Monday, 27 July 2015


We’ve left Oz with a draw and win on pens thanks to Joe, against Roma, and a worrying loss even though we had an inexperienced defence, against a strong Real Madrid team, where fans held up a snide and inaccurate banner having a pop at Raheem. Twats!
Hopefully the front cover of KK225 will act as an antidote.
In Vietnam, good morning, we had an 8-1 win and next up it’s Stuttgart, where I did some business a few years ago, but sadly won’t be going to this game.
Jovetic is on his way to Inter, if he passes a medical, and as usual it’s a loan deal.
No deal tabled yet for De Bruyne.


new issue

KK 225 (AUGUST 2015) Contents:

Front cover : Welcome to Manchester, Raheem Sterling, with all the bitter, irarte ex scouse players etc. with the caption BOO-HOO

It’s A4, colour front and back cover, 52 pages, is £3 and in the outlets at weekend plus out for the WBA  away game, and subsequent games…….kindle version out soon....

Inside this issue : City World (summer diary), Class of 2014/15, Hello Raheem, Bye bye Jimmy, City ladies, media disgrace, FFP update, Clive Wilson, plus all the usual regulars……

Pages 2/3 – Editorial sets the scene with general issues at end of season games, the media, and City’s summer.

Page 4 -6 – Concannonballs, David finds time to reflect slightly cynically on close season events, Messi Milner, Sterling, signings and laments the fact that no-one at City is getting out there in Europe to promote our great club.

Page 7 – Shell Edmonds – Driven crazy by an Everlasting summer – Shell’s whimsically wiling away of the summer whilst awaiting the big kick off.

Page 8-13 - Jon Cantrill’s City World daily diary – covers day to day events and gossip for the past month, including transfer targets

Pages 10-12- The (controversial) Bunbury View – Paul  reflects on the greatest, our failure to dominate, the manager, the derby.

Pages 14 - 17 – How Was It For You – covers games from Villa to Southampton

Page 18/19 – FFP RIP (almost) Phil Lines take on Platini’s farcical FFP situation, plus Ross Percival’s 5 asides

Pages 20/21 – Let’s Hear It For The Girls – Neil Mather extols the virtues of City and England women plus our owners, then lambasts this summer’s media attempts to continue to discredit our great club, plus Bryan Duffy’s Isn’t it Funny

Page 22/23 – Savage Attack – Colin reviews the end of the season and compares the transfers of the dastardly Sterling and the saintly Milner, who, in fact, screwed us Royally.

Page 24 – The KK Kompetition for 2015/16

Page 25 – 28 - Tony Petrie’s monthly round up, on Sven, Blatter, Gerrard, and more, plus  this month’s Tw*t in the Hat is, unfortunately Toni Duggan and there’s a tribute to City fan, Tony Griffiths. Plus Burfield praises the new kit.

Page 29 - 33 – Ged Sounds Off, on last season, ups and downs, biased bastards corporation (the media), and ins and outs. Plus Connor Edmonds outshines his dad (Shell) with a piece on how City are the team that ruined football! AND Championship Mil-stone - Charlie Hadfield examines the statistics re Milner and De-Jong.

Page 34/35 – It’s A Fix – The Ed previews the first 4 games, WBA, Chelsea, Everton and Watford. Plus Steve’s Soapbox on nect season’s expectations

Page 36-39 – Class Of 2014/15 – The Burf, at the Ed’s request casts his eye over the boys of last season.

Page 40/41 – It’s So Unfair – Nigel Morris muses on the unfairness and hypocrisy of it all including FFP and Uli Hoeness ‘s jail sentence due to tax evasion!

Page 42/43 – FFP MK 2 – Colin Savage updates us on the current FFP situation and how it affects City.

Page 4344 – In This Great Future, you can’t forget the Past – Steve Rigby reviews David Mooney’s book on City’s season in the third tier.

Page 45 – Neil Shaw pens a piece on Clive Wilson, one of City’s forgotten heroes from a forgotten era.

Page 46-49 – Burfield’s Blast on Liverpool and the Sterling saga and wonders where City’s PR team have been hiding

Page 50/51 – An ode to James Milner – Howard Hockin reflects on Jimmy’s City career , and his move to L:iverpool.

Page 52 –Back Page – Uncle Ryan’s tongue in cheek take on Sepp Blatter.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Etihad parking

 £ 10 discount to all KOTK subscribers !
Hello KOTK Citizens,
The season commences shortly, I hope you have renewed your season tickets....
Will we see the likes of Sterling, Delph, De Bruyne or Pogba donning the sky blue shirt of City next season under the stewardship of Captain Vinny.
One full Season for Secure Car Parking
Private Commercial Premises on Whitworth St (off Ashton Old Rd) , M112NE.
 Season Long Car Park Permit = £ 144.....            
(Based on say 24 games; 19 BPL, 3 UCL, 1FAC, 1LC)          
That works out at a £ 6 per game which we believe compares favourably to the MCFC official car park (£10) and several local places (now charging £7+) per game. 
This represents excellent value for secure match day parking in a private car park....
Contact:                       Phil Lines –

Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Surprisingly good article by Dave Kidd in yesterday’s Mirror, not too critical of Sterling and suggesting that Delph’s bottled it!
Back to normal today with especially the daft Alison Phillips throwing in her two penneth.
Plenty of stuff coming in for KK225. Just a reminder that deadline is next Monday July 20th. Ideas for a front cover gratefully accepted.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The City View

So sick of hearing the Liverpool view on Raheem Sterling so i thought i'd post Burfield's City view on the transfer, an advanced piece from KK225.....


In order to head allegations of inbuilt bias off at the pass, it’s probably worth making a few introductory observations, some of which regular KotKers may already be aware of.

  1. I’m not from Manchester. In fact I grew up 250 miles away from that area of South Lancashire that is home to both Manchester and Liverpool, and was as a result impervious to the mutual enmity that existed between the two cities.
  2. I lived on Merseyside from 1983 to 1990.
  3. When I was a student and City were playing at the other end of the country, beyond the reach of my time and my wallet, I went to Anfield many times and stood on the Kop.
  4. I married a native, my in-laws are all Liverpool fans and I still have many friends there.
  5. As a result of 1-4 above, I regard the place as my second home, and for a long time Liverpool were my favourite ‘other’ team.

That lot then should provide some sort of context for what follows, because right now I’m about as sick of the football club and its supporters as it’s possible to get, with the resentment that began to fester when they awarded themselves the title a full month before the season had ended in 2014, and the press fawning hysterically over them whilst simultaneously ignoring us, now at the point of spilling over into outright loathing.
In truth Brendan Rogers has always ground my gears, right from that “3 names in an envelope” cornfest at the start of his reign, and on to his overly white teeth, the pompous periodic propaganda about “our young players” and “our family values”, and his ability to “look into a player’s eyes and assess the honesty within”. The man’s an absolute cock.
However, those irritations have now been rendered a mere bagatelle when compared to the bullshit that has accompanied the saga of Raheem Sterling’s imminent, but as yet still formally unresolved, transfer to Manchester City.
Right back to the moment the player first declined to sign a new contract at Klanfield, the Scouse media mafia has been outraged. The notion that an ambitious young man should want to maximise his medal winning chances and move away from a club that hasn’t won the title for 25 years and which has finished in a Champions League position only once in the last 6, was beyond the comprehension of those whose minds are stuck in 1983, and a media bombardment with “who does Raheem Sterling think he is?” as its central theme duly began.
When it then became clear that City were an interested party, the indignity became increasingly infused with bitterness and spite. That anyone should commit the heinous crime of wanting to leave an institution like Liverpool (or as they self-reverentially insist on referring to themselves, Liverpool Football Club) with all its glorious ‘history’, for a club that apparently only came into being in 2008, was outrageous, and produced more froth than a rabid horse in the throes of an epileptic fit. As to the irony and hypocrisy of coming over all indignant because a player should choose to refuse the offer of a new contract in favour of joining a third party, whilst you are happily first tapping up and secondly poncing someone going in the opposite direction in the precise same circumstances, well it’s truly breathtaking. What’s sauce for James Milner is apparently not sauce for Raheem Sterling!  
Let’s focus on one outlet then, Talksport, which whilst not alone, was unquestionably representative. Over the course of a few weeks an assortment of presenters canvassed opinion on air from John Barnes (at least twice), Ray Houghton, Robbie Fowler, Phil Big Nose, Jason McAteer, Jamie Carragher, John Aldridge and Ian Rush, and that was just on the odd occasions I happened to be listening. Variously, and without any subsequent investigation or challenge, listeners were told that Sterling should be grateful (why was unexplained), that Liverpool was the best place for him to develop (again, why was unexplained - are there no coaching staff, top quality players, or development strategies for youngsters at other clubs?), that Brendan Rogers’ purchase of Sterling as a 16 year old constituted evidence that he, and Liverpool, had a proven commitment to bringing youngsters through (the fact that we had also made QPR an offer at the time was of course ignored), that Bodgers had treated the boy like a son (seriously?!), that he hadn’t achieved anything yet and should therefore stay at Anfield (an absolute nugget from Barnes that one, which missed the point by a million miles), that he would wither on the bench at the Etihad, and that Scott Sinclair, Jack Rodwell and Micah Richards were living breathing proof that moving to City for money (which was the default assumption) was injurious to your career.
This latter narrative is one that has been plugged ad nauseum in the media, to the point that it has become accepted truth for the undiscerning. The premise is of course preposterous. Sinclair never got a look in for the simple reason he was never good enough (his current home, namely the dug out at Villa Park, speaks volumes for this), and Richards and Rodwell were almost permanently crocked. The club indulged both of them for 2 long years before reluctantly, and rightly, deciding that in an era where a deep squad is essential for success, neither could be relied upon further. To highlight them as examples of City failing young English players is borderline criminal. They failed us! Gareth Barry, Joe Hart, Joleon Lescott and even, yes, James Milner, didn’t have their careers wrecked by us, yet the media simply chooses not to focus on them, just as it conversely never holds Nick Powell up as evidence of United ‘ruining’ a player!
Anywho, the idea that Raheem Sterling would spend his time getting splinters up his arse at City is a drivelsome one, and that a £50m England international is in anyway comparable to a bloke, whose biggest claim to fame is that he goes to sleep with Helen Flanagan’s fun bags in his face, is too ridiculous for words.
What these ex-Liverpool pros’ relentless outbursts did though was demonise the player on the one hand, and whip the fans up into a frenzy of contradictory intransigence on the other. Despite the exhortations of Carragher, Gerrard etc etc, that the boy should stay at Anfield, Sterling, we were suddenly told on RAWK and numerous radio phone-ins, was shite, an over-rated lightweight that they couldn’t wait to get rid of, but someone who, on the other hand, could not possibly be sold for a penny less than £50m. They were ‘Liverpool Football Club’, and Sterling (without a trace of irony) was just a no-mark, who’d never won anything!
Taking their lead from this, the Liverpool Board reacted in similarly dogmatic manner. For those City fans lamenting the failure of Txixi Begiristain to broker a deal, what realistically can you do when the other party is set only on waving its cock around and showing the world that it is still the big dog and we are ‘ikkle City by comparison? Blues demanding that we just pay the fee asked and have done, aren’t seeing the bigger picture. If we blink first and stump up full price for a player so massively overvalued, how do you think Juventus and Wolfsburg would view such weakness? Sterling possesses attributes that we absolutely need; width, searing pace, the ability to turn defenders inside out and Englishness, so paying over the odds was an inevitably to a degree, but simply bending over at the sum first quoted was never the way to negotiate. Little wonder in the circumstances then that Sterling and his agent (probably) panicked at the lack of progress, and cried off sick from pre-season training for a couple days in a bid to force the issue. People like McAteer, who pitched up on Talkshite in the aftermath of this little stunt, to proclaim, without a shred of evidence, that City had orchestrated the whole thing, missed the point that it in fact heaped extra pressure on us to reach a settlement. If Sterling puts his arse on the line, and we then refuse to budge on our valuation and pull out of the deal, how would other players we are targeting view such a betrayal? Wouldn’t do much for our reputation that’s for sure.
And therein lies another aspect of this whole transfer saga, the apparent inaction of the City PR/Media team. In this era of click-based journalism, where reading/viewing/listening figures are the key to maximising advertising revenues, it is in the interests of Sky, the Sun, the Mail, etc, to provide headline stories that will appeal to as many people as possible, and that in a world awash with armchair rags, dippers and gooners, all adversely affected by the rise of a common enemy, it makes economic sense for us to be the whipping boy, and there is perhaps little we can practically do to dissuade them from that approach. However, for all that, the silence has been deafening. It might have been different on local radio, but nationally I’ve heard barely a peep from City, as a player, who might be ours in a few days’ time has been systematically trashed on TV, on the radio and in print. Why aren’t we out there fighting his corner? Is the thinking that it will all blow over? How hard are we lobbying for our voices to be heard?
There are obviously inherent dangers in fighting the press head on. We hold little of the fiscal power used by Taggart to ban journalists left, right and centre without fear of retribution, and maybe our owners are mindful of not triggering a media onslaught on the matter of human rights abuses and the treatment of foreign workers in the UAE, but at the moment we seem to be doing nothing or, worse still, extending these bastards every courtesy at the Etihad only to have them shit all over us by way of recompense. Indeed it could be argued that we have now reached the point where their smears and half-truths are impacting directly on our recruitment processes. Only yesterday Fabian Delph failed to turn up for an alleged medical in Manchester and instead announced his intention of remaining with relegation strugglers Aston Villa. A thoroughly plausible reason for this volte-face was media scaremongering over a predicted dearth of first team opportunities at City and the impact that might have on his England international prospects. The truth, in my opinion, was that Delph would have been in the side on a pretty regular basis, but the lie has long since taken root in even the least gullible of minds and instead of joining us, an established England first team player decided to eschew the chance to play with and learn from some of the best footballers in the world, to pit his wits in the Champions League and win trophies, in favour of provincial oblivion. If Chelsea, who habitually have only two home grown players (the 2 x centre halves, one of whom is 35 years old), in their regular starting XI and bench, had bid for the lad, do you think he’d have turned them down for the same reason? Not convinced he would have!
Yes, Fabian Delph has probably done us a favour, because if his lack of faith in his own ability is that pronounced and he is really that weak-willed, then he’s not a player who belongs in a title challenging squad anyway, but the long term danger of a laissez-faire approach and not nipping such rubbish in the bud, is now writ large.
Boldly stating that the current PR team at City aren’t punching their weight is perhaps unfair, because the burden of proof in libel and slander cases is extremely difficult to establish, and not least because most hacks are seasoned campaigners when it comes to how to phrase things to avoid any legal unpleasantness, but we’ve surely got to take a more bullish approach somehow. And on the subject of broadcasting, here we are 7 years down the line from the takeover, and you’ve got a national television presenter (that fat slug Chiles) calling our players ‘mercenaries’ ahead of a big Champions League match and claiming the club has ‘no soul’, whilst the only City pundits ever wheeled out are Niall Quinn, who tries to overdo the ‘fairness’ and frequently comes over as overtly critical, and Danny Mills and Trevor Francis, both of whom are filled with spite and the former of whom actively hates us as much as we hate him. I have been to many supporter’s club functions and listened to a host of ex-City players speak passionately, eloquently and intelligently about the club. The Goat, Glyn Pardoe, Dennis Tueart, Gary Owen, Andy Hinchcliffe, and the two standout candidates, Alex Williams and Paul Lake. Assuming they’d agree to do it, how hard are we pressurising Sky and BT to get them onboard even if only on an occasional basis?
Whatever, as I finish this, a fee of £44m has now apparently been agreed (although already Sky are including the add-ons to make it £49m, and doubtless by tomorrow morning they will have included the player’s wages and taxi fare to his medical to round it up to a cool £100m). Meanwhile, the press has gone into overdrive. The thoroughly enlightened Georgie Bingham is waxing lyrical on the subject of City and English players on Talkshite, reflecting that Micah Richards had been a breath of fresh air when he burst onto the Premiership scene only for Manchester City to then step in and ruin him, an error so crass and unbelievably ignorant that her co-presenter had to point out that Micah had actually come through City’s youth set up, Sky have just wheeled out Aldridge to tell us that Jordan Ibe’s gonna be a better player, and Big Nose has retreated from his 2014 assessment of Sterling as “the best young talent in Europe” to now claiming he’s “not that good”, and the Mirror is launching what can only be described as Scouse Blitzkrieg. Following on from Dave Maddock’s unintentionally hilarious headline “Raheem Sterling's spiteful, cowardly attack on Brendan Rodgers is disgusting - and in sharp contrast to Luis Suarez” and its equally priceless sub-banner
When the Uruguayan left Liverpool he did it with class, but Sterling's actions towards Rodgers are so far beyond unfair, they border on the criminal, and so far beyond ungrateful, they border on despicable” yesterday, we have today been treated to “Raheem Sterling for £49million - Twitter reacts with much hilarity” by Will Magee, which continues “Not everyone is convinced that the soon-to-be Manchester City winger is worth the massive, massive [yaaaaaaaawn] transfer fee. Yes, it's official. Liverpool have agreed to sell Raheem Sterling to Manchester City - for a whopping, jaw-dropping £49million. It's hard to fathom what £49million even means. That's 49,494,949 McDonald's cheeseburgers. Who needs that many cheeseburgers? Not us, that's for sure. The people of Twitter are just as blown away by the transfer fee as we are. In fact, quite a few of them also seem to think that spending that much on a 20-year-old winger is absolutely hilarious”, which intro is duly followed by a selection of doctored photos and gifs submitted by Scousers sniggering at City, and pretending they haven’t just lost their best player for what is in practical terms (ie minus QPR’s deduction) £35.8m.
The piece de la resistance though is an open letter from a Liverpool fan named Jim Boardman – clearly a relative of Stan, if the lowest common denominator humour therein is anything to go by – of the identical sort published by the paper when the dippers bought Andy Carroll for the exact same sum……oh, wait, hang on a mo, that’s right, they (the Mirror) didn’t!

Dear Raheem”, it begins, “It looks like you're finally leaving us, that your games with the media [I presume by ‘games’ Jim means things like leaking details of all 3 City bids, accidentally on purpose releasing the lad’s mobile phone details to the public, and having a queue of ex-players line up to take pot shots at him, but I can only speculate as Jim doesn’t actually say] have worked out for you and that you're heading off down the East Lancs Road to play for the second most famous team in the North West's second most famous city [ha ha, Jim, you old scamp, very good, a double whammy; we are indeed less ‘famous’ than Trafford Town, but, erm, then again so are you and every other club on the planet bar Barcelona and Real Madrid, so what’s your point?]. Good luck on your new adventure, no hard feelings, hope it works out for you.
I can't say that I speak on behalf of all Liverpool fans in wishing you good luck and especially not in saying no hard feelings - I've heard lots of things wished on you and luck certainly hasn't been the main one. But still, all good things must come to an end and you've got a new set of fans to try and make happy now. As I say, good luck with that.
Those new fans will probably disagree with the bit about theirs being the second most famous city in the North West, as of course they're entitled to, but it would be hard for them to disagree with the bit about them being the second most famous club in their city [oh dear, falling back on the same patronising put down already, Jim?]. Take money out of the picture for a second - go on, try - and you've kind of moved to Manchester's Everton [Ah, I think I get what Jim’s on about now. We’re ‘ikkle City without the money. Oh no, how wounding. Thing is though Jim, we’ve got the money and we’ve had it for 7 years now, so contemplating where we’d be without it is pretty pointless, but if it gives you a stiffy to think about how many more armchair fans you’ve got than us in Cornwall, Norway and Vietnam, you go right ahead and whip it out. Doubtless back in the 1930’s, Huddersfield Town fans said the same thing when Arsenal came a-calling for their players, eh? The world soon forgot about them though].
In my experience their fans are actually great people, the vast majority of those I've known down the years have a great sense of humour - they needed one - and a massive amount of humility. No doubt there'll be a new breed of fan infiltrating the old guard, as happens at any club with new found success [3 or 4 digs there about our arriviste status. Nice one, Jim, and you even managed it without saying the word ‘istreeeee!], those who are only there for the trophies and won't be there to help fight for more if they show any signs of drying up. I can think of a few players like that. On the whole though, you're moving to a club with a great set of fans - but leaving behind a club with a much larger set of great fans [oh dear, Jim’s running drier than a Death Valley marathon runner’s tongue. We’ve got more fans than you again, already? Zzzzzzzz].
You probably didn't read it, but your short-lived new team mate James Milner pointed this out earlier in the week. He loved his time at Manchester City and no doubt felt a certain amount of sadness at leaving behind those fans, his friends and so many memories, but already he is talking about "the magnitude" of Liverpool FC and "globally how well that it is known". As he said, Liverpool "is that next level again." [I’m sure it is Jim. 25 years, tick tock].

Anyway, that’s about it for now. Doubtless this is a saga that will run and run though. These people live in a bubble and they will forensically examine every mistake Raheem Sterling makes in the coming months. Every time he gets substituted, every time he dribbles up a blind alley, every time he goes on holiday and someone’s passing round the hippy crack, they’ll be there in the hope of running a “City ruining another English player” or a “He should have stayed at Liverpool” or “What a waste of money” headline. Their bitterness and self-importance is all they’ve got left at the moment, so don’t think this is at an end. They won’t be satisfied until the lad is booed from pillar to post at every ground in the land. City then need to protect him, keep his nose clean, both on and off the pitch. Welcome to Manchester. 

Super Blue

Unlike Nat Pike's boyfriend, a Blue, who won £20K on The Cube last week

The Chase

It was funny on the Chase today, Francesco, a 'big' united fan (they always are) from London who tries to watch them when they play in London, got no questions right in the initial round, then went for the big one, £52,000, in an unusually arrogant sort of way, got another nought and was knocked out. Typical rag. no wonder everyone hates em!

Monday, 13 July 2015


Apparently Sterling didn't cost us £44M, or even £49M but £100M because according to the Mirror where City signings are concerned wages are always included. Meanwhile the rags continue the rape of Southampton by signing yet another foreign player!

Record transfer

Apparently, Sky sports news, it's the biggest transfer ever between two English clubs. Erm, wasn't that the £50M Liverpool conned out of Chelsea for Torres?

Sunday, 12 July 2015


Today’s Manu/LpMirror has Andy Dunn’s piece on Sterling and a feature on Stevie Gerrard (he’s gone to LA Galaxy you know) But no mention of him missing an open goal!
Simon Mullock has us down as the cash-rich Blues, even though we’ve spent far less than the cash-strapped rags.
Yup we’ve nailed Sterling for £10M less than the rags paid for the sensational Di Maria, bet the Mirror’s full of such stories tomorrow, Surely they’ve exhausted ex Liverpool players thoughts on the subject. Good interview with Dennis Tueart on Sky. Good signing for City, first of a few I hope.


Saturday, 11 July 2015


England win the first test in Wales with an Aussie coach. Delph is staying at Villa, Gerrard’s turn in the Mirror to have a pop at Sterling.

So has Delph not come because he could be sitting on the bench? Is Sterling going to be swayed by the relentless anti City rants by ex ‘Pool players. Is ANYONE at our club standing our corner regarding defending Manchester City cos it doesn’t look like it. Do we have any press or media people doing anything at all?

Wednesday, 8 July 2015


Well done the ladies in beating the Germans. A reasonable game to watch and played in a sporting manner, with plenty of City involvement.
Surprisingly, Chile beat Argentina in the South American thing so Pellers can afford a few smirks at our Argie boys. Hope it doesn’t affect our season, again.
FFP restrictions, out, in, out, in, out – at the mo, so let’s see a few signings, and a few outgoings.
David Maddock in yesterday’s LP/manumirror wrote a nice article on James Milner and how he’s taken a drop of £25K per week from City’s reputed offer of £125K per week to join the glorious scousers. No mention of the signing on fee though! I’ve written to him to ask why? No reply yet!
Saturday’s memorabilia day was enjoyable, but needed more notice and publicity, maybe next time.
News is City will be playing a game in Vietnam, so it doesn’t look like we’ll be having a UK friendly. We had two last year, Dundee and Hearts, none this year, doh!

Friday, 3 July 2015

memorabilia day

There is to be a memorabilia day at City on Saturday, in the Commonwealth Suite (east stand?) from 11am to 3pm.
KK will have a table with some old programmes, memorabilia, books and KK's.
Also in attendance will be ex City players Moonbeam and Moonchester. Light refreshments are available.
Hope to see you there.