Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Tuesday again

Go for it Tony


This one made me smile from one of the ‘clued up’ chaps on a rag zine we swap with (know your enemy) – rags are obsessed with City fans coming from Stockport not figuring out yet that it’s closer to Manchester than London is to Trafford or that green and yellow scarves are for Norwich fans. Anyway, in the HWIFY (title nicked from KK) piece, the writer reckons that our departed Carrington training ground has been handed over to Stockport County such is our affinity to the Cheshire club. However, it is now actually the training ground home, generously rented to …..Bury, where, of course FC United have now vacated to move to their new council house home in Moston.

It may seem a bit churlish of me being as the MEN has printed one of my two letters and also my (requested) Manc 60’s memories recently but I can’t help it! Tonight’s edition has virtually a full page spread on Chis Jones’, (who played 7 games for City between 1967 and 1968), book A Tale of Two Great Cities. Highlighted are a few ‘darkly funny anecdotes’, which we’ve all heard before, and were also included more accurately in the ultimate City fans’ book Us and Them, which didn’t get a review in the MEN because it didn’t have an angle’ even though there was an angle on every club we’ve ever played! If you’ve read the review, Bill Leivers’ ‘Cantona moment was at Northampton not West Brom and Jones didn’t even play with Bill or Bert Trautmann! It will be interesting therefore to read this book!

Got an insight today of why Pearce has failed as a manager – he wouldn’t have picked Hart or Rooney (apart from not letting Micah play in the Youth Cup Final v Liverpool that time-  for tonight’s game v Italy!


Sunday, 29 March 2015


Article by Daniel Taylor in The Observer today about Duncan Edwards with a pic of Dunc. looking like he's handling the ball! Daniel’s impression that “sportswriters of that generation (the fifties) were less prone to extravagant predictions than the modern day journalists” and quotes a glowing tribute from George Follows of the News Chronicle who “seems to be ahead of his time”. I can assure Daniel that any reporting on United and their players at any time was always biased and lacked any sort of objectivity whatsoever.

Well done to Edin Dzeko for grabbing a hat trick playing for Bosnia. Let’s hope he can replicate that sort of form for the Blues.


Saturday, 28 March 2015


Watched England on Friday night, 4-0 win, Kane debut goal, clean sheet for Joe.
Bloody boring innit? Weeks off our next home game, how does that fixture computer work? Got a text from funboy this morning saying he was playing at The Academy, so we thought we’d pop along and embarrass him. Not seen him play since he was about twelve – thought he might help us with our retirement but he just plays for City supporters club now, which is a proud thing, to be honest.
Anyway, they were 2-0 down to the City staff  team early doors, and referee Chappy (in disguise) sent one of the City players off but rescinded his decision. All being filmed, so a bit suspicious if you ask me with April Fools day coming up. 2-2 by half time as the boy came on. He’s 29 on Friday and it struck me how young he looked but when Tony Book joined us at that age we thought he was an old git!
Sat with fanzone’s Nat Pike, who’s bloke plays for City supporters, in the second half, and the scores went 3-2, 4-2, 5-2, 5-3, 5-4, 6-4, 7-4. So a good win for the Blues against the staff who must have contained a few rags so we were quite pleased.


Wednesday, 25 March 2015


BACKPASS (the retro football) magazine, March/April issue costs £4.20 and has Dave MacKay on the front cover.
This issue includes plenty on City. 60 years of Wembley Hurt includes ‘talented winger’ (who was actually City’s full back) Jimmy Meadows’ injury in the 1955 Cup Final and Bert’s in the 1956 Final. Team shot has a pic of the 1956 Cup winning team (minus Don Revie) and on P 19 there’s a colour pic of Franny Lee tackling Dave MacKay. Page 24 and 25 Harry Pearson reviews the 5-Asides competitions in the 60’s and 70’s which City won in 1969.
Centre double page spread shows Alan Gowling’s equaliser in the 1976 League Cup Final with a brief review of each player in the photo.
Sixties in Swing features City’s 1969 FA Cup win v Leicester and then there’s an article on City flop Adrian Heath now coach at Orlando City. On p 67 there’s a piece on Wilf Bony’s transfer saga to City with a touch of irony.
On P52 season 1958/59 season is focussed when City avoided relegation by beating Leicester 3-1 on the last day of the season.
Ivan Ponting’s obituary column includes Blues Roy Little and Paddy Fagan, and just to finish things off there’s a pic of James (“I’m after the money”) Milner on the back page in an advert for the PFA.
So there you go. Pretty (retro) comprehensive coverage of the Blues – who said “we have no history”

PS - just watched Sky who reckon we've not had an academy player in our team for 6 years. Really! Not very well researched then as we've had a few which I'm sure KK bloggers can advise of..

Monday, 23 March 2015


United’s goalie’s girlfriend has trashed Manchester and Ed Glinert, who does tours of Manchester wrote to the MEN complaining that he offered to take new players and dignitaries on one of his tours of the city but this was rejected or ignored by Pat Karney and co. I wrote to the MEN suggesting that if Ed’s tours are as biased and inaccurate as parts of his Manchester Compendium book particularly regarding Manchester City then it’s no wonder his proposal was turned down.
Not yet printed!

Friday night we went to see The Producers which was brilliant (despite my toothache) and Jason is in danger of becoming a really big star.

On to Saturday, and in the sunlight it looked like springtime had arrived. The new South stand extension is coming on a treat, and will look impressive from Ashton New Road, something for bitter passing rags to chuck stones or envious glances at..

We’ve got a new glass door to go through to our seats on level 2 of the East stand, but it’s not even automatic!
Grandaughter Heather and daughter Marnie boosted the attendance  but funboy, back from Barca, didn’t realise it was an early kick off so missed out! No water supply at the Etihad so no hot drinks, how we gonna meet FFP?
Missed the sending off. A bit harsh early doors, just like Boyata’s that time and the ref even sent off the wrong player.
If West Brom were gonna park the bus with eleven men they they certainly were with ten, so it took a while for the goals to come and good to see Wilf get off the mark. BUT we need to switch it with the odd cross and headed goal. Did Fernando’s count as a goal from a corner?

So, managed to get all the subscribers off in the post and delivered to Bhaji in Bury today after visiting the dentist. Being measured up for special shoes tomorrow and getting the heart monitor fitted on Friday. Put it off last Friday as I didn’t fancy the effect watching the Blues might have, so things are moving along nicely.

Yesterday Liverpool let us down. Why don’t they play like that against us? However that result should mean we’ll be Ok for the top four. Pellers thinks that Chelsea will drop points, but  it’s possible that we will too! Hope not.

Story in the MEN tonight about rag song and dancer Ying-Soo who reckons he came to the UK in 1963 and in his first game he saw United beat City 4-0. So the old United selective memory kicks in as they NEVER beat us 4-0 in the sixties at first team level. I’ve written to put them right, but whether they’ll print it or not remains to be seen!

No City footy for a couple of weeks so we’re off to see Calamity Jane – fell in love with Doris Day in the fifties film so I hope it measures up.


Friday, 20 March 2015


What can you say about Barcelona? Torn apart at will and only a fantastic display by Joe kept us in it. Was the team selection right? The way Sergio is playing at the moment Bony would’ve been a better bet up front, Nasri was silly from the start, Yaya not powering forward, Navas made a difference, but crosses poor. Corners? We’ve seen English teams – Chelsea, United outplayed in Europe yet come away with a win, so no excuse for Sergio’s poor penalty. Who knows what may have happened if that one had gone in?
I watched it at the Subbi club in Tyldesley, which let us down with the loss this time. Remember though that we lost to a fabulous attacking team with three £60M+ forwards in their ranks, so no real disgrace - that was having one eye on this game at Burnley. Shameful.
I was asked to go on 5Live again and foolishly I agreed, After having a good in depth chat before I went on air I was brought in on Yaya, then thanked for my call! Never again. I wanted to have a go at Savage but was cut off. Should know better by now.
So, like I said in my KK223 editorial, just the Derby and a top four finish to play for.
Picked the zine up from the printers yesterday and delivered to the Manc outlets – Aleef High Street, Cross Street/ Market Street and the Nat. Footy museum. Hopefully will get it to Stockport and maybe Bury today but I’m hampered with hospital appointments at the mo (and I’ve lost a filling!!)

This issue is A4 colour front and back cover, 44 pages and the front cover shows (and it’s a bit in yer face) LVG and Pellers face to face in a derby showdown with suitable captions and Alan Pardew being a bit cheeky about the pair of them. We might be accused of being a bit ageist (the one ist that’s never ever mentioned) but as both the fellas are about ten years younger than I, that can’t possibly be levelled. Can it?
This issue includes pieces on Scandinavian Blues, the upcoming derby, referees, tactics, selections, Pellegrini, Three nights on the Rhine, and a cartoon strip (for the first time in ages) of Phil and Gaz – two sadrags, and much more.
All that for just  £3.00 or for £4.50 inc P and P, from (cheques to ) King of the Kippax, 25, Holdenbrook Close, Leigh, Lancs, WN 7 2HL .

Now down to the serious business, West Brom tomorrow, at daft o clock, and a chance for the players to get some pride back. Here’s the It’s A Fix extract from KK223 :

Last trophy FA Cup 1968, recent connection Joleon Lescott, Gorgios Samaras, 136th lg meeting.

Some celeb fans : Frank Skinner, Julie Walters, Lennie Henry, Eric Clapton, Ronnie Wood, Cat Deeley, Judas Priest, Adrian Goldberg, Adrian Chiles, Dave Haslam, and KK subscriber Roy Carmichael

This season so far : They’re in 13th place with 30 points from 28 games with 2 win 6 draws and 6 losses away from home
At The Hawthorns in December on a picturesque snowy day it was a 3-1 City win. We were 3 up by half time, no guarantee of a win these days, Fernando (8) Yaya (13P), Silva (34) scoring for City then Ideye (87) pulled one back. Crowd was 26,040 with 2,703 Blues.

In the Capital One Cup they beat Oxford on pens 7-6, in the 2nd rd, Hull 3-2 in the 3rd rd both at home but lost 2-1 at high flying Bournemouth in the 4th rd.
In the FA Cup 3rd rd they beat a plucky Gateshead 7-0 at home, Birmingham 2-1 away in the 4th rd, and West Ham 4-0  at home in the 5th rd. but in the 6th round they lost 2-0 at Villa, and were unhappy at the pitch invasions.

Form at home v Albion : At The Etihad in May it was a 3-1 City win. Zab (3), Aguero (10) put us 2 up. Dorrans (16) pulled one back before Demichelis (36) made it 3-1, and that was that, so a good chance to increase the goal difference looked to have been lost but didn’t matter in the end. Ha ha.
Crowd was 46,584 with 348 Baggies
Last  season’s win made it 5 wins 2 draws and just the one loss (2-1) in 2002/03.

Comment : Alan Irvine paid the price for losing to us and Tony Pulis took over to take them to safety, which he no doubt will.
Berahinho is their star but wayward man, plus Adeye, and they’ve signed Darren Fletcher, and Callum MacManaman (£4.75M) whilst Luke Daniels has departed in the window.
Justice for Jeff is a campaign launched by Dawn Astle, daughter of former Albion and England number nine Jeff Astle to raise awareness to her dad’s and others plight who died or are living with the results of continually heading the ball in their careers. Baggies fans display a ‘Justice For Jeff’ banner and stage a one minutes applause in the 9th minute of games which was rather thwarted at The Hawthorns when we played them as City scored in the 8th minute. Join in if you like.

It’s a long time since they’ve won here so let’s extend that run.

WTWTWShite: Averaged  9,134 in 1986 and this season it’s 24,855.

C’mon City.


Ps the kindle version should also be out this weekend

Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Burnley was a shocker, and we’ve now let everyone else catch us up. Stupid. Barcelona tomorrow, and after all the trouble I went to re tickets due to a health scare I’m unable to go – can’t get insured!
Never mind at least it’s on telly!
Sports Options, who I also let down over Roma due to another problem have been brilliant, so a big thanks to Spike and Brian for their understanding. Here’s the it’s A fix extract from KK222:

Barca fans are an irreverent bunch and in 1925 booed the National Anthem, then sang God save the King, as a protest to the Rivera dictatorship. This caused sanctions, Gamper was forced to relinquish his presidency, and he committed suicide in 1930 due to financial and personal problems.
After the civil war in 1936 some of their and Bilbao players enlisted to fight against the military uprising and then president Sungal was murdered by the military.
In 1938 Barcelona was bombed causing 3,000 deaths , the Catalonia flag was banned as was the Catalonian language. When they lost 11-1 to Real Madrid  after winning the first leg of a cup game 3-0 in 1941 they were reminded that they were only playing due to Franco’s generosity!
In 1951their fans supported a tram strike by walking home from the ground in their thousands and have always been classed as staunch defenders of rights and freedom.

Last season it was a 2-1 loss for City on March 12th. Messi put them ahead on 67 minutes, but Kompany equalised on 89 minutes with a slightly suspect offside goal, and it looked like a reasonable result but we couldn’t hang on and Alves gave them the win a minute later. Crowd was 88,626 with 4,600 Blues.

Groundwise : Their first ground was the Camp de la In Sustiria which they moved in to in 1909, capacity around 6,000, but in 1922 they moved to Les Corts capacity 22,000 increased to 60,000. Camp Nou was built in 1954 and completed in 1957, and upgraded in 1980 then 1992. Its current capacity is 99,786 with an allocation of only 4,500 for City. Post match transport is a disaster!

This season so far they’re in top spot with 65 points (1 more than Real Madrid) from 27 games with 21 wins, 2 draws and 4 defeats, so it can be done.
At the Etihad it was that 2-1 loss of course, Barca going ahead through Suarez, (16,31) but Sergio pulled one back (68) and Clichy was sent off as we tried to make a game of it. Joe parried Messi’s pen and the ref should’ve blown for time before Lionel headed it wide and we lived to fight another day.
Crowd was 45,081 with 1271 Catalans.
At the weekend they won 2-0 at Eibar, Messi scoring from a pen then notching another in the second half but Eibar hit the bar near the end.   

Comment: After the Burnley debacle things don’t look promising, but there is a faint hope we might do it.
Whatever, City fans should enjoy the trip, and the City.



Sigh - not rumours but facts about Mancini from good sources within the club. Trust me

Monday, 16 March 2015


Great posts fellas - KK223 at the printers. I think we're all forgetting Mancini's last season! There is no way he's coming back.he didn't have a friend in the club from the top to the bottom and the players wouldn't play for him. Manuel looks like he's playing for the sack let's hope the next man can spot what we the fans can see. Hope Kiddo isn't put in temp charge! Top men can't escape looking at either!

Thursday, 12 March 2015


Good old Arsenal! Well done the rags for heaping even more disgrace on the World’s Greatest Club.
Chelsea are out of the Chimps League, done for from a corner. Blackburn beat Bolton with a goal from a corner. Kiev scored against Everton with a goal from a corner. Pattern emerging, praps our coaches can check em all out. See how it’s done.
Kids got a good 3-0 win v Leicester in the Youth Cup so maybe we will see the fruits.
KK223 is coming along nicely, ta for all the contributions, should have it off to the printers next Monday. Burnley on Saturday at tea time, here’s the It’s A Fix extract from KK 222 :


Promoted last season. Some connections: Kieran Trippier, Ben Mee (what a header for City in the Youth Cup final v Chelsea) Last pot title in 1960. 88th Lg meeting

Some celeb fans : Tony Livesey, Alastair Campbell, Zak and Jarvis Skelton (Emmerdale) Chesney (Corrie), Prince Charles, Lilian Tyler, Bernard Ingham, Alice Barry, John Kettley, Jimmy Anderson

This season so far : They’re in 19th place with 22 points from 28 games with 3 wins, 5 draws and 6 losses at home.

At The Etihad in December it was a 2-2 ‘Desmond’. We were two up by half time through Silva (23) and Fernandinho (33). We awaited the goalfest but dosy defending let Boyd (46) in, though he was offside, then Barnes (81) got the equaliser. Frankly there looked to be only one winner and maybe they could have won it 3-2 as their fans jokingly chanted at 2-0 down, and we laughed sarcastically.
Crowd was 45, 608 with 2,697 Clarets. 

In the Capital One Cup they went out in rd 2 at home to Sheff Wed (who lost to us 7-0 in rd 3!)

In the FA Cup 3rd rd they drew 1-1 with Spurs at home, but lost the replay 4-2.

Our form at Burnley : Last meeting was in season 2009/10 at Turf Moor it was a 6-1 City win. The Blues went 5-0 up by half time through Bellamy (5), Tevez (7), Adebayor (4,45),Vieira (20),  but torrential rain threatened the game and, in fact the second half finished a disappointing 1-1, Kompany (58) and Fletcher (71) for Burnley. Crowd was 21,330 with 2339 Blues. We’ve won the last three (6-1, 4-2, 6-0)

Comment : Sean Dyche is doing a great job and after a poor start they’ve put a few decent results together, but have lost a few leads at home. We have a good record at Turf Moor and should extend it today, but we should be aware of the danger they can cause, and can we please score from a corner.

Groundwise: Turf Moor capacity : 21,401 (2,400) The club are laying on a fanzone for City fans next to the coach park which sounds quite nice.

Tickets : TBC

Parking – Mainly street parking

WWTWTWShite : Averaged 3,204 in 85/86 and this season it’s 19,548

Away Day Zines : Look out for one

Sat Nav : BB10 4BX


Sunday, 8 March 2015


Pretty dull weekend with no footy. I see the spitters were at it again. Johnny Evans getting a 6 match ban and Cisse 7 matches, a bit much if you ask me.
Speculation about Manuel’s job – all sorts lined up supposedly Guardiola, Ancellotti, Simeone, and even Rodgers. All pretty fanciful - should he stay or should he go? Too early to judge.
Fairly reasonable Sunday Supplement this morning, with Kay, Samuel and Barclay not too scathing about City. Tributes to Dave MacKay, Player of the Year in 1969, but they forgot to mention it was jointly with Tony Book – no history.
Villa through to the semi final, was that really Scott Sinclair?. Fans spilled onto the pitch near the end and a full blooded pitch invasion at the final whistle, understandable, but not the aggression directed at some players.
Blackburn are giving a good account of themselves so far and tomorrow it’s up to Arsenal to do the biz.
Stuff coming in nicely for KK223, keep em coming please


Thursday, 5 March 2015

Fine dry night again. Made hard work of the win and rode our luck with the penalties. For some reason the club in their wisdom blocked off the spiral to the third tier so apologies to all of Tom’s regulars who couldn’t buy the latest KK.

Owing to fixture changes the deadine for the next issue has had to be brought forward to next Tuesday, which means we’ll be at the printers whilst we’re in Barcelona. Tricky. We also cover the derby so need lots of rag abuse.

We can win our next ten if we’re not daft and Chelsea ‘s run in includes Liverpool rags and Arsenal, so they can drop points but will that be enough? Let’s fight to the end.

Dave Mackay has passed on RIP. My favourite memory of him was in the ‘ballet on ice’ when the ball went out for a spurs throw in and Franny retrieved the ball and handed it to Dave with a bow!

Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Manuel’s under pressure from everywhere. Eleven games left, we could win em all if we put our minds to it, starting with Leicester tomorrow night, who are on a bad run. Just like Sunderland last year who we drew with after losing to Liverpool last season. So here we go with the It’s A Fix extract from KK222 :


Promoted last season in top spot. 90th league meeting. 3 times League Cup winners. Recent connection Kasper Schmeichel

Some celeb fans : Noel’s mates Kasabian (top performance in Amsterdam says Funboy), Roy Cropper (Corrie), Rustie Lee, Willie Thorne, Eng. Humperdinck, Gary Lineker, Showaddywaddy, Sam Bailey

This season so far : They’re in 20th place with 18 points from 26 games and 2 wins 2 draws and 10 losses away from home.
At Leicester in December it was an unconvincing  1-0 City win, Frankie Lamps getting the winner (40). Crowd was 31,643 with 3216 Sky Blues.

In the Capital One Cup: they lost 1-0 at home to Shrewsbury in the 2nd rd.

In the FA Cup they beat Newcastle 1-0 at home in the 3rd rd, Spurs 2-1 away in the 4th rd but lost 2-1 at Villa away in the 5th rd.

Form at home to Leicester for City: Last meeting
In the Prem was a 3-0 loss at COMS in 2003/04 and worryingly they’ve won the last three in Manc.

Comment: Major struggle for The Foxes this season but from what I’ve seen they’ve been incredibly unlucky apart from the 5-3 drubbing   over the rags at home.
Nigel Pearson’s has had his moments, with his fan and opposition player plus being sacked and re-instated.

WWTWTWShite: Averaged 10,157 in 87/88 and this season it’s 31,729.


Monday, 2 March 2015


Apparently City and Liverpool fans got together before the game and paraded a banner protesting about ticket prices. Commendable and good luck to them.

Sue dropped me off outside The Arkles so I had a short walk to the away end and went in early.
We were frighteningly awful first half, split apart at will and they had a goal disallowed before we allowed Henderson, of all people to score.
Sergio hit the post and then Dzeko scored a beauty, so 1-1 at half time. “Would you take a draw, Spence I asked the bloke next to me” “Yes cos we never win here!”

Second half we started well, Serge headed over, then we lost it completely, they had another disallowed, then we let Coutinho score an identical goal to the one at Saints last week, and despite a late flurry and a couple of chances and a lousy free kick we were lucky to get away with only a 1-2 loss, to two wonder goals though it has to be said.
Amusing to hear the boos for Sturridge and cheers for Mario and Kolo as they warmed up near us.

Some great posts fellas, and Manual’s post match interview (just like his programme notes) told us nothing about team selection, tactics, and substitutions.
Once again, on the way out, Liverpool fans deliberately walked through the City fans exiting, amazing that there’s no incidents.

The Blue Vic gave me a lift home and I watched the League Cup final. Once again it’s annoying that we could’ve got Cahill for £8M and we’ve spent ten times that amount on players who’re not that good (even though he’s not THAT good) and how long can terry go on?
Sky got their wish with the dark blue ribbons on the Cup they’ve adorned it with all season (instead of sky blue)

Watched MOTD and Robbie Savage (ex rag and Mancini’s mate) was particularly scathing. But you couldn’t really argue.

Then I realised that the Barcelona tickets I had in my inside pocket at the game had somehow dropped out somewhere. Cue frustration and self recrimination. Looked everywhere. Rang Liverpool FC this morning, who were very nice but advised they’d not been handed in so I decided to go to Anfield (last place I wanted to go to). Drove round the ground, then Stanley Park, eyes peeled retracing my ‘steps’ Called into the garage area where Steve had parked, and there it was by the fence, the folder with the tickets in it, a bit damp but still intact. I got that feeling you get when the girl/lady you love comes to meet you (yes I remember) and the lost 3 points were fleetingly forgotten. The relief was tangible.

The manu/Liverpool mirror had a field day, of course. Bastards.

Looks like we’re left with just a derby win and top three finish to appease us this season.