Friday, 6 May 2016

Friday - just one little goal

Pep’s Bayern Munich  went out to Atletico Madrid, and just like Martinez in the FA Cup semi he was let down by a missed penalty. Can you blame the manager for that?
Wednesday night and all we needed was one little goal. Epic failure, and we gave the media all the ammunition they were desperate for.
David McDonnell in the manumirror revelled in using his favourite anti City descriptions – Sheik Mansour’s lavish investment, the abject Toure, and wretched Jesus Navas.
Liverpool went through to the Europa League final to face Sevilla who we had little trouble in despatching from the Chimps league.
So it was a learning curve for city. Utter bollocks.



  1. Instead of that naive 'gung ho' football we played in the early days of our CL adventure we did not look out of place at the home of one of footballs iconic clubs. Unfortunately with Ya Ya,still a skillful player but lumbering about like wounded ox,Kevin and Sergio having a 'mare' it was all for nought. On recent form Kelechi should have started with or without Sergio, but that was never going to happen. It may my imagination but some of the city .players looked out of shape.

  2. Some of the City players have looked 'out of shape', since January Steve.