Friday, 27 May 2016


Brian Reade in the Lpool/manumirror reckons that Pep only came to City for the Sheikh’s petro dollars. Couldn’t have had anything to do with it being too easy in Germany to win things with Bayern creaming off all the best players plus there was the pull of his buddies Soriano and Begristain? Can we have some sensible journalism instead of this scouse mafia type crap?
Mourinho is now the greatest manager in the world, so why didn’t the rags appoint him 3 years ago? Still waiting to read an article which tells us why.



  1. What I'm expecting from PEG:

    The end of all this nonsense about Rashford, Lindegaard et al as Mourinho will just play safe and bring in proven, experienced players like the Bosnian/Swedish has been. (He may have been able to score ninety odd goals a season against the likes of Calais Brownies and Etaples over 60's nude leapfrog society but Pep pretty quickly showed him the door in a semi proper league)

    more negative boring play, the likes of which rags have been moaning about for the last two seasons only now, of course, it will be portrayed as 'tactical genius' and be perfectly acceptable;

    more trying to win everything in the press conference rather than on the pitch. This time, rather than be perceived widely as irritating BS, he will be lauded as the funniest one line deliverer since Tommy Cooper.

    What I'm expecting with Pep:

    Hi energy, attacking play;

    Higher fitness levels;

    Players improving;

    Players playing to their potential;

    Better defensive organisation.

    Tactical awareness and the team set up to beat the particular opponents in front of them.

    This doesn't mean I'm expecting City to sweep all before them as Barca did in his first season, I think this is the most competitive League ion which he will ever have competed but I am looking forward to a marked improvement on the last two seasons. One thing is for sure - EVERYBODY at the club is going to have to up their game now.

    1. Well written RB. But a summary for any Stun readers that may have accidently found this site. Mourinho bull shit and excuses. "Pep" doing all the things that Manuel could not.

  2. The irony in all this is that the rags would never have signed Mourinho but for us getting Pep. It has been panic on their behalf, they could see us getting further and further ahead and have resorted to someone they believed to be toxic to their 'high moral' image only a short while ago.

    In domestic terms I believe this is known as 'trying to keep up with the neighbours'