Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Got a message yesterday to see if I could go on a BVTV show by ‘These Charming Fans’  in Cheetham Hill. As it happens I was free so bowled up there (it was on the site of the old Cheetham Hill Bowl where I used to play after work in the sixties!)
It’s hosted by big Blue Colin Manford and we talked about the past two games, the future two games, media bias, and I was presented with ‘the ugly side of football trophy’ (Phil Jones) for nominating Michael Ball’s hilarious stamp on cheat Ronaldo after the rag’s dive at The Etihad that time. Check it out if you like.

Good article by City fan Anthony McGrath in tonight’s MUEN, BUT I did hear Niall’s disco pants sung at Sunderland, along with the hilarious ‘the baby’s not yours, Wayne Rooney’ amongst others.

BMG tomorrow night. Typically, after a shite start they’ve sacked their manager, set on Andre Schubert (famous name) and won their last two games 3-1 at Stuttgart and 4-2 at home to Augburg. So it’s a whole new ball game and if we lose we’ll be the fall guys of the group, not them.

Here’s the IAF update from KK226 :


No History? BMB were formed in 1900, are nicknamed The foals or The Borussians,  and play in white shirts with a vertical green stripe
They’ve won 5 titles (1970,71, 75,76,77) 3 Cups (1960, 72,95), 1 Super Cup 1977, 2 UEFA Cups in 1975 and 1979 and were Euro Cup runners up in 1977.

Last meetings were in March 1979, a 1-1 draw at Maine Road (Channon) crowd was 39,005 and a 3-1 (Deyna) loss in Germany with a crowd of 30,000 in the quarter final of the UEFA Cup.
The 70’s were their golden era and since then they  were even relegated in season 06/07 but were quickly re-instated to the Bundesliga the next season. In season 2010/11 they narrowly escaped relegation again but recovered and last season finished in 3rd place.

David Concannon advises : For those going to Mönchengladbach, I may be able to offer you some travel advice too having been to Borussia Park for matches twice within the last eighteen months. The first is do not stay in the town itself. It’s a shit hole with nothing more than an Aldi and a Lidl to offer. There will be plenty of places to stay in Düsseldorf and Cologne and they are 20 minutes and 40 minutes away respectively on the train. The ground is the most out of town in the whole of Germany and is some four or five miles from the centre in the middle of nowhere in particular, and Mönchengladbach isn’t a large enough place to have a tram service to take you to the ground like you have at Bayern Munich, Dortmund and Schalke. The only way to the ground (bar car) is by special match day buses that run from both Mönchengladbach and Rheydt Stations, (and there are literally hundreds of them) which take about 20 and 30 minutes respectively.

Drinking in Mönchengladbach is nigh on impossible as there’s nowhere to go, but there are several bars near the station in the small town of Rheydt, which is on the line from Cologne but not on the line from Düsseldorf. There’s a decent Irish boozer (The Pogs) there too but it only tends to open three hours before kick off and probably holds only around 100-120 people. There are a few other bars there too, and a direct bus to the ground every couple of minutes.  It’s worth a visit if staying in Cologne but if in Düsseldorf, I’d suggest staying round the Alstadt, getting the 5 minute U Bahn to the main station and the twenty minute train to Mönchengladbach (then the twenty minute bus). Either way, I’d suggest leaving the two cities a good two hours before the game and Rheydt probably an hour before.

Groundwise : They moved into the new stadium in 2004, and the capacity is 59,771 or 54,067 for International games but only 46, 279 for European Cup games.

This season so far they’re now 14th with 6 points from 7 games.
Sacked coach was Lucien Favre, who took over from a certain Michael Frontzeck in 2011!

Comment : There is a statue of the Holy Trinity of Himmer, Vogts and Netzer in the town centre if you fancy a photo! Our first European away trip of the new season, for which we’ll be taking a big following.

Deadline for KK227 is next Monday incidentally.

Off to see 'The Wall' by Roger Waters tonight at the pics with the grandson. Bluddy hell, couldn't ever go to a gig with me dad ne mind me grandad!


Sunday, 27 September 2015

Sunday bloody Sunday

Watched the Piers Morgan life story with John Lydon on the Friday night. What a contrast! John’s a top man (Piers isn’t) and I’d recommend John’s fascinating  autobiography to everyone.
“Hope we get a draw” said the Spurs fan to us before the game. So did I, which might surprise you.
Parked up nice and early in the usual pricey car park, and time to pick up a programme. 
Nice feature on Tony Book, interesting piece on past programmes between the clubs, seven pages on the Blues, and a double page photo of the WHL game in 1958 where Spurs ‘cruised’ to a 5-1 win. However, if you check out the report in ‘Century City’ you’ll find that was anything but the case, City  having good goals disallowed for no apparent reason. Oh, and the player on the floor, if you’re looking at the photo, is not Bill Leivers, but is in fact Cliff Sear!
And you’ll never guess which ex Spurs player is featured? Go on………why, none other than Ricky bloody Villa, just for a change!
Sold a few KK’s pre game, mainly to Spurs fans, and a friendly Spurs steward gave me a toffee. Big thanks to the Blue who donated £20 to the zine, much appreciated.
First half we played very well, and went a goal up. Otimendi’s air shot was a worry, then they equalised, offside not called but we had time to clear, KDB’s poor clearance then Willy still sat on his arse watched it go past him.
Second half Oti conceded a needless free kick and Willy (we all doubted the signing, remember) completely cocked up, for 1-2. Ya Ya went off then Demi conceded another needless free kick and Kane, not scored all season, so step up the MCFC Benevolent Society and 3-1 down, though offside again. They got another, which was given offside luckily for us and after some patheticism by Sterling and Kolarov, then Demi and Willy sodding about in the box it was 4-1 to a Spurs side demoralised after losing to the Arse in the week. Pellers subs baffling.
Needless to say the rags went top after a lacklustre win over Sunderland.
So, two games in a week have really fucked us up and we need to pick things up sharpish.

Saturday, 26 September 2015


Just about to watch MOTD - I can tell you that EVERYONE I spoke to pre game was astounded that Pellers wasn't playing Joe in goal, and it came back to bite us in the bum.A result on Wednesday is meaningless now we've lost at Spurs

Thursday, 24 September 2015


First out of the hat for the draw and Palace at home is OK, can’t ask for better than a home draw.
Saturday morning and it’s Spurs away. They’ve just lost to the Arse in the Capital One Cup, a bit unluckily, and after beating  Qarabag 3-1, and Palace 1-0 it’s their 4th home game on the trot. Here’s the It’s A fix update from Kk226:

No History: Formed in 1882. Twice League Champions, (1951, 1961) 8 times FA Cup winners (1901 – 1991) 4 times League Cup winners (71,73,99,08) 2 UEFA Cups (73, 84) 1 Anglo/Italian League Cup (1971)
Last pot league Cup in 2008. Recent connections are Kieran Trippier, and Adebayor. 133rd league meeting.

Some Celebrity fans: Kenneth Branagh, Charles Bronson (the criminal), Pierce Brosnan, Warren Mitchell, Jude Law, Linda Lusardi

This season so far: They’re in 9th place with 9 points from 6 games and 1 win and 2 draws at home.
In the Europa League they face Anderlecht 22nd Oct, 5th Nov; Monaco 1st Oct 10th Dec; and Qurabag 17th Sept. (winning 3-1at home), 26th Nov.
In the Capital One Cup they lost 2-1 to Arsenal at home so could be depressed when they face us!

Last season They finished in 5th place with 64 points and 10 wins 3 draws and 6 losses at home.
At the Etihad in October it was a 4-1 City win. Goals came from Sergio (13, 20P, 68P) and he had one pen saved in the 30th minute. Spurs goal came from Eriksen (15) to make it 1-1 and Joe saved a pen early in the second half to prevent Spurs making it 2-2. Crowd was 45, 549 with 2,629 Spurs.
At The Lane in May it was a 1-0 City win, Sergio scoring after 29 mins. Crowd was 35,784 with 2,282 Blues.
In the Europa League: After a decent run they finally went out to Micah’s Fiorentina 1-1 home and 0-2 away.
In the Capital One Cup : They reached the Final and were a bit unlucky to lose 2-0 to Chelsea.
In the FA Cup : they lost 1-0 at home to Leicester in the 4th rd

Our form at Spurs : Last season’s win made it  

Transfers In : Wimmer (£4.3M), Trippier (£3.5M), Alderweireld (£11.5M), N’Jie (£8.3M), Heung-Min Son (£22M)
Out : Paulinho (£10M), Holtby (£4M), Capoue (£5.7M), Kaboul (£3M), Stambouli (£6M), Chiriches (£4.5M), Soldado (£10M)

Comment: No real signs of Spurs being a major force again this season but they gave us a good test last year  here and Kane will surely find his shooting boots soon. But so will Sergio!

Groundwise: We’ll be in the usual upper and lower tiers behind the goal. Their fans were not quite as aggressive before and after the game last season and no ‘Yid Army’ chants heard. You still need to be careful out there though.
Shit to get away from so it’s ridiculous that they’re going to redevelop the ground on the same site.

White Hart Lane : Capacity : 40, 260 (2,900 for City)
Tickets : TBA : Last season - Upper : £54/31/28. Lower : £48/28/25
WWTWTWShite: Averaged 20,858 in 1985/86 and last season it was 35,727.
Parking : Street parking and local expensive  car parks

Post code/sat nav : N17 OAP

Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Nice afternoon, was picked up in the Gedmobile at Birch and we were off oop norf. Weather changed at Middlesboro, as usual and we arrived in Sunderland as it drizzled.
Manuel put out a surprisingly strong team and after a shaky start we banged in four, should’ve been five but Sergio just isn’t firing at the mo. Second half was unmemorable apart from a few pitch invaders making the stewards look daft and City fans singing “We glow in the dark”
Sunderland fans stayed pretty well to the end and they reckoned they were the better team in the second half!
George Evans made history becoming the first City player to represent the club at every level since he was 8 years old, so we now await the draw for the next round.
Kevin was sensational, Raheem not far behind.

Good trip home despite forced diversions through places like Northallerton!

Monday, 21 September 2015


Went to see that play at the Lowry yesterday for daughter Marnie, and Mrs Ed’s birthday, ‘By Far The Greatest Team’. It was in 4 parts. We were joined by part of the cast of Emmerdale and I was sat next to the actress who played the lovely Mandy in Doctors! Good to see them all supporting the cast members but you know what? Not one of them asked me for my autograph!
Lots of Blues there as you’d expect in Manc, Steve, Cath and Jennifer Knott amongst them.
Didn’t like the first one, about a City hoolie singing the Munich song, how offensive and outdated is that. Second one was about United fans which was quite amusing and third about an estranged couple one City and one United which was very touching.
Final one was about a Blue dad and his daughter who go to the QPR game together and finally bond after years apart as Agueroooo scores the winner, and was incredibly emotional as you’d expect and was frankly, quite brilliant.
Then we heard that the rags had fluked a win  at Southampton and are only two points behind us with wonder signing Martial getting 2 goals.
Tomorrow night it’s Sunderland who’ve just lost again at Bournemouth this time and they’re in desperate straits. Their fans deserve much better but we need to get back on track and need the win. Here’s the IAF extract from KK226 :
Happy birthdays to daughter Marnie and missus Ed -Sue!

No History? Formed in 1879, 6 times  First Division Champions (1892 – 1936) 2 times FA Cup winners (1937,1973) – their last pot.
127 league meetings, recent connection : Adam Johnson, Jack Rodwell

Some celeb fans : Steve Cram, Kate Adie, Bryan Ferry, Brian Marwood, Peter O’Toole, Sugar Ray Leonard, James Bolam, Heather Mills, Tasmin Archer…

This season so far : They’re in bottom spot with 2
points from 6 games and 0 wins 1 draw and 2 losses at home and the same away.
In the Capital One Cup they beat Exeter 6-3 in the 2nd rd.in front of 14,360.

Transfers in : Lens (£8M), Coates (£2M), Kaboul (£3M), M’Vila (Loan), Toivonen (£loan), Borini (£8M), Mathews (£2M), Yedlin (Loan)
Out : Wickham (£8M), Pickford (Loan)

Previous meetings in the League Cup : Season 1979/80 saw the first League Cup game between the two sides, in round 3, a 1-1 draw (Robinson) at Maine Road (26,181) and a 1-0 Sunderland win at Roker (33,559). City fans, I’m told, were escorted through the main stand exit at the end of the game, by the Police “for our own protection”, Sunderland fans, were apparently waiting mob-handed outside the gates where the City fans should’ve exited.
Next meeting was the Wembley Final in 2014, a 3-1 City win as if you needed reminding, on March 2nd : They went ahead through Borini (9), but Yaya equalised with a stunner (55), then Samir made it 2-1 a minute later and Jesus settled our nerves in the 90th minute. Crowd was 84,697 with 31,580 Blues.

Form at Sunderland : Last season in November it was a 4-1 City win.  Wickham opened (19), then City popped in 4 through Aguero (21,71) Jovetic (39) and Zab (55). Crowd was 41,152 with 1,556 Blues. That killed the bogey after 4 losses, all 1-0, in a row after a draw and 4 wins.

Groundwise: We’re in the top tier of the stand they couldn’t fill, with chaos ensuing at the turnstiles down below.
Tickets : £10/£5 so worth a trip, surely.

Stadium Of Light : Capacity : 48,300 (3,000 for City?)

Comment : How seriously will we take this competition this year? Well with our squad we really should be capable of competing strongly in all 4 competitions and the FA Cup doesn’t start until January. So it’s a chance for our squad players to shine and with the back up of some of our stars we should progress.

WTWTWShite : Avd 13,601 in 86/87, and last season it was 43,157.
Pubs/parking :Plenty of pubs near the ground and street parking but hard to getaway
Away day zine : A Love Supreme
Sat Nav : SR5 1SU


Sunday, 20 September 2015

Sunday PS

PS – we left off in KK226 wondering what effect 2 games per week would have and there’s the answer – disastrous. On top of all this I’ve pressed the wrong button, all the above was deleted and I’ve had to retype it all! Back to bed now I’ve got that lot off me chest.


I'll ckeck with the blog guru why we've a pic of Michael Johnson showing!

Sunday, bloody sunday


Got back from daughter’s birthday bash at about half twelve, so watched MOTD and got to bed at about half one. Up at 6 churning the match over and over in a sad sort of way.

Lovely day. Took up my spot on Ashton New Road near the lights and was serenaded by the busker on the opposite side of the road who sang Oasis, Smiths and Coldplay etc whilst I sold KK to the regulars. Cheers folks and I hope the busker was well rewarded.

The lady who sells scarves near me is not very well organised! Always asking me for change (hope the £20 notes aren’t duds) and I was asked to mind her wares whilst she nipped off to the loo. Live and let live!

So to the match and we needed to be professional and ‘up for it’ from the off. Doh, and double doh, well documented by KK bloggers.
Just before the end of the game we had to nip out to pick up some more zines from the car  and a couple of arseholes on the end of our row did their best to prevent us from leaving. We didn’t ask to be relocated here fellas but were priced out of our original seats and we always stand up for people who move in and out which happens frequently, so a bit of respect for a couple of old timers wouldn’t go amiss. I hope this doesn’t become an issue.

“Just when you thought this was going to be our season and we’d shake off ‘typical City'…..” said grandson Joe….

We’re off to see that play at the Lowry later and I hope we don’t get any cocky rags bigging it up, cos I might lose my temper!


Friday, 18 September 2015


Westam tomorrow – Vinny’s out but Sergio and De Bruyne are probably in. Let’s hope we’ve no hangover from Tuesday and can get back on track against a much improved West Ham who’ve made a few decent buys in the window and will be no pushovers. Here’s the It’s a fix extract from KK 226:


No History? Formed in 1885, 3 times FA Cup winners, (1964,75, 80) once Euro Cup Winners Cup Winners (1965) and arguably World cup winners (1966). Last pot FA Cup in 1980.
91st league meeting, recent connections as long ago as Wayne Bridge and Carlos Tevez.

Some celeb fans : The rude and crude Russell Brand, Ray Winstone, Billy Bragg, Matt Damon, Barrack Obama, Danny Dyer, Phil Jupitas, Kriss Akabusi…

This season so far : They’re in 5th place with 9 points from 4 games and 2 wins away from home at Arsenal and Liverpool but 2 losses at home to Leicester and Bournemouth, though they beat Newcastle last week.
In the Europa League, they beat FC Lusitans 4-0 on agg; Birkirkara 1-1 on agg and 5-3 on pens; but went out 3-2 on agg to Astra Giurgiu which was probably a relief !
In the Capital One Cup they play at Leicester in the 3rd rd on Tuesday September 22nd

Last season They finished in 12th place with 47 points with 3 wins 7 draws and 9 losses away from home.
At  Upton Park in October it was a 2-1 loss. West Ham went 2 up through Amalfitano (21) and Sakho (75) with a bit of help from goaline technology! City finally woke up with a Silva super strike (77). Downside for Sam was that he got a big smacker from Russell Brand after his TV interview.Crowd was 34,977 with 2,929 Blues.
At The Etihad in April it was a 2-0 City win, with goals
from Collins OG (18) and Aguero (36). Crowd was 45,041 with 1,097 ‘ammers, and it was the start of our 6 game wins to the end of the season.
In the Capital One Cup: they drew 1-1 with Sheff United at home in the 2nd rd aet but went out 5-4 on pens.
In the FA Cup they went out 4-0 in the 5th rd at West Brom. 

Our form at home to the ‘ammers : Last season’s win made it for City : WWWWWWDWL the only loss being 1-0 in 2002/03

Transfers In: Payet (£10.5m), Oblang (£4.3M), Ogbonna (£8M), Hendrie (£1m), Randolph (Free), Jenkinson (loan), Lanzini (loan), Antonio (£7M)
Out: Downing (£5M), Jaaskelainen (Free) Jarvid (Loan)

Comment: Big Sam (as he’s generally known!) was inevitably fired at the end of the season and replaced by Bilic. Strange results so far but the away wins at the Arse and the Pooh (geddit!) show that despite our tremendous home form against them we must be very wary today.
David Sullivan reckons they’re very badly treated at City, which is hard to believe, but if true must be corrected pronto. Cakes all round eh?
WWTWTWShite: Averaged 17,679 in 55/56, pretty good, and last season it was 34,871.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015


McDonnell in the manumirror regurgitated Buffoon’s thoughts on City trying to buy Pogba etc. Wonder what he’ll say when Barca snap him up next year.
Also note that Shelvey ‘s been picked for England – haven’t seen any Poo pundits coming out and saying he left to improve his game.
Another hole in the Manc Way meant a diversion through Salford to get to the ground earlyish. Parked in the East car park, who again cocked up the entrance situation and then instigated the ridiculous first in last out policy.
Spotted Buzzer near Commonwealth way, and told him his pic in the prog made him look like  Christopher Biggins, which we had a laugh about (I think).
Programmes ran out again I was told and new season ticket didn’t work but the paper ones did, thankfully. Good to see the 50,000 crowd registered and the scarf whizzing after our goal.
We had the game won at 1-0 but threw it away, and with Sevilla looking good it’s gonna take a real effort to get first or even second spot. Bugger. Nice September evening though! Vinny out with a calf injury, for how long?


Monday, 14 September 2015


Palace then and the first time since we started doing the zine that we’ve had a new issue out and not sold it at the first match.
This was due to double granddaughter birthdays, Laura 2, and Heather 21.
Manuel took a chance ‘resting’ Sterling and Silva, plus playing 4-4-2, surprisingly. Luckily we got away with it, just.
Watched it at the Subbi club in Tyldesley and the roof went up when we scored, as you’d expect. And
5 straight wins then, just like 1912, so had a glance on how we did it them – page 49 and I’ve missed a couple out, it should read : Notts County away 1-0, Manchester United away 1-0, (ha, ha), Aston Villa home 1-0, Liverpool away 2-1, and Bolton home 2-0.
At night it was the 21st at The Legends Lounge at Leigh Sports Village. Brilliant evening, and a big thanks to the lads from Len’s disco/karaoke who I can thoroughly recommend.
Had to laugh at Dermot G on ref watch on Sky today who thought that Clichy’s tackle was a definite pen at Palace! He wasn’t even playing!
Juve tomorrow, I’ve got paper tickets AND my new season card. After last year’s fiasco with tickets – full price for those on the Cup scheme, and reduced for those not on it, attendance could be hit.
Sergio’s out obviously, here’s the It’s A Fix extract from KK 226, out tomorrow night :


No History? Formed in  1897, nicknamed the Old Lady amongst others, and took their shirt colours from Notts County (who opened their new ground)
They’ve won 31 titles, 10 cups, 7 Super Cups, 2 European Cups in 1985 at Heysel (the forgotten disaster, though I do believe that none of the club’s players or officials attended any of the fans funerals) and 1996, Cup Winners Cup in 1984, 3 UEFA Cups 1977, 1990, 1993, the Intertoto Cup in 1999   and 2 UEFA Super Cups in 1984 and 1996.
In 2006 they were relegated to Serie B after the scandal when they were also stripped of their titles of 2005 and 2006, harshly they claim, but were promoted in 2008..
They  moved to their new ground in 2011 which strangely for such a big club has a capacity of only 41,254.

We last played them in 2010, a 1-1 draw at home, Iaquinta (10) opened but Johnson (37) equalised, crowd was 35,512 with 641 Juve. It was also a1-1 draw on a cold icy evening at the ground they were sharing with Torino whilst their new ground was being built. Attendance was only 6,992 with 1,476 City as many Juve fans wouldn’t attend at the ground of their rivals. Giannetti (43) opened and Jo (76) equalised for City. It was Juve’s 6th draw in the group and enabled City to go top in the Group stage of the Europa League.
Prior to that it was the 1-0 (Kidd) win at Maine Road in front of 36,955 and 2-0 loss in Turin in front of 55,000 in September 1976 in the UEFA Cup.

Since our last meeting 5 years ago, under 3 managers, Deiner, Conte and now Allegri they’ve won 4 titles, and last season beat Real Madrid 3-2 on aggregate in the semi-final but lost 3-1 to Barcelona in the European Cup Final with Tevez and Pirlo in the team.

This season so far they’re in 16th place in Serie A with no wins after three games having lost at Roma 2-1 and at home to Udinese 1-0, plus a home draw with Chievo, 1-1. Squad includes Pogba, Evra, Buffon, Chiellini and Sandro …

Comment: Surely they’re a weaker team without Tevez and Pirlo plus it’s a chance for us to assess just how good Pogba is and what a colossus mistake Fergie made when he bitterly booted him out of the swamp.
Sadly, Buffon has joined in with the money doesn’t buy you tradition crap, which is a bit rich for a club who were/are bank rolled by Fiat and didn’t win a European trophy until 1977 – 7 years after us. Our first Euro game this season which finds us in good form and they bad so let’s hope for a full stadium, cracking atmosphere and confident win.


E – Mail to KK
I don't normally bother with the inaccuracies about the M(u)EN and our City coverage, but just wanted to point out one.
Someone wrote in the latest edition that on our website we use Manchester United and Man City and said this was due to someone at Old Trafford insisting on their full title.
As with most other stuff that appears about us in the mag, this is complete bollocks.
It is to do with search engine optimisation. In other words, people searching online tend to use Man City and Manchester United.
There is always a simple answer but you can just keep printing the paranoia.
Stuart Brennan

Ed – there you go, we just write bollocks about the MUEN in the zine.

Responses required please!!!!

Friday, 11 September 2015


7 clean sheets on the trot for Joe Hart, seen any headlines? England ruining Delph’s City career. Should he have been on the bench? No headlines for this one either. Sterling gets the pen so that Rooney breaks the record.no headlines……
Loose Women think that Rooney should be knighted FFS
Wednesday’s rag question on The Chase was “which club has had a number one with a football song”
Bumped into Ian Cheesy and his missus at the Leo Sayer gig last night which was great, and should do an update with Ian in the next few weeks.

Anyway, picked the zine up today, it’s looking good, and duly delivered to the Manc outlets.
Tomorrow it’s Palace and I hear the Silva, Delph and probably Sagna are out.
Here’s the It’s A Fix extract from KK 226 -

Sadly we can’t make it as it’s a Happy 2nd birthday to grandaughter Laura and 21st birthday to grandaughter Heather. Give the lads a cheer from us!

No History? Formed in 1905, have moved between top and 4th divisions, shirts said to have inspired Barcelona’s. Cup Finalists in 1990 losing to rags in a replay. Went into administration in 2010 but were taken over by a fans consortium led by Steve Parish.
It’s the 47th league meeting, and latest connections go as far back as Steve Coppell and Trevor Francis.

Some celeb fans : Neil Morissey, Bill Nighy, Kid Jensen, Eddie Izzard, Simon Bird, James Buckley, Roy Hudd, Ronnie Corbett, Tim and Rafe Spall, Jenny Agutter, Harry Enfield…..

This season so far : They’re in 2nd place with 9 points from 4 games with 1 win and 1 loss at home, and 2 away wins, including that 2-1 at Chelsea..
In the Capital One Cup 2nd round they beat Shrewsbury Town at home 4-1 and face Charlton at home on Wednesday 23rd September.

Last season : They finished in 10th place with 48 points and 6 wins 3 draws and 10 losses at home.
At The Etihad in December it was a 3-0 City win, with goals from Silva (49, 61) and Yaya (81). Palace did have a good goal disallowed for offside at 2-0, which could have cost Neil Warnock his job! Crowd was 45,302 with 1,182 Glaziers.
At Selhurst in April it was a 2-1 City loss. Palace went 2 goals up through Murray (34) and Puncheon (48) then Yaya scored City’s goal (78) but we couldn’t manage another, in an appalling refereeing display by Michael Oliver. Crowd was 24,718 with 2, 281 City fans, most of whom who arrived late.
In the Capital. One Cup they went out 3-2 aet at home to Newcastle in the 3rd rd (who went on to beat us in the 4th rd)
In the FA Cup  they went out 2-1 at home to Liverpool in the 5th rd.

Our form at Palace: Last season’s loss  
made it for City : LWWLDLLDDWDD

Transfers In : Cabaye (£12.8M), Wickham (£9M), McCarthy (£3.5M), Sako (free) Bamford (loan)
Out: Garvan, Dobbie, Murray (£5M)

Comment : Pardew’s doing a miles better job than his achievements at Newcastle, but they’re better away than at home.
We lost here last season, unluckily, but they’re powerful and pacey plus still good on corners and free kicks, so a real test for us to collect all three points.

Groundwise: Selhurst Park capacity 26,255 (2,500 for City) We’ll be in the RHS of the Arthur Wait stand down the side of the pitch near the supermarket end. Their fans are pretty vociferous these days whilst the novelty of the Prem continues, but they do rely on a drum!

Tickets : £40/26/21/20

Parking : Plenty of street parking if you’re careful but the supermarket car park can be tricky to get in and out.

WWTWTWShite? Averaged 6,446 in 84/85 and last  season it was 24,384.

Post code/sat Nav : SE 25 6PU


Wednesday, 9 September 2015

kk226 contents

Pages 2/3 – Editorial sets the scene with general issues, the media, and City’s season start.

Page 4 -6 – Concannonballs, David in upbeat mood on City’s start.

Page 7-9 - Jon Cantrill’s City World daily diary – covers day to day events and gossip for the past month, including transfer targets

Pages 10-11- The (controversial) Bunbury View – Paul  reflects on ‘I swear you’ll never see anything like this again’, a bright new dawn, Pundits, Jimmy’s and opinions.

Pages 12-13 – Uncle Ryan’s guest agony uncle is man of the moment Jeremy Corbyn

Pages 14 - 17 – How Was It For You – covers the first 4 games, WBA, Chelsea, Everton, and Watford + Eike Immel

Page 18/19 – Colin’s Cystal Ball –Colin previews Premier League teams for the season ahead

Pages 20/21 – Sway – Shell in usual whimsical mode reflects on missing the Chelsea game and other goings on…plus Bryan Duffy’s Isn’t it Funny bits

Page 22/23 – A Whole New Ball Game – Neil Mather’s top ten (other) favourite games.

Page 23/25 - Tony Petrie’s monthly round up, on recent events, plus this month’s Tw*t in the Hat is….David James.

Page 26/27 – The Waltzer – Burfield confesses his undying love for David Silva

Page 28 -30 – It’s A Fix – The Ed previews the next few games, Palace, Juventus, West Ham, Sunderland, Spurs, Borussia M., Newcastle…

Page 31-34 – Ged Sounds Off – on Form Guide, Ins and Outs, Chimps League draw, and home grown players.

Page 34 – Steve’s Soapbox, Chinese curses, Sterling, Silva, and City rolling along.
Plus a poignant letter on Tony Griffiths

Page 35 – Burf’s Form Guide, covers the first four games.

Page 36 – 38 – Total Footballz – Colin Nicholls returns with an imaginative piece penned pre-season

Page 39 – Why Were We So Worried? - Steve Heald ponders on why!

Page 40/41 – Class, History, Respect – Nigel Morris exposes the real history of Manu

Page 42-44 –Burfield’s Blast – John reviews the Doctor Eva, Raheem, and Negotiating situations

Page 44/45 – Wizards of Oz – Louise returns with the lowdown on the City/Real Madrid fiasco.

Page 46/47 – Savage Attack – Colin blasts Blatter, The media and the MUEN.

Page 47 – Away The Lads – Spike’s options on European away travel.

Page 48/49 – Mystic Megson Rides Again – Ross Percival looks to the future and offers his predictions.  Plus 1912.

Page 50/51 – Stuttgart Bloody Stuttgart – Neil Shaw’s take on the other recent  fiasco.

Page 51 – Can You Support a Fellow Blue – Mark McCarthy hearttouchingly requests donations for The Meningitis Now Charity

Page 52 – Following Frank from the Big Apple – Conor Edmonds proves to be a chip off the old block (Shell) with his take on Sky’s New York City coverage.


Thanks to the Raheem (sterling) efforts of our contributors, we are pleased to announce that King Of The Kippax number 226, is at the printers and should be in the outlets at Aleef, High Street and corner of Cross Street and Market Street, National Footy Museum, Bhaji in Stockport and Bury, by the weekend.
The myth used to be that fanzines thrived when clubs were doing badly but this is not the case for KOTK. This issue is another bumper 52 pages, A4 with a colour front and back cover. Front cover celebrates THE PERFECT TEN, our best run since the Titanic sank in 1912,  with Pellers at the helm of the good ship Manchester City, through troubled waters ahead, past the icebergs of the Premier League, Capital One Cup and the Chimps League.
It’s £3, and can also be purchased from (cheques to) King Of The Kippax, 25, Holdenbrook Close, Leigh, Lancs, WN 7 2HL, for $4.50 inc p and p.

It is also available on Kindle.