Saturday, 14 May 2016

this could be the last time

Lovely here in S. Wales. Well done West Ham on Tuesday, but not their fans pre-match, though understandable?
That leaves us with just a point needed at Swansea, who’ve had a good end to the season, and can afford to rest a few players for the Euros. Let’s hope we take advantage, are not in Euro mood and can give Manuel a great send off, otherwise it could get nasty. Here’s the IAF extract from 233


No history - The Swans were formed in 1912 and have had a turbulent history, but are now established  in the Prem. Just the one trophy, League Cup in 2013.
Recent connection is Wilf Bony, Roy Paul, apart from Scott Sinclair. 28th League meeting.

Some celeb fans : Catherine Zeta Jones, Dylan Thomas RIP, Spencer Davis.

This season so far - They’re in 11th place with 46 points from 37 games and 8 wins 5 draws and 5 losses at home.
At The Etihad in December it was a 2-1 City win. Bony (yes him) opened in the 26th minute but Gomis whacked one in just before the end but Yaya miraculously swerved one in off Kelechi’s
back for 2-1. Crowd was 53,052 with 954 Jacks.
In the Capital One Cup they beat York 3-0 at home in the 2nd rd but went out 1-0 at Hull in the 3rd rd.
In the FA Cup they lost 2-3 at Oxford  in the 3rd rd.

Our form at Swansea - at the Liberty on our last away game of the season in May it was a 4-2 City win. We went 2-0 up through Toure (21) and Milner (36), but Sigurdsson (45) and Gomis (65) levelled it before Toure (74) and Bony (90 +2) secured all 3 points although Joe’s miraculous save at 3-2 helped somewhat. Crowd was 20, 669 with 1,870 Blues.
Last season’s win made it for City 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss in the last 4 visits ie WWDL

Comment - Last game of the season and it’s been a topsy turvy one for the Swans, with Garry Monk going and being replaced by Alan Curtis and Francesco Guidolin, the job promptly making him ill! Sigurdsson, Williams, and Fabianski seem to be missing, and Gomis is on the bench.
So much for it being a relaxing day out now  Swansea are safe as we need at least a point
to secure a top 4 place, and a draw could be good for both teams, though a win would be nice.

Groundwise - The Liberty Stadium - Capacity  20,500 (2,000 for City). We’ll be behind the goal in the usual spot.
Tickets : £45
Pubs/Parking - It’s a lovely part of the country close to The Gower, so well worth a weekend (if your daughter doesn’t live in not too far away Newport that is!)
Plenty of decent city centre pubs, and the ground is on a retail park so parking’s OK if you fancy a snack too.

WWTWTWShite - Averaged 3,367 in 1991/92 and this season it’s 20,682.
There’s only one City. Us. We were City long before them.
Sat Nav - SA1 2FA


  1. Be nice to get a stress free afternoon and I can't see us f***ing up. But, this is City. However, if we're switched on and professional, getting a minimum of a draw at Swansea should be the minimum that we should be capable of.
    The fans not staying after the Arsenal game fall out shows how bias the press, TV, Sky , etc are against us. All season, they've banged on about how we have underperformed and that Pellers has got things wrong tactically, etc. However, when we agree to an extent and decide not to stay and be hippocrates by lauding our squad and manager, then we're disrespecting all and sundry. Yet people are puzzled when we say there's an agenda against us.

  2. I thought the exodus was a huge embarrassment, Dave and frankly the fans just played right into the hands of the Rags and piss-takers. Because of where I now live I confess I don't get to many games, so feel uncomfortable criticising but when I was a Season Ticket holder in the bad old days fans would remain behind no matter how bad the season had been. My family, who do get to the games, say this is a new breed of glory hunting fan and they were as disgusted as I was.

    1. New breed of 'fans' is right Glyn. There were a few around us who were clearly 'tourists', nothing wrong with that per se but when Arsenal scored their second quite a few people stood up and started taking photos of their players celebrating in front of us and we were in the lower tier of the South Stand!

  3. All we need tomorrow is to keep a clean sheet.

    1. Ha ha! I've just realised what I said!

  4. I see Spur's biggest fan Mike Dean is in charge who has been reluctant to award us spot kicks in the past, so it should be a 'no pen game'.

  5. Keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow that for once, we can just go and do a professional job and give the fans there and watching at home a stress free afternoon. I've not totally given up that Villa may go out with a bang. Their players will want to gain some revenge for last season's FA Cup final loss and give their fans something to cheer. Didn't Villa beat Arsenal at the Emirates first game of last season? Let's not forget if we get 4th, CL qualification is still not certain. I'm convinced we'll get the hardest possible qualifying tie. Not for us Young Boys or Club Bruges

  6. Just going back to Glyn’s original point, because I used to play cricket to a reasonable high standard, and frequently missed our last home game, (unless it was on a Sunday, or was an absolute epic, end-of-season-decider, such as Charlton 85 etc)
    Without googling, I remember the 3-2 QPR home defeat in 95, and the 2-2 draw with Liverpool, that sent us down the following year.
    I definitely remember the Jamie Pollock own goal, also against QPR in 98, and we might have played them or Reading, the previous season?
    The 99 Wigan play off was all about hysteria, and unfortunately, I was one of the pitch invaders against Birmingham in 2000.
    The last game of 2000-01 was the hooligan infested defeat against Chelsea, but what I don’t recall is the season when it suddenly became fashionable for all the players to carry their children around the pitch, and conduct this excruciatingly painful lap of honour.
    Did we have a ceremony, after the Tottenham defeat in 2010?
    Sadly, I didn’t stay, but funnily enough, I travelled to West Ham for a meaningless game the following weekend.

    To me, this only makes sense, if the last game of the season, just happens to be at home.

    Last Sunday, I was too busy arguing over whether United would drop points at West Ham, to worry about Manuel’s farewell speech.
    The season hadn’t ended, and it still hasn’t

  7. I actually think if City go with the same starting lineup against Arsenal with a slight altercation of Nasri for Navas with both Nasri and KDB given license to roam might do the trick. If Bony does play him I doubt he will get booed as City away fans aren't made up of glory hounds.

    Should City seal up 4th place I'm in full agreement with Tony. City will probably draw Borussia M'Gladbach, Roma or Monaco.

  8. I was surprised the stadium wasn't full after the Arsenal game comprising of fans who were relieved he was finally going and those that were enamoured of his gentlemanly charms and satisfied with the silverware he left us. Maybe the thought of sitting through another mind numbing speech persuaded fans to flee for the exits, they needn't have worried, apparently our kit form PA system rendered his farewell address inaudible, although it will be available for download from and will contain the word important seven times. Goodbye and good luck Manuel.

  9. Lose today and I think we'll see a more genuine send off to the Morrissey pretender

  10. And not with gladioli's.

  11. Another resounding draw snatched from the jaws of victory. Freaky goals conceded missed chances. The season in microcosm? At least Pep can promise any incoming players CL football (sort of). There is a rumour that a sniffer dog discovered Fergie spark out between the seats at O/T then passed out from the fumes.

  12. As much as their goal was a tad unlucky, how many stupid free kicks did we concede in the last five minutes of the first half?

  13. As Neil has already said on Facebook, thank God that's over with. And as Steve points out above, a microcosm of our season. 20 chances and only one taken and that was a bit fortunate. I don't think Hart had a save to make, yet our opponents score from one of the three chances they make. Mangala was awful again for me. Did anyone see the way he sliced at the ball from under Joe's goal. There was no way he knew that had gone out and that a goal kick had been awarded and his slice could have gone anywhere. We were fortunate that Swansea seemed to settle for the point, so little pressure did they put us under for that last ten minutes. Poor Kelechi, it was a combination today of bad luck, bad judgement and inexperience, but I was screaming for Pellegrini to take him off. Good God, I even wanted Bony on instead. I know events at Old Trafford weren't planned, but yet again things could have gone in their favour because of it. Had we lost, there's no doubt they would have gone and won the re-played game against Bournemouth, knowing they needed a win, whereas had they played their game today at the same time as everyone else, they would have been under more pressure. Anyway, let's just hope that Bournemouth can keep the score down below 19-0. Goodbye MP, but despite the stats showing you as the most successful manager in the PL in the last three years, I won't miss you

    1. Yes, as a number of you have stated, same old, same old. Poor finishing and a propensity to give away free kicks around our area lead to the inevitable result. A big hand to City fans who were there today, they gave a very generous send off to Manuel Pellegrini. I, on the other hand, spent the afternoon on my settee squirming, using language that would have made a trooper blush as the last 18 months was played out before me once again. Urgently needing to finish in a Champions League spot we managed 2 points from our last 9. In fact 'urgency' is probably the least appropriate word for what has gone on, we have shown anything but.

  14. Yep, shambolic end to a shambolic season. No comfortable, stress free canter for 4th place for us. Sergio dreadful, and in need of a good rest. So it's off to the Copamerica for him and then the pre-season tours, etc. Ho Hum.
    How can you have a controlled explosion of a device that was not viable? Still, glad it didn't happen at our game.
    Pep's work starts now and there's a lot of work to do. How about starting with work on throw ins, and for Joe not to lump the ball into the opposition half in hope that our giant front two can win the ball in the air?

    1. I'm getting so cynical in my old age ...... my first thought on hearing of a suspect package was that some rag had deliberately left it to delay their kick-off so they would know our result before they finished.

      In terms of Pep's work - how about teaching players to tackle without giving away free kicks?

    2. As I said earlier RB, had we lost today, that abandonment would have been a great help to United. I feel it's much fairer when everyone starts at the same time on the same day, although I accept that 3pm kick off on a Saturday for all is a thing of the past. There's absolutely no doubt that had we lost today, United would have beaten Bournemouth in the rearranged game. Just as well West Ham came back as strongly as they did

  15. I was with non-involved family who couldn't quite understand when I said I was simultaneously relieved and appalled. Can I go and put my head under the duvet for the next 2 months? Thank God Sri Lanka are seemingly going to be a pushover.