Monday, 23 May 2016


I see de Gea’s bellyflop won save of the season. Fix. Joe’s at West Ham was miles better. At least he didn’t get the Golden glove thanks to Bournemouth’s late goal.
The rag farce continued at the swamp further to the bomb scare. Utter bollocks. Ground half full, 74,000 posted.
On the Tuesday night a few of us met at The Lass O’ Gowrie in town for a POB meeting. Minutes will be on the blog. The lack of response from the club is becoming alarming and insulting.
Wednesday it was the formality of Liverpool beating Sevilla in the Europa Cup Final, to gain entry to the Chimps league, and Milner, in particular being justified for leaving City plus Sterling being vilified for joining City, as even though he won the Capital One Cup he could have won the Europa league.
Ooops as it happens Yankeedoodledandydollarrich Liverpool failed to beat the team that City beat twice. Imagine if that had been the other way round, what would the likes of David Maddock in the Lpool/manumirror have made of it?
Watched the Scottish Cup Final, great stuff, and was pleased to see Hibs after all this time winning it. The looks on their fans faces at 2-1 down reminded me of us v QPR. No surprise that their fans ran on the pitch at the end. But the ensuing violence was disappointing to say the least. Surely those in charge should’ve anticipated the situation?
Rags won the Cup courtesy of Clattenburg, so back to normal.
Then it was England v Turkey at the Etihad. No publicity, no mention in the City programme. BBC announced it as being at Old Trafford, and ITV at Wembley.
It’s becoming even more  tedious now.
Why didn’t Kane do that with his penalty against us?
Over at ragland LVG is sacked and Jose is taking over. Why wasn't he appointed 3 seasons ago? That's one in the eye for all those who didn't want him then. "All for himself etc!!!!!"


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