Wednesday, 18 May 2016


No mention anywhere yet of City beating Sevilla 2-1 home and 3-1 away. Obviously saving it for the TV coverage later today.


  1. How times have changed ...... when Liverpool were last in a European final I had a group of friends round for the event. Beer was drunk and pizza eaten. Only two of them were Liverpool fans but on the night we all wanted them to win and the house celebrated when they fought back and clinched it on penalties. Nothing like that is happening tonight. Events in recent years mean our shared common enemy is no longer enough to invoke warm feelings towards Liverpool and in truth, I wouldn't be upset if they lost. I certainly won't be watching it.

  2. I know exactly what you mean rb. Once, Liverpool were my second team, mainly because my best friend from school days, supported them. I even took a visiting relative to Anfield to watch them play West Ham in 1985. Supported them in five CL finals and respected them when they thrashed us 4 and 5 -0 in the 80's because their football was so good. Supported them over Hillsborough and generally wished them well. Chuffed as hell that they lost tonight because they are a rival now, but mainly because they, like fans of all the other former big four, hate us.