Monday, 27 June 2016

Joke week

Got a bit of catching up to do. England beat Wales. Early chance for Raheem, too early would’ve been the verdict on any other player. Dreadful foul by Rooney for the free kick, not mentioned. Joe beaten yet again down to his left. How many times have we seen that?
Went to see Graham Nash’s exhibition at the Salford museum. It was also the Salford photo exhibition, but none of my old school – Salford Tech High.
So we had a pleasant morning until we arrived back at the car to find a bloody parking ticket. We’d missed the signs due to coaches being parked in front of them (we’ve never had to pay there before) and there were no reminders of ‘have you paid and dIsplayed’? So that completes the Salford Crescent fuck up.
England went out to Iceland tonight, Raheem getting the pen, Joe not getting down to his left again. I hate to say it but Rashford when he came on did at least go past players.
We’re a joke. Not to mention Boris and Farage.
Unbelievable and depressing week.



  1. Well said - Brexit was bad enough, but pitiful Woy and his leaderless, clueless minions were the biggest pants since Giant Haystacks rope-tied wrestling trousers. At least most of our stars can come home for a rest, now. Roll on the new season, with a new man in charge and a few quality additions... Ross Percival

  2. Quality moment on Sky Sports News when the England correspondent Nick Collins was asked if he’d just witnessed the worst national team performance in his 25 years in the job.
    You could see his brain doing overtime, because let’s face it, he’s witnessed plenty of shite.
    In fact, I’m pretty sure that he was desperately to reply “Oh Good God No.... 4th worst”

    1. While it may be a bit impertinent of me to comment on England's exit as I'm not English, I'd like to consider it more of being from the outside looking in so to speak.

      One of the things I think that is being overlooked in England's loss to Iceland is that the British media comprehensively underestimated Iceland which I find incredulous. Anyone who had remotely paid attention to Iceland's qualifying campaign, let alone the group stage of EURO 2016 would have known that Iceland are in the quarter finals on merit. I also think people not only underestimated Iceland's ability but character. They may be small in size but they are well equipped to adversity, especially as they live on an Island that is littered with active volcanos. In fact I don't think this loss should be seen as a crisis but more of a wake up call. Yes Hodgson and the FA have a lot to answer for, but so do the players. The inquiries should not be focused on tactics but the team's collective mentality because other than Rashford's overhyped 4 minutes, every single player in an England shirt not only went missing, but willingly went hiding during that match and that should be the real concern because all the tactical acumen counts for little if eleven players shun responsibility. What burns me as a City fan is that Sterling and Hart will continue to be scapegoated while Rooney will get a free pass.

  3. I feel that Hart has been going backwards for a while,and apart from Monchengladbach away,I think he made more mistakes last season (some of them he got away with) than the previous two combined.
    Hopefully, Pep can work on his concentration levels.

  4. England need an Eddie Jones type who can provide a spark of positive, cohesive, energy,and possibly create a winning mentality.
    Klinsman would get my vote.

  5. I'm yet to speak to anyone who was shocked by England's defeat last night.
    Equally, I'm not shocked to see the lack of criticism of some of our players (other than Hart, who was naturally blamed for Iceland's second, despite the fact that their forwards virtually walked through England's defence). In marked contrast to the treatment of Sterling, of course. In fact, were I to rank England players in terms of ineffectiveness, there were a number who would be higher up the list than Raheem. Two that immediately spring to mind were Jack Wilshere and Jordan Henderson who were both dreadful. Kane did nothing and other than a somewhat hopeful toe-poke against Wales, Sturridge flattered to deceive but in reality contributed very little.

    Perhaps now we might get an England Manager who selects a squad on merit, rather than on the Club they play for. England's biggest failing in the tournament was putting the ball in the net, yet Hodgson chose to take and 18 year with hardly any first team experience in preference to proven goalscorers such as Jermain Defoe or even Andy Carrol and we all know the reason why. Rashford may have been able to go past defenders who had already run themselves into the ground for 85 minutes but there was still no end product.

    Anyway, now we can all start looking forward to the real football.......

  6. It was all our fault. Our keeper not pulling off one his usual face saving saves ( nothing to do with Cahill, Smalling and co. allowing the Icelandic players to "tippy tap it" through our defence). Maybe it's all these England players we don't give a first team chance to. Nothing to do with the great England hero being absolute "shite" in an England shirt again. "Am I bovered"? Not really just counting the days for the season to start.

  7. Bayern 3 weeks on Wednesday. Guessing that there will be a few slightly more local games focusing more on EDS etc. "A Man City XI vs Walsall" - that sort of thing.

    England? Same shit, different country. Raheem was ordinary in Group game 1, rubbish in game 2 and last night was OK. Most England penetration seemed to come from him being fouled. Hart was at fault, let's not be over-loyal about that, but Rooney stank the place out and commentators seemed to be groping around to find some other reason than he's shite.

    I treat the whole thing rather like Newcastle getting relegated - the whinging is just so entertaining that it's worth it to see England lose.

  8. He still got 8/10 in The Sun for his performance. Whilst we have this kind of blind fawning to overly hyped United players I will continue in my couldn't give a toss attitude to England

  9. v Iceland was the first England game I have watched since the snarling, swearing, scouse was made captain. I haven't missed much for sure. Didn't watch any of the competition until the knock out stages as I think they are a waste of time. England were poor, very poor. Sterling doesn't look fit to me, he needs a rest then some own body weight circuit training to make him a 90min player. Jo needs to take a step back and I hope Pep is the man to tell him. One of the best performances I have seen was unfortunately the Spanish keeper against Italy. I know they lost but he had a blinder. Anyone notice the Spanish playing out from the back, being closed down into mistakes and not changing it?? Remind you of anyone?
    Anyway Tour de France on Saturday and I will be glued to Eurosport for three weeks as I love it. Then a new season and new Boss. Earwig O.

    1. Yep, God bless Le Tour - I'll even cross paths with it in the Pyrenees in a couple of weeks in Carcassonne and up the Col de Tourmalet. If Sterling is struggling for 90 mins, try riding up THAT after 6 hours in the saddle. Bloody pansies.