Sunday, 29 November 2015

Saints programme

Saints Programme
I don’t usually read much of the programme these days, perfect bound drives me daft. Who the f*ck thought that developing a mag which flirts all over the place when you try to read it would be an improvement on previous styles? You’ve got to bend the f*cker in two to read some of the pages.  I usually read Gary James’ interviews, Marc Riley’s article, but not Buzzer’s page any more. However I thought I’d have a read of Pellers’ piece to find out about the story behind the Liverpool and Juve games. We were shit against Liverpool. Yes I’d worked that out for myself Manuel. Oh and we did better against Juve, yeah OK. Then we have to play Hull, Stoke and BMG. Well that’s enlightening. Sorry but I want to know about training, team selections, tactics, what went wrong, what we got right, why are we getting so many injuries etc. I do not want to read about the bleedin’ obvious. Step it up programme editor.

Ironically, I found Fury’s interview at lunchtime yesterday quite endearing and good luck to him and his missus Paris (what sort of name is that?)  with their future arrival. He won the fight too so fair do’s and actually stepped up with a rendition of Aerosmith’s ‘I don’t wanna miss a thing’, a tricky one to do particularly in Tyler’s key, but a bit off!
3PM kick off yesterday and the weather was wicked pre kick off, affecting sales of KK. Just when you want a 5.30 kick off……
Better from the boys. Great first half, Sterling and de Bruyne on form, first goal for Delph, sleepy time after half time then good work from Bony, Kev and Alexs who smashed in the 3rd.
Some strange refereeing decisions.
First game for granddaughter Becky, second for Ellie, who now has two wins under her belt. Not quite the 6-1 v Newcastle but 3-1 wasn’t bad.
Funboy took his lady and son Olly, so all round a good family day, Joe sat with me as there was no Sue, Marnie (down at 2nd daughter Kaye’s) or Heather (working weekends at Primark).
Round and about Derby won at Hull playing in sky blue, Vardy got his 11th in a row as the rags drew at Leicester and Spurs drew with Chelsea. So we’re top again, not totally convincing, but back to winning ways.
Liverpool are at home to Swansea and it’s a worry that we may have kickstarted their season last week, and Arsenal at Norwich..


Friday, 27 November 2015

Black Friday

Black Friday
Juventus, nothing much more to add to the posts already posted. Very disappointing again, we may as well have played our proper team on Saturday so we’ve now f*cked up twice. We had our chances, so did they but their goal was disappointing. Yaya failed to control on the edge of their box, our players got the wrong side of their attacker twice and Otamendi could have been fouled for their goal, but just like Sagna on Saturday you cannot rely on referees to give those decisions and we have to be tougher.
On top of all that Joe is now out for a couple of weeks so we’ll see how good a buy (questioned at the time) Willy is?
Funny to see the shot of Cath Knott yawning in the crowd! She’s mortified!
So a struggle to finish top of the group now. Does it really matter? We’ll have to face Bayern, Barca and Real at some point so is sooner rather than later such a big problem? And the Chimps league buggers up our Prem form so is it such a big deal?
However I’m looking forward to the BMG game, and seeing who we get in the New Year cos I do enjoy the craic!!!
Fans weren’t happy at the swamp, just for a change. PSV played in the gorgeous sky blue, we didn't!! Apparently they all lit up their phones in the 7th minute to commemorate the 10th anniversary of George Best’s (famous only for ending the career of Glyn Pardoe, nicking a kidney someone else could’ve put to better use, and being outshone by John Aston in the 68 Euro Cup final) death. How naff is that? I hope we don’t start doing it at The Etihad.

Saturday it’s Saints. They’ve just lost at home to Stoke but will be formidable opponents against us in our current state. Maybe Silva and Aguero will pair up again so it could be promising. Here’s the IAF extract from KK228 -


No History - Formed in the 1880’s and were a second and third division club but made it to the first division and won the Cup in 1976 beating the rags 1-0.
Ups and downs since then but eventually bouncing back and establishing themselves in the Prem, despite the continual raping by Liverpool and the rags of their best players.
Not so recent connection is Matt Mills. 75th League meeting.

Some celeb fans : Craig David, David Gower, Fiona Phillips, Holly Valance

This season so far : They’re in 8th place with 20 points from 13 games with 2 wins 4 draws and 0 losses away from home.
In the Capital One Cup they beat MK Dons away 6-0 in the 3rd rd, then Villa 2-1 at home in the 4th rd and face Liverpool at home in the Q/F.
In the Europa Cup preliminary rd they went out to our old pals FC Midtjylland 1-1 home and 0-1 away, probably a blessing in disguise!

Last season - At St Mary’s in November it was a 3-0 City win. Goals came from Toure (51) Lampard (80) and Clichy (90). Sergio was booked by the referee for being fouled in the box, Mangala was sent off and Vinny got himself injured celebrating Gael’s goal. Crowd was 30,919 with 2,489 Blues.
At The Etihad on the last day of the season, May 24th, it was a 2-0 City win.  Frank Lampard opened for City on 31 mins and Sergio wrapped it up on 88 mins. Crowd was 45,041.
Our form at home to Saints : Last season’s win made it 5 wins on the trot for us, while Saints won the previous 3 including the miserable 1-0 last game at Maine Road in 2003.

Main transfers In – Juanmi £5M, Soares £4.7M, Caulker, Romeu £5M, Van Dijk.
Out – Clyne £12.5M, Scheiderlin £24M

Comment : Making another good fist of it. Some good results particularly at Chelsea and could be in the semis of the Capital One Cup.
Plenty of danger up front with Pelle and Mane mean we will have to be on our toes. At least they won’t park the bus, probably, so an exciting open game is anticipated.

WWTWTWshite : Averaged 11,612 in 1955/56
and this season it’s 30,759.

Later tonight it’s the Fury fight. He’s been giving it lots but doesn’t come over as the new Ali. And he sings in the ring. You’d expect a bit of AC/DC or Iron Maiden, but no, we got some wimpy girlie song. He’s a rag of course, and their usual way is to give it loads then when it all goes wrong, you daren’t mention it again!

Anyone see the TV programme on Wilko Johnson? Brilliant, what a man, if you missed it watch it on catch up or i tunes if you can.


Thursday, 26 November 2015


Juventus's goal came from Yaya missing the ball on the edge of their box!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Whose turn was it tonight? Busby? Cantona? Charlton? Edwards? Beckham? Murphy? Giggs? Rooney? Ferguson? Ralph Milne? Salford City? FC United? Class of 92? No, George Best, and he’s been dead for ten years FFS.
City are in Turin, c’mon you Blues.


Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Bro Frank was in the third tier of the East stand on Saturday where there was a bit of a fracas. Can anyone shed any light?
Popped over to Stockport to drop the zines off in Bhaji, Merseyway. Apologies to the Blue we missed by half an hour, hope he picks up a copy now they’re in there!
Tomorrow it’s Juventus of course, which we sacrificed the Liverpool result for, as we’ve done on quite a few previous occasions, Spurs, Burnley etc.
Team news is that Vinny(1 game on, 4 off)  and Silva are out. For them Evra, Khedira, Hernanes, and Caceres are all doubtful.
Here’s the It’s A Fix extract from KK228 -


At The Etihad in the first Chimps league game it was a 2-1 City loss, when we were supposed to have been given another European lesson.
Vinny (53) leaned on Chiellini for our opener from a corner, but Mandzukic (65), then Morata (81) stole the points, in front of 50,363 with 850 Juve.

All looked lost, knives were out, but look where we stand before the return leg. Proudly topping the group table with 9 points, ahead of Juve with 8, Sevilla with 3 and BMG with 2.
In the Chimps league they beat us 2-1 away, beat Sevilla 2-0 at home, drew at home 0-0, and 1-1 away with BMG, and play Sevilla away in their last game of the group.

In Serie A they’re down in 6th place with 21 points, (9 behind Mancini’s leaders Inter), from 13 games and 6 wins 3 draws and 4 losses.

Our two previous visits have resulted in a 2-0 loss, in 1976, and a 1-1 draw in 2010.
Juve moved into their new ground, the imaginatively named Juventus Stadium, capacity only 41,475, in 2011.

Comment - Buffon slagged us off for being big spenders, but ironically was transferred for 52M Euros in 2001 from Parma to Juventus. A lot of money. A win would be good but a draw wouldn’t be too bad, so bring it on, and another chance to check out Pogba.
If we lose, the Liverpool result will be even more annoying, why can’t we go for the Prem AND the Chimps league???

BMG v Sevilla also tonight.


Monday, 23 November 2015

"You're taking the piss"

Villa – “You’re taking the piss”
International break out of the way, Raheem laying on Rooney’s 51st goal, Jack Butland will be pushing Joe, and I don’t want to sound boring but is the new Thunderbirds theme song AC/DC’s Thunderstruck???????

Weatherwise we’ve been pretty fortunate for our first three issues of KK, as it’s been fairly mild and rain free. Saturday was a cold one, so had to wrap up warmly.
Steve Bates of The People walked past before I had chance to recognise him, and confirmed he was at the game on Sunday Supplement the day after, but he’s not been as much of a wanker these days as he once was. He’s a rag by the way.

Said hello to a few Blues – Trev Makings gave me his subs and advised us of the team. Unbelievable. Alan Pickering was made up with his badge piece and we were given an amazingly generous ‘Christmas bonus’ from a KK regular whose name I must get next time I see him.
Walking over to the East stand I was asked by a regular Blue if I knew what the team was. When I told him he said “are you taking the piss”. I wish I had been.

Joe was erratic early on, Sagna, who could have been fouled, showed us how soft we were going to be, Mangala is the poor man’s Richard Dunne, Demichelis past it, (turned his back on Skrtel’s goal), Yaya? Sterling? Kolarov?Tackling and passing was awry, we didn’t win one midfield header, and were lucky it wasn’t 7 or 8. Just like the old days and our worst first half performance at home since the rags in the Cup in  2012.
Away at Spurs, Pellers picked a team with one eye on Borussia M, and it looks like he did it again v Liverpool, with Juve looming. Serious reservations now on the manager.

Elsewhere it was a bad start with the rags winning in the last minute with an own goal at Watford. Then West Brom beat the Arse. Everton put 4 past Villa who we couldn’t manage one against.
On Sunday Spurs got closer to us with a 4-1 win over Wham, who we lost 2-1 to at home.
After the rags game there was an in depth interview with Giggs, which I turned off.
We’ve managed to give Liverpool all the ammunition they need to throw the Gerrard and Sterling taunts back at us. Someone needs to get hold of the squad before these games and give them a good talking to. Maybe a bit of motivation wouldn’t go amiss either.

Went into town today to drop off KK228 at the outlets, and was entertained on Market Street by a bloke playing The Shads Apache and an Elvis impersonator. Very Christmassy, even though it’s not yet December.


Sunday, 22 November 2015

Saturday, 21 November 2015


You are quite right about Milner Steve but SWP did NOT want to leave, and the money we received saved us from going into administration!

Liverpool tomorrow, here's the IAF extract from KK228 -


No History – 5 Chimps league/ Euro cups (last 2005), 3 UEFA Cups, 3 UEFA Super Cups, 18 titles (1901 to 1990) 26 years ago, 7 FA Cups (1965 to 2006), 8 League Cups  (1981 to 2012) Heysel - 39 dead, 600 injured, 14 Liverpool fans convicted, English clubs banned from European competition for 5/6 years , Hillsborough, Justice for the 96, Booed our players after we’d respected their 25th Hillsborough anniversary at Anfield, celebrated winning the title in 2014, Steve Gerrard, Gerrard…….Nivea creamers…..ex players and pundits out in force  to criticise Raheem Sterling’s move to City

Recent connections : James Milner, Kolo Toure, Daniel Sturridge. 157th league meeting.

Some celeb fans: John Bishop, Ricky Tomlinson, Billy Bob Thornton, Angelina Jolie, Samuel L Jackson, Ian Beale (Eastenders), Daniel Craig, Mike Myers,

This season so far – They’re currently in 10th place with 17 points from 12 games and 2 wins 3 draws and 1 loss away from home.
In the Capital One Cup 3rd rd they beat Carlisle 3-1 on pens after 1-1, then Bournemouth 1-0 in the 4th rd, both at home and face Saints away in the quarter final.
In the Europa League they’ve played Rubin Kazan 1-1 home, 1-0 away; Bordeaux 1-1 away; FC Sion 1-1 home.

Last season - At the Etihad in our first home game of the season it was a 3-1 City win. Jovetic (41,55) and Sergio (69 ) put us 3-0 up before a Zab own goal in the 83rd minute gave them some consolation. Crowd was 45,471 with 2,503 red scouse.
At Anfield in March it was our customary loss, 2-1 this time. Henderson (11) put them ahead before Dzeko (25) equalised but Coutinho (76) won it for them. Crowd was 44,590 with 2,824 Blues.

Form at home to Liverpool – Last season’s win made it for City - WWDWWD

Main summer transfers – In – Bogdan, Ings, Milner, Gomez £3.5M, Firmino £28M, Clyne £12.5M, Benteke £32.5M.L
Out – Gerrard, Johnson, Sterling £44M, Lambert, Brad Jones, Borini £8M, Mario Balotelli

Comment : They surprisingly sacked the Bodge, though surely it should’ve been in the summer, without the hysterical, mock media outrage that greeted City when Hughes and Mancini bit the dust. David James’ slagging off of City and suggestion that the Poo’s changes to their backroom staff would make all the difference looks even more stupid now. Will John Cross print a retraction in the manumirror? So Klippity’s come in and you can’t help thinking that he’ll get it right eventually, possibly, maybe.
Mixed form this season but we’ve done a bit better against them at home recently and there must be no slip ups to give them any room for gloating.
Milner will get cheered for ripping us off, Sterling will get booed for getting them a good deal. Who’s got the class?

Wwtwtwshite : Av’d 22,742 in 31/32, and this season it is 44,050.

Friday, 20 November 2015


Yes but i'm 71 years of age and when i played in the Eccles and District no one had a hamstring (or calf) - we'd even play on with a broken leg, or two. Apparently the printworks is cold and it affects the paper so next issue they'll be using a different paper, so we shoild get the zines back earlier.

Thursday, 19 November 2015


Due to a delay at the printers, and a hospital appointment it is unlikely that KK228 will be in the Manc outlets tomorrow. It should, however, be on sale at the Liverpool game.
Apologies from all at KK for this unusual situation


KK228 is at the printers. This issue is A4, 48 pages, colour front and back cover, with Ferdinand stupidly querying where Noel Gallagher and Ricky Hatton where when we were shite. Caption is – We Were Here – City then, City now, City forever.
This issue includes – The Derby, Seville, England v Germany, Phil’s Refwatch, Pathos Blues, Badges of Honour, Lest we Forget, Accounts, FIFA, UEFA, Brian Lomax RIP, plus all the usual contributors.
It’s priced at £3 and can also be obtained direct from (cheques to ) King Of The Kippax, 25, Holdenbrook Close, Leigh, Lancs, WN 7 2 HL for £4.50 inc P and P.
It should be out at the Liverpool and subsequent games and also be in the Manc outlets by Friday afternoon.


Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Busy week, Sevilla and back, South Wales and back, then down to Villa, and back! Very clear run down the M6, so time for a bite at the Tesco supermarket, which was full of Blues.
Picked up a programme, which is always of a high standard, not the ridiculous perfect bound thing we stick with, and uses the sky blue to its advantage, even though maroon is their predominant colour. City should take note.
No zines left to sell, so into the ground nice and early. Again, impressed as always at the use of the sky blue on the balcony walls.
First half we were as bad as we were good on Tuesday, but Villa never really threatened, and Raheem mustn’t go down so easily.
Second half we dominated but it just wouldn’t go in. On the way home we listened to 5Live’s Arse v Spurs commentary which was incredibly biased towards Arsenal going top if they won the game. If I were a Spurs fan I’d ‘ve been very pissed off. So we were still top and Liverpool lost at home to Palace.
MOTD 2 was interesting – they didn’t show the Sterling header in the main coverage, or his backheel in the 6 yard box near the end.
I thought Joe should’ve booted the ball into touch much further down the pitch (as he often does) but the reaction of the Villa player was ungentlemanly to say the least and the ref should’ve stepped in instead of awarding the corner.
So another two points lost.

Copy for KK228 is coming in nicely, and of a high and varied standard. It’s looking like a top issue in the making. Keep em coming please.

Monday, 9 November 2015


Just a word to say that we've got some really good stuff coming in from Bunbury, Uncle Ryan, Bryan Duffy, Phil Lines, Neil Mather, Bill Cronshaw, Colin Nicholls, Alan Pickering, Concannon, Ross Percival and Steve Heald, so far. Keep em coming please

Friday, 6 November 2015


Sevilla, and an early foggy start, for Spike’s 2 night trip. Slight delay, lot’s of familiar faces, a fairly mature planeload, but arrived in the early afternoon. Had a bit of a roam around, went for a meal in the pouring rain, then an early night. Texts received from the kids re trouble at the Irish bar, being attacked by Sevilla fans, but we were well out of it. Awaiting a full report.
Tuesday was nice and warm, hot even. Strolled around bumping into and chatting with City fans, and had a look round the cathedral before being laid a bit low after a dodgy lasagne.
Thought Blues would meet in the magnificent Plaza Espana but we were on our own so made our way to the ground.
McDonalds was the least risky foodwise and we sat with a couple of Blues and chewed the fat.
Into the ground after the search and up the stairs. Sit anywhere was the instruction, allocated seats by passed and sections filled on instruction after a fashion, total chaos.
Thanks to Graham Brine and his daughter Siobhan we got good seats at the front of the second tier. I’d forgotten the KOTK flag which would’ve looked good on the fence in front of us.
Some City fans had A4 posters with BOO on them, maybe prompted by my post on the KK blog a while ago.
Tremendous row from Sevilla fans pre kick off for their anthem, who says that open terracing with no roof lets all the noise dissipate?
Plenty of booing of the anthem, but have we now made our point?
Two goals up in no time, then they pulled one back, to one of the biggest roars I’ve heard at a ground. Fear not, I predicted Wilf would get one and he made it 3-1, City playing ever so well, and the ref not falling for the falling over of Sevilla players.
Second half almost total domination, we could’ve scored more but settled for 3-1 in one of our, if not the, finest away performance in Europe.
We were kept in for about an hour after full time by the riot cops and were entertained by some of the lads doing warm downs Then back to the hotel in the early hours for a well earned sleep.
Wednesday morning and a leisurely time before heading back to the Airport, picking up the papers full of rag shite, then home sweet home
So we’ve qualified with 9 points. Only a few years ago we failed with 10 points, so top spot here we come, with two games to go.

Sunday (not Saturday!!) it’s Villa, away, here’s the It’s a Fix extract from Kk227 :


No History? Formed 1874, 6 times League Champs between 1874 and 1910, then again in 1981. 7 times FA Cup winners 1887 to 1957. 5 times League Cup winners, European Cup winners in 1982. Last promotion was in 1988 Last pot League Cup in 1996. 151st  league meeting.

Recent connections : Fabian Delph, Micah Richards, Julian Lescott.

Some celebrity fans:  David Cameron, Prince William, Tom Hanks, Nigel Kennedy, Geezer Butler, Ian Lavender, Mervyn King, Lodge/Hayward, Martin Shaw, and Dave Woodhall editor of Villa zine ‘Heroes and Villains’

This season so far they’re currently in 20th place with 4 points from 11 games and 0 wins 1 draw and 4 losses at home - LLLDL.
In the Capital One Cup : 2nd rd it was a 5-3 home win over Notts County, in the 3rd rd they beat Birmingham 1-0 at home, but lost 2-1 at Saints in the 4th rd.

Last season : At Villa Park it was a 2-0 City win in October with late goals from Yaya (82) and Sergio (88) Crowd was 32,964 with 2,971 Blues.
At The Etihad in April it was a 3-2 City win. Sergio
(3) and Kolarov (66) put us into a two goal lead but Cleverly (68) and Sanchez (85) made it 2-2 before Fernandinho (89) clinched it for us. Crowd was 45, 036 with 1,080 of Vila’s Chosen Few!
They were well beaten in the Cup final by Arsenal, but at 0-3 they had two nailed on pens turned down.

Form at Villa : Last season’s win made it 7 wins, 6 draws 5 losses and for City in the Prem : WLWWLDLDWWWDLDWDDL

Transfers in : Ayew (£8.4M), Gueye (£9M), Veretout (£8M), Traore (£7M), Amavi (£7.7M), Sinclair (£2.5M), Crespo (£500K), Gestede (£6M), Richards, Bunn, Lescott, Ventout, Sarkho, Llori
Out : Mainly Benteke (£32.5M), Delph (£8M), Given, BSunday it’s Villa (not Saturday!!) ent, Weimann(£2.5M), Lowton (£1M), Cissokho, 

Comment : Tim Sherwood was under pressure and was finally sacked with Remi Garde taking over.
The loss of Benteke and the signings of ex Blues Sinclair, Richards and Lescott  haven’t helped them much. Once again, sorry, cos I quite like Villa, but we must ‘shit on the Villa’ again and take all three points at one of our unusually happy hunting grounds.

Groundwise : Usual spot, tucked away at one end of the Sir Doug Ellis stand, out of sight of the TV cameras. Home crowd, who sing about Ghost Riders, filter through the away fans at the end when there’s always a bit of erm banter between both sets.
Last season’s tickets were : £43/£35

Villa Park Capacity : 42,602 (3,000 for City)

WWTWTWShite: Averaged 15,237 in 1985/86 and this season it’s 37,973.
Parking is becoming more and more difficult on the streets with restrictive zones.The local supermarket is handy if you fancy a bite to eat.
Away day zine : Long running Heroes and Villains has let the side down and gone digital.,
Post code/sat nav: B6 6HE

Sunday, 1 November 2015


Just a reminder that the deadline for the next zine KK228 is Monday November 9th just after the Villa game.
The next it's A Fix includes, Liverpool, Saints, Swansea, Hull, and Borussia M at home plus Juventus and Stoke away.
So if you want to add anything to the comments on those games, feel  free!!


It looked like a relaxing day for the KK team, with issue 227 virtually selling out before the game – so a chance to get in before kick off and even watch the half time entertainment. Very silly.
Pre match I chatted with the busker, who’s Spanish from  the Basque region and his regular pitch is on Deansgate near Kendals. KK subscriber Paul Brimmicombe from Devon also had a chat.
Tricky game as expected, some players looking knackered KDB in particular. Penalty turned down early doors (missed by MOTD, surprise, surprise) Great save by Joe first half, misses by Wilf, Watsonlike header by Nico, clanger by Joe, cool pen by Yaya, as the south stand emptied again, then Alex’s woeful penalty miss, after good work from Raheem.
Round and about the Arse were lucky at Swansea who should have had two pens, and their goalie was fouled. Chelsea lost again and rags couldn’t score yet again. Watch out for – “United keep another clean sheet” headline!
Next up is Sevilla in the Chimps league, here’s the It’s A Fix extract/update from KK227


This season so far – They’ve just lost 2-1 at Villarreal and are currently 9th with 12 points from 10 games and 3 wins 4 draws and 4 losses, 14 goals for and 14 against. Apparently they didn’t rest any players and starman Banega could be out, and they play Real Madrid next.

Groundwise : After having a few grounds, the move to the new stadium, which had been planned since the mid 30’s in the middle of the Civil War by President Ramin Sanchez Pizjuan, who died in 1956 finally happened in September 1958. Building work was beset by problems and players had to be sold to fund the construction. Bonus was that there was plenty of land adjacent to the stadium included in the purchase, which was sold off.
Original capacity was 75,000 but after conversion to all seater and ground improvement including a main stand roof, its new capacity is around 45,000. It’s fairly open and rain is forecast.
They have an Ultras group called Biris Norte who base themselves in the North stand.
They have two anthems from 1993, and 2005  which went to number one in the Spanish charts.
There is also a magnificent mosaic at the main entrance which is well worth a peek.

The stadium is located in a dense urban area close to Seville’s city centre.
The shopping centre Nervio Plaza lies right next to the stadium with a cinema and food outlets.
There are plenty of smaller bars and restaurants on the Luis de Morales in the area towards the historic centre, but for nightlife you need the centre itself.
The stadium is within reasonable walking distance from the city centre, and railway station and there’s also the metro.

Seville is, of course, most famous for Russini’s opera about the barber, Figaro here, Figaro there and all that bollocks, but there’s plenty of sightseeing to be done if you pick up the brochures.

City last played Sevilla in a friendly in 1952. Here’s an extract from Bert Trautmann’s  ‘Steppes to Wembley’ book, where Bert recalls an interesting experience, with Jack Rigby.
“During the close season of 1952 City accepted an invitation to tour Spain.
The main party travelled by land and sea, but owing to difficulty in getting a visa, I had to go by air to Barcelona where I arrived a few hours before my colleagues. We played our first match in terrific heat at Seville and were soundly beaten 5-1.
That evening, Jack Rigby and I went out for a drink and when we got back to our hotel about midnight, we decided to have a final smoke before turning in.
Despite the lateness of the hour, we were surprised to find boys and girls still walking about, while women did their best to sell us hand-sewn table cloths and such like. They’ve certainly got an eye for business in Spain. And all the time curious passers-by stopped to stare at us as we sat on the mudguard of a posh American car parked outside the hotel.
We sat there about half an hour before I offered to buy Jack a “nightcap”. He accepted the invitation but never got his drink. Someone had “lifted” my wallet with all my money. “Never mind, Bert,” said Jack, “Have a cigarette.”  I never got the cigarette. Someone had relieved him of the packet!”

Comment : The 2-1 win in the first leg should set us up nicely and City fans will enjoy a good trip to the beautiful City of Seville.
Tonight it’s BMG v Juventus.