Saturday, 9 July 2016


Just a little catch up. We had a few days down in S Wales and enjoyed watching Wales beat Belgium, but disappointing for Kevin.
Ramsay was a big loss for them against Portugal and they finally succumbed. On reflection I think that the MP who reckons that England should have our own anthem, GSTQueen being for Great Britain has a point. Scotland and Wales have stirring songs and so should we, but Billy Connolly’s suggestion of the theme from The Archers is going a bit far.
Watched Pep’s news conference yesterday, but to be honest it was a bit underwhelming, with long pauses. Who was that prick who welcomed him to Manchester Unit sorry City?
KK234 is coming along nicely, and the final deadline is Monday July 25th, ish.
Sunderland home is now at 5.30pm, the worst possible time, doh.
France v Portugal in the final, C’mon France with Sagna and maybe Mangala.
Barthez had a pop at Joe, remember The Goat's goal in the last Maine Road derby, beat him at the near post. Banks (Ex Stoke) also had a pop, thinks Butlan (Stoke) is a better keeper, remember his gift to Germany, was it? I think he might be right but let's see.



  1. I remember that goal against Barthez. "Gazza" Neville was voted man of the match for his backpass as I recall. OK we apparently have the greatest manager in the world but I cannot deny a secret yearning for a manager who has English as a first language. I think Billy was right (saw him live at the Manchester Opera house many moons ago,he was amazing). Tum Ti Tum Te Tum Ti Tum would be appropriate for this England football team.

  2. Banks' gift was in the 1972 Euros if I remember rightly. We were 1-0 down at Wembley, fought back to 1-1 and he either gifted them either the second or third goal.

  3. All very true but I do find it hard to argue with Barthez (and Shilton). Hart is now well down the list of prem keepers in my opinion. I'd certainly have Lloris, Courtois, De Gea, Forster or Butland ahead of him.

  4. I think The Who's "Who Are You?"; David Byrne's "Lazy"; or even Selecter's "Too Much Too Young" would be appropriate...

    1. How about Madness's "Your an embarrassment"?

  5. Can't wait to see this "Windy and Frizzy" we are playing with next season.

  6. Or Rod Stewart's "I was only joking"...

  7. I used to be all for international football being the most important aspect of a footballers career and used to get annoyed U****d amongst others would pull players out of squads however this last season, Aguero got injured in a friendly halfway around the world, Silva got injured vs Luxembourg, we don't need to mention Kompany's history with Belgium, I'm all for Sterling and Hart not playing for England as well as our other players not playing. Let them concentrate on MCFC and we will have fresher players moving forward. I could also be biased as I'm Scottish and we don't have quality players to boo. Or get injured.

  8. My initial impression from his first couple of interviews/conferences was the number of times that "fans of other clubs" were mentioned, in the hope that they would also love to watch our style.
    I might be wrong, but there seems to be a calculated charm offensive, possibly for when Mourinho starts to get nasty.
    However, on that subject, the press seem to forget that Mourinho will also have to face an awkward return to Stamford Bridge, another encounter with Arsene Wenger, and a visit to Anfield, where the Liverpool fans hate him with a passion.
    In contrast, Pep will only have the one awkward opponent.

    As for City we need to stop making excuses.
    Hart will need to reduce his error count, and important decisions need to be addressed regarding Kompany's injuries
    We can't just allow both situations to drift, as we did last season.
    Also, we can't keep excusing Yaya's poor fitness levels (assuming he stays) or Silva's alarming loss of form.
    Both players need to hit the ground running.