunts Pellegrini” and the Guardian “reds are similar to last season” Utter bollocks of course , what the reports say is that Pellers says that united are like us last season – new manager and new players.
Atrocious and disgraceful headlines.

Rags got a late draw v Chelsea on Sunday which was a bit gut wrenching.  I was hoping they’d lose to keep em well down below us and not give em a boost for the derby.

Here’s the it’s A Fix extract from KK 218:
They’re ever present since promotion in 1975. Last pot, nowt last season, recent connection Carlos Tevez, 147th league meeting (168th in total?) .

Some celeb fans : You know them all, Coco the Clown, Biffo the Bear, Justin Timberlake, Ollie Murrs, Insane Bolt, James Nesbitt,and especially  Kim Jong-Un

This season so far : Currently they’re in 8th place with  13 points from 9 games and  0 wins 3 draws and  1 loss away from home’
In The Capital One Cup they played in the 2nd round for the first time in ages and lost 4 (four) nil at League One MK Dons.

In the Chimps /Europa league don’t be daft

Last season : At the Etihad in September it was a comfy 4-1 win,  Serge opened (16), Toure (45) made it two just on half time. Serge made it it three (47) Samir made it four (50) as we took our foot off the gas, and rags fans pretended they weren’t bothered, as Rooney got a consolation in the 87th minute. Crowd was 47, 156 with 2,678 rags.

At the Swamp in March it was another comfy win, this time 3-0. Goals came from Dzeko (1, 56) and Yaya (90).
Crowd was 75,203 with 3,028 Mancunians.

Comment: So what have those lovable rascally rags been doing since the last time we met last March ?
Well they’ve had planes flying over the swamp with banners proclaiming Moyes out and Ronaldo in.
They fired Moyes and set on Giggs, eventually replacing him with van Gaalling. They won the tournament in America beating Liverpool and Real Madrid on the way, and they’ve done what they criticised City for – bought players.
Signings include mainly di Mario £59.7M, Shaw £31.5M, Herrera £29.7M, Rojo £16M, Blind £14M, Milinkovic and Falcau on loan.
Now Fergie didn’t make many mistakes but just cop this little lot – Kagawa £6.3M, Buttner £5.6M, Evra £2.5M, Bebe £2.4M, Welbeck £16M, and the rest were frees or loans including Ferdinand, Vidic, Macheda, Barmby, Henriquez, Nani, Zaha, Lawrence, Powell, Cleverley, Kean.
You can’t spend that amount of money and not pick up so after a dodgy start, they’re now in a stronger position, and we’ve lost confidence, but come on City let’s do ‘em.

Form at home v rags : Last season’s win made it for City : WLWDLLWLWLWW.

WWTWTWShite: Crowds were down to 11,685 in 1930/31, and the current average is 75,337.
What a week so far. Bad start for the C One Cup - - programme priced at £2.50 and the seller had no 50p’s! Wouldn’t employ him as a zine seller!
Piece in the prog for Alan Henning and bucket collection.
Reasonably strong team picked but out we went. Silva hacked down by the wonderful Ryan Taylor, but no card, and he’s out for a month. Time for Nasri to step up. Our midfielders and defenders are taking it in turns to carelessly lose possession and give goals away. You can’t really blame Pellers for that but you have to wonder why we’ve paying top dollar for such lackadaisical players. The C One Cup gave us some great front covers last season and it’s doubly disappointing we’re out. Blessing in disguise? Not for me. Their second goal was offside though, according to our experts, but they could've had a pen and had a goal disallowed also. We're making chances but not taking them..
Good posts on the blog fellas.