Monday, 16 May 2016


Swansea and after a few days with youngest daughter’s family in Newport parked up in Pizza Hut, had a snack and strolled to the ground, meeting up with the rest of the KK team. As for the game the least said the better, it just summed up our season. We’ll fight to the end? In our last six games we won one, lost two and drew three. Unimpressive but at least we scraped through into the Chimps league qualifiers, well it’s better than going to Oldham, Rochdale, Bury or Stockport, and losing!
So a decent drive home, listened to radio 2 news – bomb scare at O/T, Arsenal won, Spurs lost but no mention of City getting 4th place! No history?
Tonight it’s the Former Players ‘do’, and tomorrow night at 6.30pm it’s a Points of Blue meeting at the Lass O’ Gowrie.


  1. Well at least U****d didn't overtake us! Kinda glad the season is over now, we need the clear out, we know that, hopefully we can refocus next year. I think its impossible to compete on 4 fronts, so next year I would like us to focus on the league and Europe and sacrifice4 th cups, play kids. this 25 man squad rule and trying to win everything places too much strain on the squad allowing teams like Leicester and Liverpool a few years back, playing one game a week, win titles etc. Lets be dominant where it matters most

  2. Your comment about fighting to the end was spot on, Dave. The irony being that despite a disappointing league campaign, had we 'fought to the end' and won our last two matches we would still have finished as runners up, that's how poor the Premier League has been this season.

    I am in agreement with Iain regarding setting priorities - in fact I would go further, we should prioritise the Premier League above all else. Win that, a guaranteed 'pot one' draw the following season with Pep's methods well imbedded and we can seriously set about the Champions League. Lessons to be learned from this campaign.

  3. Been saying that since 2012 RB. "This is our time!" That WAS our time, now everyone else has been allowed to catch up

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  5. A totally frustrating, almost calamitous season that many of us predicted from as early as the Burnley defeat last year.
    I agree with Iain, especially regarding the two legs of the League Cup semi final which couldn’t have been scheduled for a worse time, just after the christmas workload, and also resulted in De Bruyne’s injury.
    The counter argument is the ridicule that Arsenal suffered for not winning a trophy in ten years, when realistically they could have played far stronger teams in half a dozen semi finals and finals.
    Let’s see if United win the FA Cup and still sack Van Gaal.

    A couple of thoughts for next season.
    Denayer’s injury record this season has almost been as bad as Kompany’s
    Don’t be fooled into thinking that Pep will flood the first team with youngsters. It’s far more likely that Sterling, De Bruyne, and Otamendi will all improve under his guidance.