Sunday, 28 June 2015


Just back from a trip down  to South Wales, Truro to chat with ex Blue Bill Leivers and Shirley his missus, then Bude to see friends Rog and Mo, Arsenal fans.
Fathers Day then, and I was done proud. Got a new City scarf off the youngest,  plus a mug and some City smellies. Youngest daughter took us out for a meal and good result – not a Twab (twice as bitter) shirt in sight.
Eldest daughter  got me the Sergio’s 100 goals DVD, which I’ve just watched. Brilliant but, there’s always a but, it needed the result of games adding (not just the 4-2 loss at The Swamp) .
So, no transfers in or out yet, don’t our scouts know of Southampton? Everyone else does. What a team they’d have if they could hang on to their players.
England women with a few Blues in the squad have reached the semis. Note how we’re lambasted for not having enough England players in our team but when we have 5 or more, not a peep from the rag media.
The boys are off to Oz soon  but it doesn’t look like there’ll be a UK friendly squeezed in, so next KK deadline looks like being Monday July 20th.
Already in is HWIFY, It’s A Fix, City World part one, James Milner ode, Ross Percival’s bits, and Class of is expected from Burfield.
The Who top Glasto tonight and Townshend thinks they’re lucky not to be in an old folks home at their age. Well try doing a City fanzine Pete!

Saturday, 20 June 2015


Trippier impressed me when he was at City, and also at Burnley, his crossing was superb.

I think Greg Dyke should step up to the mark. If he wants the top clubs to sign English players he should re introduce the transfer tribunal system. We’ve tried signing the likes of Sinclair and Rodwell which didn’t work out, whilst Johnson was a dickhead off the pitch. Why can’t we snap up the likes of Sterling from QPR and Berahino from wherever WBA got him from? Ooops Trippier was one of ours!

Thursday, 18 June 2015


Moodies were great on Tuesday night, in front of a lively Manc audience.
Fixtures out yesterday, and an early biggie in the second week v Chelsea at home. First derby at the swamp on October 24th, second on March 19th at The Etihad.
Three London away trips before Christmas, Palace, Spurs and Arsenal. Sunderland home Leicester away over Christmas, then some monstrous away trips in the New Year – Watford, West Ham, Newcastle, Sunderland, Norwich, Bournemouth, Chelsea and  Swansea last game of the season, again (apart from Wembley!)
Mid week games not til 2015, Sunderland as normal amongst em.
Today’s manumirror wheels out the Liverpool mafia on Sterling. They’re taking it in turns to tell him to stay. McDonnell tells us that it would be a problem for him at City as he’d be mainly on the bench – even though he was on the bench for the last few Liverpool games!


Monday, 15 June 2015


England won again, no chance for Joe with the two goals. Both Rooney and Sterling missed chances but a good win in the end. Noticed that Edin, David and Sergio have been notching for their respective countries.
No slagging off of City in the manumirror today but only cos we hardly got a mention.

It was time to get up to date with a check on the Us and Them books at a couple of fairly local shops. We’re down to the last twenty or so now, so it was off to Thackeray’s in Denton as the first stop. They’d sold out so we dropped off another 4, popped upstairs to the café for a snack and I invested £5.99 for a ‘100 facts – Man City’. Not written by a City fan, Steve Horton, but for a good cause – Childline, so fair enough. Some interesting facts but who was the 50’s player Bobby Hayes, was it Joe or Johnstone? Picky!
Well worth a visit Blues and always good to support your local bookshop. Same sentiments for the Chorlton bookshop in…. Chorlton, so 6 down and 12 to go.

Two days to go until the fixtures come out. What’s the betting that we get Chelsea, rags Liverpool Arsenal in the first six fixtures and the rags get Watford, Bournemouth, Norwich in their first few?

Tomorrow night it’s The Moodies at The Apollo. I’m hoping that the set list is slightly different than previous and will includes amongst others the likes of Voices in the Sky. Whatever it should be good. C’mon you Blu- oos!


Sunday, 14 June 2015


Yesteday’s manumirror headline was “United to test Spurs with £40M Kane bid”. Bear in mind they’ve already spent about £25M on Depay, and there’s no ‘penniless united go further into debt ‘ type headline.
However, a bit lower down we’re back to Moneybags City (on a £150M spree).
Inside there’s a double page spread on Wilshire rejecting us, and further back there’s a double page spread titled : ‘Bish, Bash, Dosh, after last season’s failures, City’s moneybags owners have flexed their financial muscles and come out fighting for glory’.
No mention anywhere of United’s last two season’s failures.
The bloke next to me in the queue looked at the headline and said that City were disgusting. (I did put him right)
And this is the problem. This is how the uninitiated view such headlines, and what do players, new fans, or managers think that we’re trying to attract to the club? Is the relentless slagging off putting them off? Would a player or manager want to come if he knows that whatever he does there will be no recognition whatsoever.  Mancini and Pellers not getting manager of the year, or the lack of recognition of Sergio’s season, are recent examples. Would a new fan choose City?
It’s baffling. You would think that a club who hadn’t  won   anything for years, whose fanbase have stood by them over this period, have the most despicable neighbours in world football, have pumped millions into football and the Manchester economy, would get a bit of praise now and then, and people would be pleased for us, like we were, say for Blackburn.

I asked Vicki Kloss a few years ago when she was press officer what she thought about this issue and she thought that the only way things would improve media wise would be to start winning things. Well we have won things and the criticism is getting worse if anything. Killing em with kindness hasn’t worked, so what will work?
Why do I continue to buy the Mirror? Well I doubt if you’d see a similar article to Paul Routledge’s on Orgreave in any other tabloid, but I am now being sorely tested.

Friday, 12 June 2015


The Virgin media ‘welcome to your explosive sporting summer on….Virgin media’ brochure dropped through the letterbox yesterday. I focused on the summer football events.
Who will be the King of the Copa America?” Messi, Neymar, Rodriguez, Willian and Sanchez were all mentioned”, but not the winner of the Golden Boot Sergio Aguerooooo.

Next, ‘who will your club sign in the summer transfer window?’
“Well united have signed Depay, but will they splash more cash and break their British transfer record of £59.7M for Angel de Maria? Will Liverpool fill their Suarez shaped hole”?

Finally, ‘Can anyone stop Jose Mourinho?’
“Manchester United and Arsenal are improving”
There you go. No mention of the team who finished second and have won two titles, the FA Cup and League Cup in the last few years.

The media anti City bias is unrelenting, and our club seems to be happy to let it continue. What can be done? Any ideas?

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Good to see Joe get another clean sheet in the bore draw with ROI. Rooney had the chance of the game on the edge of the box with only Given to beat and he miscontrolled the ball horribly. I don’t recall the commentator exclaiming in disbelief “and he’s paid £300K a week for that”. Did You?
Remember Di Maria’s goal at Leicester for the rags and “that’s why he’s worth every penny of the £60M they paid for him” Oops! David Meek would’ve been proud of that one.
Rag journo MacDonnell in the manumirror, doesn’t refer to us as ‘moneybags City’ at the mo. We’re now ‘deposed Champions!’ What a twat.
Good point from Steve on Pogba, praps we could sign him and hold Barca to ransom in January! De Bruyne a possibility?
Apparently City are asking for our first game to be away so that the stand extension can be finished. Hmmm

Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Not much happening on the transfer front at the mo. Watched the Euro Cup Final on Saturday. Laughed my bollocks off at the 2 Cellos introduction with the brilliant version of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck . Why? Well since I proposed to Chris Bird (who I quite like with a few reservations like why he kept the temporary memorabilia exhibition from me on the wishes of a certain other fanzine editor, though in the end he had to use my recommendation of the firm who pr ovided the presentation cases!) in the mid nineties that we play it as City came onto the pitch – imagine us singing City instead of thunder – he rejected it as his ‘team’ whoever they were didn’t like it. Since then it’s been used at Newcastle, Stoke and even Juventus to name but a few plus various films. And we could’ve been first!!!!
Thought there might have been a minute’s silence for the forgotten disaster of Heysel.  Anyroad, despite Barca being brill Juve could’ve pinched it, and you had to reflect and what if Sergio had scored that penalty. Pogba (Fergie doesn’t make many mistakes, tee hee) looked good but I suspect beyond our price range.
Juve had an experienced team, whereas we’ve got an ageing team. Everyone agreed that Barca are unstoppable whereas when they scraped past us, we were naïve.
Funny old game innit. Paranoid? Too fuckin right.
I do believe that things are on the move regarding Tony Griffiths 's tributes. Well done to Tony Petrie.and Alex Channon.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Tony Griffiths

Tony Griffiths, who along with Armani has raised City's profile in Sierra Leone and indeed Africa generally, has been diagnosed with cancer. The doctors have said it is likely to be terminal. I am trying with the help of Dave and Alex Channon to get the club to do something for Tony as appreciation for all the work he has put in to the Sierra Leone project, although I'm not sure as yet just what. If anyone would like to leave a message of support for Tony, please send them to me at and I will forward them to him. Equally if anyone has any clout at the club and can help, I'd be grateful.

Monday, 1 June 2015


Epic fail yesterday! Tried to book 5 tickets for City Live on line, but having forgotten my password I managed to reregister twice with no hint of a booking so I’ll be ringing up today!
HWIFY now complete and City World articles coming in for KK225. Fixtures should be out in mid June which should spark us into life for season 2015/16.
Sounds like Yaya's definitely staying, and Johnny Marr saiid on Soccer AM  he must step up the gas!
New York City bottom of the league.