Friday, 30 October 2015


And Roy Keane ate my hamster!


Whoa, traffic bad on Wednesday, we were thwarted going down the lanes as Agecroft  Road was shut due to an accident. Listened to a bit of red Wednesday and enjoyed rags slagging ’em off.  Arrived in the car park at about  7pm so still a good half hour’s selling. It was a new record for me at ANR, but I recorded a big fat nought. Luckily everyone else did OK so we should sell out at the Norwich game, weather permitting, and have  days off in Seville and at Villa.
As for the game, a bit of a stroll after the second goal. Zab off injured after Willy’s flap, but good to see the youngsters come on, though this has changed in the media. It used to be we don’t play any youngsters, now it’s all our youngsters are foreign, but where’s Patrick Roberts from? Yawn.
Driving home we heard the news from the swamp. Much hilarity.
Rooney missed his pen, as he was being lasered by the 10,000 ‘Boro fans, even though it was actually saved, and there were thousands of rags behind the goal as well. I say thousands but the MUEN and the manumirror declined to publish the attendance.
Funny how the 0-0 at the swamp was down to City, but the 0-0 v Boro couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the rags? Could it!?
And so to tomorrow, Norwich at home, usually a safe 3 points, but you never know. They were unlucky at Newcastle and  in the Cup at Everton in the week, so can turn in a performance. Let’s win the points ready for the visits to Seville and Villa. Here’s the It’s A Fix extract from KK227……

No History: Formed in 1905. Twice League Cup winners 1962, 1985. 55th League mtg,

Some Celebrity fans: Delia Smith and Stephen Fry are Directors, Jake Humphreys, Ed Balls, Mylene Klass, Hugh Jackman.

This season so far: They’re in 16th place with 9 points from 10 games and 1 win 2 draws and 2 losses away from home.

In the Capital One Cup they won 2-1 at Rotherham in the 2nd rd, and in the 3rd rd they beat West Brom 3-0 at home and have gone out at Everton in the 4th rd. on pens.

Last meetings were in season 2013/14.
At the Etihad in the November it was a 7-0 City win. Goals came from Johnson (16OG), Silva (20), Martin (25OG), Negredo (36) Toure (60), Aguero (71), Dzeko (86). Crowd was 47,066 with 1,406 Canaries.
At Carrow Road in the February it was a 0-0 draw and an apparent dent to our title hopes. Crowd was 26,382 with 2,400 Blues.

Our form at home to Norwich : The last home win made it : For City  : WLWDWWLWD, not as convincing as I thought.

Transfers In : Brady (£7M), Dorrans (£3M), Keane, Youssouf, Mulumbo, Mbokani. Mendy, wisdom, Jarvis
Outs : Mainly - Bunn, Garrido, Cuellar

Comment: I like the nice bright colours of Norwich and it was good to see them beat ‘Boro at Wembley in the Play off Final. Manager Alex Neil has done a great job and whilst it would be good to see them stay up only a win will do. Surely, surely…….

WWTWTWShite: Averaged  13,750 in 68/69, and this season it’s  26,941.



It's official. United have posted an attendance of 84,570 for the Boro game, which is surprisingly 1 (one) more than City's record attendance of 84,569 set in 1934 v Stoke in the 6th round of the FA Cup.
A spokesman said that whilst the ground's capacity is only 76,000, there were nearly 9,000 prawn sandwich eaters in the corporate facilities who are not usually attendance figures!
So that's that one cleared up then

Thursday, 29 October 2015


I've scoured the mirror, and the MUEN but can't find united's attendance figure anywhere for last night. I wonder why. can anyone help?

Tuesday, 27 October 2015


The rags are unbeaten in the last two derbies! Wow.
Tomorrow it’s Palace who’ve just lost at Leicester, narrowly. Here’s the IAF extract from KK227 :


No History? Formed in 1905, have moved between top and 4th divisions, shirts said to have inspired Barcelona’s. Cup Finalists in 1990 losing to rags in a replay. Went into administration in 2010 but were taken over by a fans consortium led by Steve Parish (Not the Blue Vic!).
Latest connections go as far back as Steve Coppell and Trevor Francis, although Scott Dann did connect with Sergio.

Some celeb fans : Neil Morissey, Bill Nighy, Kid Jensen, Eddie Izzard, Simon Bird, James Buckley, Roy Hudd, Ronnie Corbett, Tim and Rafe Spall, Jenny Agutter, Harry Enfield…..

This season so far : They’ve dropped to 7th place with 15 points from 10 games and 3 wins 0 draws and  2 losses away from home.
We’ve already beaten them once this season, just, when Iheanacho scored in the last minute to clinch the 1-0 win. Crowd was 25,167 with 2,790 Blues. Pellers and Pards shook hands after their touchline ‘spat’ but you could tell that Pards still thinks that our manager is a f*cking old c*nt. But what does that make him?

In the Capital One Cup in the 2nd rd they beat Shrewsbury 4-1 at home and in the3rd round Charlton 4-1 also at home.

Previous meetings in the League Cup : Two meetings so far, 1994/95 quarter final a 4-0 loss, and 2009/10 3rd rd 2-1 win, both at Selhurst Park.

Form at home to Palace : Last season’s win made it for City : WWWDDWLWDLWW

Tickets : £15/£10/£5/£1 so no excuse!

Comment : Well we took the last round up at Sunderland pretty seriously, until half time, so we’re expecting more of the same tonight. No doubt Pellers will introduce a few squaddies and it will be tough but I expect us to go marching on, unless some of the replacements don’t step up!

WTWTWShite : Averaged 6,446 in 85/86, and this season it’s 25,064


Noisy’s better than Nasty.
Rio’s piece in the Sun included “I’d also never seen so many City shirts in Manchester before. And they started getting noisy. Where were they before? People like Noel Gallagher and Ricky Hatton started coming out of the woodwork to give it the big one as well“ He goes on to joke about the 2p he was hit with after his over the top aggressive celebration in front of City fans after the 3-2. He does mention the 6-1 but not his apoplexy when Mario winked at him.
Once a twat, always a twat.

We got to the ground fairly early as usual and entered our bit without any aggro.
There were no shelves to put your drinks on!
Rag announcer Keegan predictably went on about it being the theatre of dreams, world’s greatest club, visitors from non Mancunians and deliberately mumbled his way through the City team. Are these the actions of a club with class?
Half’n’half scarves. WTF.
The roof leaked on the row in front of us. No gloating from rags on the way back to the car park, all quiet on the Warwick Road.
I thought a 0-0 was fair enough and a rag fan made us laugh on Radio Manc when he wanted to sack his season ticket cos he was sick of the way the rags played.
All fairly quiet in the pub at night, but Rooney was getting slated by rags..

Read a bit of Ian Ladyman’s piece in the Mail today. “probably a moral victory for LVG and Manchester United”.
This surprised me because united were a Title winning team a couple of years ago and they’ve topped up with £300M worth of players, They were at home and we were without two of our best players. Surely the moral victory was ours?
In the manumirror Joe Hart gets a 6 – and so does Kolarov for – an instantly forgettable performance?
Good article in The Observer by Daniel Taylor re City’s Academy.


Saturday, 24 October 2015


Strange situation before the Sevilla game with their fans being attacked but Poles, and bottles and  seats. Will they be there for the return game?

Here’s a coincidence. ‘Back to the Future’ celebrates its anniversary, from 1955 to 1985 then 2015, just like your esteemed ED!!!

Not only do we have manu tributes every week – Cantona, Giggs, Rooney, Ferguson, Class of 92, Jimmy Murphy even, there is no way of getting away from the bastards. We’ve had pics of Salford’s Mr Big funeral cortege decked out in united logos, that murderer dancing on top of Strangeways in his rag undercrackers and this week the Jihadist white beast beheader  pictured in his rag shirt as a youngster. On top of that the President of China (along with that North Korean tosser,  Kim Jong-un) is a………Manchester United supporter!
Sun Jahai has strangely been inducted into the National Hall of Fame.
Schweinsteiger’s has apparently modelled for the Nazi doll – so no Nazi salutes tomorrow, City fans!
Again, last night’s cocky Karaoke presenter at the pub wasn’t actually too cocky, which was a big surprise.
We have had a letter from the Chief Inspector of Gtr Manchester telling us impeccables how to behave tomorrow, so it’s OK to wear your colours, and you won’t get any abuse and sly kicks and punches from behind off rags.
Rooney’s birthday. 30. Looking more like 50, let’s hope he plays like it.
So, off we go with the It’s A Fix extract from KK227 – No history, we’ll add in – they played in shirts with a V – sign in the early days. Pinched Spurs’ ‘Glory, Glory’ song, Palace fans boycotted the 1990’s semi replay after rags had chased a Palace fan who was killed in front of a bus, Fergie wouldn’t speak to the BBC for years for exposing the tyranny of the rags.
West Ham beat Chelsea today 2-1, but  Arsenal beat Everton 2-1 so go top.

So to the derby.
No history? Named their ground after Lancashire Cricket club’s. Won two titles and the Cup after dubiously poaching City’s best players in the 1900’s. Fixed a match with Liverpool so they wouldn’t go down in 1915, lost 6-1 at home to City and 3-0 in the Cup semi-final in 1926, and won eff all until after the war when they nicked one of our ex players (Busby) as manager and City kindly let them play at Maine Road as Hitler instructed Uwe’s grandad to bomb Old Trafford (that’s a joke!) and recorded an all time low gate of 8,460. Instructed reporters to say they ‘d been in 7 goal thrillers when typically losing games 5-2. Used City’s ground again as they had no floodlights for European games without any acknowledgements in the  programme. Treated those that were injured but survived the Munich air crash callously and despicably, fans sent poison pen letters to their own players after Munich, sent death threats to MacParland, the Villa player after losing the 1957 Cup Final, and attacked the Bolton coach after losing the 1958 Cup Final. Louis Edwards dubiously obtained shares from old ladies to become Chairman and his meat company delivered bad meat to schools. They nicked Salford Rugby club’s ‘Red Devils’ nickname. Invented modern day football hooliganism at West Ham in 1967, George Best finished Glyn Pardoe’s with a bad tackle in 1970. Their fans couldn’t take it when Denis Law sent them down in 1974, invaded the pitch, stopped the game and the club were made to erect fences. Martin Buchan’s tackle on Colin Bell ended the King’s career in 1975. Disgraceful fans behaviour caused them to play games away from Old Trafford. Rags fans monkey grunting at West Brom’s black players in the late 70’s as heard on MOTD shocked and dismayed football people across the nation. In the 5-1 loss at Maine Road in 1989, tough guy rags fans infiltrated the women and kiddies North stand in a brave show of strength and had to be escorted out of the stand.
Chairman Martin Edwards was admonished for peering under the doors of ladies toilets and a drunken Bryan Robson had to be escorted out of them at one time. Lou Macari was involved in a betting scandal and Mickey Thomas was a counterfeiter. They went 26 years without a title then dominated when the Prem League came in, how suspicious is that? Eric Cantona was banned for months for attacking a fan at Palace (though he now makes an impressive farmer!), Ferdinand too for missing a dope test, Roy Keane ended Alfie Haaland’s career with a vicious tackle and was sent off and applauded by rags fans, Beckham shagged the nanny, Rooney the grannies and Dwight Yorke, Jordan, though the spineless bastard won’t admit it, and lowest of the low, future manager Ryan Giggs shagged his sister- in-law. Remember the Fergie out placards? And the Moyes Chosen ones!!!!
Yes they’re truly despicable, like to dish it out but can’t take it, (Ferdinand went apoplectic at Mario’s wink after we won at Wembley and headed for our first trophy in 35 years after they’d won everything, sulked at our Welcome to Manchester  poster, though thought their’s depicting our 35 year wait, approved by the club in O/T was funny ) Are totally consumed with spite, bitter in defeat, ungracious in victory and frankly they don’t need to be if they want to call themselves a class club. Apologies if I’ve missed owt out cos I’m getting bored now..

153rd league meeting.

Some celeb fans : Harry Styles, Justin Timberlake, Ollie Murs, Insane Bolt, James Nesbitt, and Brian bloody Blessed, plus I hate to admit it but I quite like fatty Holmes and Bob off Emmerdale is quite funny

This season so far they’re  in 4th place with 19 points from 9 games and  3 wins and 1 draw at home.
In the Capital One Cup 3rd rd they beat Ipswich 3-0 at home and face Middlesbrough also at home in the 4th rd.
In the Chimps League they beat Bruges 3-1 home and 4-0 away in the qualifying round. Lost 2-1 at PSV Eindhoven, but won at home 2-1 against Wolfsburg, and drew 1-1 at CSKA Moscow.

Last season : At the Etihad in September it was that comfy 1-0 City win. The goal came from Aguero in the 63rd minute. Referee Michael Oliver turned down 3 stonewall City penalties,‘elbows Fellaini’ spat at Sergio, and rags claimed a moral victory when they started playing a bit in the last 5 minutes when we got bored. Crowd was 45,358 with 2,410 out of towners.
At The Swamp in April it was a 4-2 loss. City opened through Aguero (8) then De Gea booted the ball off Navas’s toes upfield and after a series of errors Young squirmed it in. We failed to cut out a cross and Fellaini headed in (27) probably offside, then Mata (67) yards offside made it 3-1, and Smalling (73) headed in for 4-1 from a free kick. They went down to ten men after using all their subs but we could only pull one back, Aguero (89) though they were there for the taking.
Crowd was 75,313 with 3063 Mancunians.

Our form at the swamp :.Last season’s loss
made it the first after three wins.

Transfers In : Depay (£25M), Schneiderlin (£25M), Schweinsteiger (£14.4M) Romero , Martial (£36M)
Outs : Nani (£4.25M), Rafael (£4M), RVP (£3.8M), Di Maria (£44M). Hernandez (£10M), Evans (£8M), Lindegaard, Januaj loan

Just like when Fergie cocked up in his first few years and they chucked another load of money at him, Van Galling’s dropped lucky and they’ve tossed another few hundred million at him also.
They’re looking a bit more like it this season, with the usual luck, and anything could happen today but surely we must resume normal service, and get a result.
All still pretty quiet from management and players regarding City, leaving it to their pundits Scholes, Owen and co plus ex players to slag us off.

Groundwise :
We’re again tucked away in the corner between the decrepit main stand and K stand away from the TV cameras and behind the goading, snarling, disabled rags and their nauseous  helpers with their banners, who feign shock horror when they get some back.
It’s the corner where their players run over  for a gloat if they’ve fluked a goal or a win.
They’ve got the walk of hate, the coin throwing tunnel and the missile corners.
The dug out is, of course in front of a not so classy, brick wall.
And we have to suffer the smugness of ex Blue announcer Alan Keegan on the tannoy, who really should know better.

Old Trafford/Swamp/Cesspit/Sty/Leper colony

Capacity : 76,000 (3,000 for City)

Tickets : £55/46/45

WWTWTWShite: Crowds were down to 11,685 in 1930/31, and the current average is 75,320 (if you believe the figures)
Parking : plenty of local car parks,
Away day zine : UWS (swap with KOTK)
Red News, MUEN, Manumirror

Post code/sat nav : M16 0RA -  this will get rags fans in the vicinity so be prepared for dozens of em decked out in their colours and asking you “which way to the ground”  they’ll be perplexed as to whether they’re in Liverpool (when they see the warehouse), Salford or Stretford. Keep the dosy sods guessing.
You may have to walk down the old Warwick Road past all the cheap tack befitting of rag and bone men. Whilst we’ve got Alan Turing Way, Alan the WW2 hero who cracked the Enigma code saving thousands of lives and subject of a recent film, they’ve got the Lou MaCari chippy.
Then you can gaze at the statues two of  whom are ex City players – Matt Busby  and Denis (back heel) Law.
So there you have it, the self appointed World’s Greatest Football Club, they’re not even the greatest in Manchester!

Friday, 23 October 2015

Derby weekend

Derby weekend
Sevilla, was a drizzly night. Some traffic probs advised, so what’s it gonna be like next week when the rags are also at home?
We exited our row with 4 minutes of extra time advised so nipped up one of the other exits to watch Kev’s winner. Brilliant.
UEFA might be sueing City for fans booing the anthem. Even more ridiculous than FFP, banning City fans from Moscow, and the dubious draws year after year, plus Platini, say no more. Next Chimps league game we’ll hold up placards with Boo on em!
City’s badge now. The stupid 3 stars should’ve been dropped when it first came out (I told designer Mike Peake at the time) otherwise I’d replace them with Manchester, and put City underneath.
Alan Pickering is going to Gary James’ talk on Wednesday re the history of the badge, so if you want him to ask any questions on the night please get in touch on the blog.
United fans in the pub last night weren’t too confident about Sunday, surprise, surprise. I didn’t tell em neither was I!
Vinny shouldn’t have played for Belgium, but he’s a must for the derby.

Thursday, 22 October 2015


If it didn't rain, why am I chucking a dozen soggy fanzines down the tip/!

Tuesday, 20 October 2015


All the subscribers and contributors copies of KK227 have now been sent out, delivered to outlets in Manc and Stockport, and Bury targeted for tomorrow!

Bournemouth was good. We sold well and sorry to anyone who couldn’t get a copy, as we sold out on the night. Stayed in at half time and enjoyed the film on the badge.
Sunday Supplement had its moments. With regard to the Chimps league Shaun Custis didn’t think we take it seriously, Pellers not realising that another goal at Bayern would have meant we’d miss Barcelona, and fans boo the anthem, because of FFP. Martin Samuel couldn’t understand why, after waiting so long to get into the Chimps league we played in luminous green instead of the traditional sky blue.  THAT’S the brand.
Media madness re the rags – TV programmes on Cantona, Rooney, Ferguson and now the class of 92 again which is a series FFS.
And the club leave it to Yaya to complain about the media bias against City. IT SHOULD BE DOWN TO THE CLUB.

Today’s manumirror  has Dave Kidd suggesting that Pellers left Vinny on the bench to teach him a lesson, which is surely bollocks.
I understand that Gary James is doing a lecture on the City badge tomorrow, so we’re looking for feedback from Rob Dunford or anyone else who attends.
Tomorrow it’s Sevilla at home. Here’s the It’s A Fix update from KK227……….


No History? Sevilla Football Club S.A.D. are Spain’s oldest club, based in the largest City in Andelusia.
They were formed on the 25th January 1890 by ex pat Brits, mainly young Scots but also Spaniards who were celebrating Burns night, and were owners, managers  or workers at manufacturing companies.

Nicknames are The Sevillistas, The Red and Whites, The Ones from Nevion, or The Great of Andelusia.

They won their one and only title in 1945/46, have won 5 Copa del Rey’s in 1935,1939, 1948, 2007, 2010 and the Spanish Super Cup in 2007.
European success came in 2006, 07, 14 and 15 in the Uefa/Europa League. So they went from 1948 until 2006 without a trophy and we remarked in KK at the time that it showed it could be done, as by then we’d gone trophyless since 1976. They also won the European Super Cup in 2006.
In 2013 they had to sell Alvaro Negredo and Jesus Navas to City to raise 40M Euros.
They are the 8th best supported team in Spain and last season finished in 5th place

This season so far they’re in 13th place with 8 points from 7 games and 2 wins (Barcelona and Rayo at home) 3 draws and 3 losses.
In the Chimps league they beat Borrussia M 3-0 at home but lost 2-0 at Juventus.
Coach is Unal Emery (ooh you are awful!)
Colours are all white or red n white stripes.

Just the one previous meeting, a friendly, away in 1951/52, sadly a 5-1 City loss, in blistering heat.

Comment: Not doing too great in La Liga, but neither were Juventus in Serie A and look what happened. Despite that it’s encouraging, and obviously we need the win, and should get it. Time to ditch the booing of the anthem according to the Burf and the media pundits.
Juventus play Borussia M at home tonight, and the rags are in Moscow.


KK227 contents

KK 227 (OCT/NOV 2015) Contents:

Front cover : Has a lovely pic of Kevin de Bruyne with the caption - Oh Kevin de Bruyne

It’s A4, colour front and back cover, 52 pages, is £3 and out for the Bournemouth home game, and subsequent games…….

Inside this issue : City World (daily diary),  Cyril Mintz interview, Bournemouth 1989, The Derby, Monchengladbach, Seville,  Blatter/Platini, Time For Change, Mystic Megson, plus all the usual regulars……

Pages 2/3 – Editorial sets the scene with general issues at recent games, on and off the field.

Page 4 – Uncle Ryan on managers having their say on the migrant situation, anagrams etc

Pages 5 – 8 - Concannonballs, David reverts to type with reflections and analysis of recent events + Savage on Blatter being in even more bother.

Pages 9-11- Jon Cantrill’s City World daily diary – covers day to day events and gossip for the past month, including transfer targets

Pages 12-14- The (controversial) Bunbury View – Paul  reflects on  .a variety of City subjects, including ground capacities, the programme etc,.

Pages 14-19 – How Was It For You – covers Palace, Juventus, West Ham, S underland, Spurs, Borussia M., Newcastle.

Pages 20-23 – Nice One Cyril - Colin Savage interviews Cyril Mintz, the City fan portrayed on a You tube video after the 2012 title win.

Pages 24-27- It’s A Fix – The Ed previews the next few games – Bournemouth, Sevilla, united, Palace, Norwich, Villa + Robservations and Steve’s Soapbox

Pages 28-31 – Ged Sounds Off – on the form guide, Blatter, technology, injuries.

Page 32- Isn’t It Funny – Bryan fires off with a few of his home truths including world class players, MOTD editing and more.

Pages 32-36 - Tony Petrie’s monthly round up, on recent events, including form, injuries, uglies, Rooney’s fifty, Geoff Bent, plus this month’s Tw*t in the Hat is….Stan Collymore.

Pages 36/37 – Time For Change – Neil Mather looks to the future of the English game.

Pages 38/39 – Inconvenient Truths – Bryan Duffy analyses City’s pros and cons, mainly cons.

Pages 40-43 – Burfield’s Blast – John’s inimitable take on the recent run of games and Colin’s apologies to the MUEN.

Pages 43/45 – Back to the Future – Emily Brobyn reflects on Etihad happenings  since her last KK contribution.

Pages 44/45 – Desert Despatch – Simon’s back with a bang, and suggests Robert Mugabe as a good choice for next FIFA President .

Pages 46/47 – Mystic Megson Rides Again – part two of Ross Percival’s take on how the season unfolds from January.

Page 48/49 – An Overdose Of Vitamin D In Moss Side – Bournemouth fan, Peter Wicks, recounts the 3-3 draw in 1989.

Page 50 – Blondie – Shell Edmonds’ wonders who the Saints ‘imposter’ is, and so do we?

Page 51 – Phil and Gaz – on Phil Jones/ Duncan Edwards + Robservations on Odd shaped balls and other codes.

Page 52 –– (Young) Connor Edmonds muses on recent strange days at City + Campo  advert. 

Friday, 16 October 2015


Pleased to announce that KK227 is at the printers and should be out for the Bournemouth home game, and subsequent games.
This issue is A4, 52 pages with Oh, Kevin de Bruyne on the front cover. It includes articles on Blatter/Platini, Monchengladbach, Seville, Cyril Mintz interview (I used to be 6’ and had curly hair), Bournemouth 1989, and all the usual regulars.
It should be in the Manc outlets by Friday afternoon, and can also be purchased direct from 25, Holdenbrook Close, Leigh, Lancs, WN 7 2HL for £4.50 inc P and P. The Kindle version should also be out by the end of the week.

So another disastrous International break , Sergio out for weeks, Silva doubtful, Vinny playing despite being out for weeks and Kolarov sent off and injured. Fingers crossed nowt happens to De Bruyne tonight.

Picked up the zines today, and dropped some off at The Manc outlets, and Bhaji in Merseyway in Stockport (a lost leader)
I’ve sent the PDF version to the MEN and suggested they feature the Bournemouth 1989 match report by Cherries fan Peter Wicks as a pre match taster, as I’m told they only print stuff with an ‘angle’. So let’s see, eh!

Tomorrow it’s Bournemouth, and I do believe that Tony Griffiths, his wife Liz and son Paul will be in attendance on invitation by the club in hospitality. We wish them all the very best.
I see the club are looking to change the club crest, about 15 years after we suggested it needed changing. Just three options. Not exactly throwing it open to the fans.
The Cherries have a couple of injuries for tomorrow and Sergio and David are both out but Vinny should be back. Surely we’ll still have too much for them……’s the It’s a fix extract from KK 227, out tomorrow:


No History? Well for all those rags and pundits who think you’ve no history if you don’t win trophies, Bournemouth are surely the fairytale of all fairytales (apart from ours, of course!).
They were formed as Boscombe in 1900, became Bournemouth and Boscombe FC in 1923 when they were elected to the Football League. FA Cup giant killers in 1957. In 1971 they changed their colours to red and black stripes (!) and in 1972 under John Bond they became AFC Bournemouth, then in 1984 they knocked the rags out of the FA Cup. They were promoted  in 1987 to Division 2, and   have had ups and downs since then with managers, John Benson, Mel Machin, and Kevin Bond. They were forced into administration in 2008, and Lee Bradbury managed them briefly. After being taken over by a consortium, and with Eddie Howe back in charge they were promoted in 09/10, went up to the Championship in 12/13 and last season were promoted to the Premiership in top spot leapfrogging the traditional big guns of Leeds United, Derby County, Nottingham Forest and co. a fantastic achievement.

Some celeb fans : Jayne Middlemass, plus one of Bloc Party and John Grisham and Christian Bale, possibly. Not forgetting fans Rob Trent and Peter Wicks,

This season so far : They’re in 15th place with 8 points from 8 games and 1 win and 3 losses away from home.
They would have had 10 points if Glen Murray hadn’t had a last minute penalty saved at home to Watford, and The Hornets goal showed up the Cherries keeper as being a bit dodgy.

In the Capital One Cup 2nd round they won 4-0 at Hartlepool, drew 2-2 at Preston in the 3rd rd, won 3-2 on pens and face Liverpool away in the 4th rd. (where in the league game at Anfield they had a good goal disallowed and Liverpool won with an offside goal!)

Our form at home to Bournemouth : 2-0 win in 87/88, 3-3 draw in 88/89, 2-1 win in 98/99, and in fact they’ve never, ever beaten us, so far.

Transfers In : Boruc, Federici, King, Atsu, Tyrone Mings (£8M) really, ex Blue Sylvain Distin, Gradel (£8M), Tomlin (£3.5M), Costa, Murray, Bennett, Andrade.
Outs : 14 players including Harte, Fraser, Pitman

Comment : Fairytale or not it’s yet another must win game, and hopefully we can get ahead then rest some of our players prior to Wednesday’s Chimps League match, but the win is the first priority, and remember we were once 3-0 up against them but only drew!

WWTWTWShite? Averaged 3,424 in 1985/86and this season it’s 11,193.


bournemouth 87/88

It was a great night Tony. I was working on a Project in South Wales with the Japanese. Attended a meeting on the Monday, stayed overnight, drove to Bournemouth on the Tuesday, got a B and B went to the game where we sang - Remem, remember member remem, remember member remem remember when? City scored ten ! Met up with a Blue called Tony and gave him a lift home. Got in work at about 3pm and the boss hadn't clocked i'd been away for an extra day or so!

Thursday, 15 October 2015


Don't recall an FA Cup Tie tony but we played em twice in 98/99 2-1 home, 0-0 away - Kev Horlock!


Picked up the zines today, and dropped some off at The Manc outlets, and Bhaji in Merseyway in Stockport (a lost leader)
I’ve sent the PDF version to the MEN and suggested they feature the Bournemouth 1989 match report by Cherries fan Peter Wicks as a pre match taster, as I’m told they only print stuff with an ‘angle’. So let’s see, eh!


murphy's law

Jimmy Murphy tribute tonight. Last night - Fergie, night before that - Duncan Edwards, night before that - Rooney, night before that - Cantona. What next - Phil; Jones?

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Pleased to announce that KK227 is at the printers and should be out for the Bournemouth home game, and subsequent games.
This issue is A4, 52 pages with Oh, Kevin de Bruyne on the front cover. It includes articles on Blatter/Platini, Monchengladbach, Seville, Cyril Mintz interview (I used to be 6’ and had curly hair), Bournemouth 1989, and all the usual regulars.
It should be in the Manc outlets by Friday afternoon, and can also be purchased direct from 25, Holdenbrook Close, Leigh, Lancs, WN 7 2HL for £4.50 inc P and P. The Kindle version should also be out by the end of the week.

So another disastrous International break , Sergio out for weeks, Silva doubtful, Vinny playing despite being out for weeks and Kolarov sent off and injured. Fingers crossed nowt happens to De Bruyne tonight.

Monday, 12 October 2015


Just waiting for Joe Hart to get injured tonight, but I hear he's playing Butland!

Monday, 5 October 2015


No chance of making the game for me, so handed my seasoncard over to granddaughter number 3, Ellie, who thinks, though I’ve put her right, that City play like that at every home game and now wants a seasoncard herself. Obviously I can’t drive so had to give the Subbi Club a miss and listened to it in the radio. It didn’t sound good until the equaliser  Pellers made a clever substitution at half time and bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, 6-1. Sergio taken off as a precaution, not picked up by the media, so that’s how it stayed. Not bad!
Watched the whole of the game later on TV then MOTD so some consolation at least. Nice shot at the start of MOTD of Mark McCarthy and his brave son Harvey-James as featured on page 51 of KK226.
Chelsea lost, rags lost (but Arsenal won) so not a bad weekend before the International break. Three words for Mourinho to dwell on – lukaku, Mata and De Bruyne, oops!
Bodge and Advocaat have gone – remember the furore when we sacked Hughes and Mancini, from the media? Not a peep criticising Liverpool, hypocrites.
Lots of stuff coming in for KK227 which is looking like a good issue so far, keep em coming please.


Friday, 2 October 2015


I didn’t make it to Germany, and a few of us watched it on the box here at KK towers. Only 1-0 down thanks to Joe, some good substitutions by Pellers, must give a mention to the much maligned Jesus Navas, who despite his poor crossing does give us an extra dimension. and a stirring fight back to give us a deserved, in the end 2-1 win. Juve beat Sevilla 2-0, so it’s wide open again.
Tomorrow it’s Newcy at home, I’m hoping to make it but it’s looking dodgy after having a hypo last night and slipping down the last few stairs and breaking me ankle. Doh!
Worrying story in the MUEN about City fans returning from Spurs on the train and racially abusing a young lad. Disgraceful, this is not behaviour of decent City fans, and makes a sad reflection on our club. Hope they are identified and suitably dealt with..

Here’s the IAF update from KK226


No History : 4 time First Division Champs (!905, 1907, 1909, 1927), 6 times FA Cup winners (1910 to 1955), Inter Cities Fairs Cup Winners 1969 and last pot.
Recent connection is Shay Given, and this is the 159th league meeting.

Some celeb fans : Robson Jerome, Tony Blair, Ant and Dec, Sting, Jimmy Nail, Brian Johnson, Mark Knopfler, Steve Harmison

This season so far :  They’re in  19th place with 3 points from 7 games and 1 draw and 2 losses away from home.
In the Capital One Cup they beat Northampton 4-1 at home in the 2nd rd but lost 1-0 at home to Sheff Wed in the 3rd rd.

Last season : They finished in 15th place with 39 points and 3 wins 4 draws and 12 losses away from home

At St James’ Park on the first day of the new season it was a 2-0 City win. Goals came from Silva (38) and Yaya (90) and the crowd was 50, 816 with 3,156 Blues.
At The Etihad in February it was a 5-0 City win. Goals came thick and fast from Aguero (2P), Nasri (12), Dzeko (21), Silva (51,53). Crowd was 45, 602 with 1,428 Geordies (poor away support now they’re shit!).

In the Capital One Cup : At The Etihad in the 4th round in October it was a shock 2-0 loss for City. Goals came from Aaron (6), and Sissoko (76). Crowd was 40,752 with 2,494 astonished Geordies. In the 5th round they went out 4-0 at Spurs.

In the FA Cup third rd they lost 1-0 at Leicester.

Our League form at home to Newcastle : Last season’s win made it 8 wins and 1 draw in the last 9 games, and their only Prem league win was 1-0 in 200/01 at Maine Road.

Transfers In : Wijnaldum (£14.5M), Mitrovic (£14.5M), Thauvin (£12M), Mbemba (£8.4M), Tonu (*)
Out : Cabella (Loan), Abeid (£?), Ameobi (Loan), Guttierez (released), (Taylor (Free),

Comment: The Carver/ Ashley cheap option proved to be the anticipated disaster and McClaren’s come in. Plenty of additions and a stirring display at The Swamp augurs better for The Bar Codes but surely they’ve had their shock win at The Etihad in  last year’s Capital One Cup match.

WWTWTWShite : Averaged 16,001 in 1980/81 and last  season it was 50,262. They can’t be singing “we’ve got more fans than you” this season, so don’t let em.