Thursday, 2 June 2016


England beat Australia at The SOL. Raheem laid on two then was booed off.
It’s all been, Mourinho this week, apart from Rooney and Rashford, plus even the ads have got Cantona doing em, though I have to admit that I quite like em.
Got my letter printed in the MEN re Mourinho falling into the legendary manu selective memory syndrome so was quite pleased about that.
Sadly Real beat Atletico on pens Ronaldo notching the final one then going into preen mode. In the play offs Hull beat Wednesday, so 3 Northern clubs up this year, and well done to Barnsley and AFC Wimbledon with their promotions.
England v Portugal tonight but I’m off to the pub to have another go on the karaoke at Disturbed’s Sound of Silence, powerful stuff.
Looks like mid July deadline for KK234, but I will confirm after the fixtures come out on June 15th. So far we’ve got HWIFY, Class of 15/16, and City world part one in the can, so a promising start.
Vicky Kloss is supposed to be meeting up with me by the end of the week to have an informal chat about the anti City bias in the media and how the club view it and what KOTK can continue to due to combat.
Date, time, and place still awaited. I'm free. Any questions let me know please.



  1. Am I alone in thinking that there seemed to be a blatant refusal to give Sterling any credit tonight, even to the point of ignoring a superb pass to Danny Rose, a clever Cruyff turn, and then a third assist in two games?
    ITV seemed obsessed with Lallana’s impact, whilst apparently the Talksport commentary gave Sterling’s assist to Rose.
    Kyle Walker on the other hand could do no wrong, and was earmarked for Man of the Match, after about ten minutes.
    I appreciate that Sterling isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but personally, i think he’s looked quite lively in the recent friendlies.

  2. The fact that the crowd booed Sterling as he left the field after the last game shows just how effective the media's anti-City crusade has been

  3. I struggle to take much interest in the Euros and even the World Cup is a bit flat for me. So I can't muster any interest at all in friendlies for England. Did watch part of one of the games and thought Sterling did well (but then I have also heard a fair bit of praise for him). He seemed more up for taking on defenders than he is for us, more willing to take risks and look a complete tit, so good on him. But I regard Summer tournament play as being something more the dilettante football fan with more interest in charts and sticker albums than watching proper football. I'd rather watch our ED play a pre-season friendly than watch England friendlies.

  4. I have two questions for Vicky. When FFP was announced why did we accept it when according to the European legal fraternity it contravened EEC laws. And secondly,do we have to give out press passes to every journalist who asks for one and why can't we just limit access on a pretext, denying the more venal writers any cloak of professional respectability.

  5. Good questions Steve and one the club need to answer. What's clear is that now that Mourinho is manager at O/T, the animosity they had for him when he was at Chelsea will go because now he is in charge of their darlings and so everything he does will be good and everything Pep does will be bad. So expect the media nastiness to intensify. As for FFP, I assumed we'd accepted it because we had some plan to deal with it, but whatever we do, they seem to bring out a new clause to try and scupper us. It's time to get nasty and if that involves legal action whilst complying with FFP then so be it, but as UEFA and FIFA have lots more to think about at present I doubt they'd want a long legal dispute too.

  6. When James Milner was at City the meejah used to question his selection for England squads.

    Now he's at Liverpool in the eyes of the press he's a cert for the team.

  7. I'm afraid I can't summon up any enthusiasm for the England team since the appointment of Roy Hodgeson and his determination to fit as many Liverpool and united players into the team as possible, regardless of ability or form. I asked my rag mate at work if he thought that Marcus Rashford would be in the squad if he'd scored the same number of goals against the same opponents in the Premier League but played for Stoke or Crystal Palace. He replied, "Not a chance." So it's not just me who can see that the whole selection process is questionable.

    Interesting to watch 'Alan Shearer's Euro 96' the other night. THAT England team had Gazza, Stuart Pearce, Tony Adams, Alan Shearer etc. What do we have now? Adam Lallana, Henderson, that fat kid at fullback who never even seems to get in united's team and a 'captain' who hasn't mustered up a decent game for his country for about 5 years. Is that really the best we can do?

    As an aside, I noticed that Lie Sports News reported that Fabian Delph had been 'axed' from the squad along with two others. Er, no, he was injured so couldn't be selected........

  8. Rooney in the cup final did nothing until the last ten minutes when he suddenly sprung to life. Sending players to the Euro's that have been injured for most of the season and have also been dropped by their clubs WTF is going on. Some english players must be pulling their hair out especially Premiership winning players. Either Hodgeson is picking players on past glories or some sponsors have got involved.
    RB saying "Delph was unavailable because of injury" may be true but lacks "punch" and requires a little research. Whereas "Delph Axed!" is bollocks but gets more hits.

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