Friday, 26 February 2016


Off we go to Wembley – here we are again, happy as can be…….and feeling a bit more confident but not much after Wednesday’s fine performance. Here we go with Kk231, which WILL be on sale in and around Wembley DESPITE the bitch from Brent council who usually tries to stop usl Here’s the IAF from KK231…..

So it’s the team (City) who disrespected the FA Cup by fielding youngsters versus the team (Liverpool) who didn’t disrespect the FA Cup by playing youngsters, in fact were applauded for it.


2 days after Colin Bell’s 70th, and 40 years after Dennis’s overhead kick.

They drew 1-1 at home to Carlisle in the 3rd rd and won through 3-2 on pens. In the 4th rd it was a 1-0 home win over Bournemouth. In the Q/F it was a 6-1 win at Southampton.
In the semi-final they won 1-0 at Stoke, lost 1-0 at Anfield, but went through 6-5 on pens.

The teams first met in the League Cup in the 3rd rd in 1969, which was a 3-1 City win with goals from Doyle, Young and Bowyer in front of 28,019.  Next meetings were in the semi-final of 1980/81 resulting in a 1-0 loss at Maine Road, in the first leg, crowd was 48,045. In the 2nd leg it was a brilliant 1-1 draw at Anfield with Kevin Reeves notching (again!!!). Crowd was 46,711. Then it was fast forward to 1995/96 in the 3rd rd when City suffered a 4-0 loss at Anfield, in front of 29,394, followed by a 6-0 loss a few days later in the league which manager Alan Ball inadvisedly suggested that he enjoyed the game.
Moving on to our last meeting, which was in the semi-final of 2012. A 1-0 loss at the Etihad, to a Steven Gerrard penalty in front of 36,017, then a 2-2 draw at Anfield, with goals from De Jong and Dzeko, with Liverpool getting a very dubious penalty awarded by referee Phil Dowd. who later admitted he was wrong! Crowd was 44,950 with 6, 131 Blues.

Our form at the New Wembley – It’s our 7th visit in the last 5 years. First visit was for the semi-final of 2011 when we thrashed the rags 1-0, followed by the Cup Final win over Stoke 1-0. Then it was the Community Shield loss to the rags, 3-2 after being 2 goals up.
In 2013 it was another semi-final, and a 2-1 win over Chelsea, but then a 1-0 loss to about to be relegated Wigan Athletic. That was soon rectified though by a 3-1 League Cup Final win over Sunderland in 2014, but ruined by our 3-0 capitulation to Arsenal in the Community Shield game of the following season.

Liverpool were there as recently as last season, losing the FA Cup semi-final 2-1 to Villa of all teams. They did, however scrape a League Cup win in 2012 beating Cardiff City 3-2 on pens after 2-2 aet, but lost in the Cup final unluckily to Chelsea in the same season.

Groundwise – Wembley stadium, another massive FA cock up, built in the wrong place with dreadful infrastructure, and why the red seats?
We’re getting 31,500 tickets in the East end, priced at £72/£56.
Sat Nav is HA9 OWS

Comment – If Jurgen Klopp is the normal one, then I’m an ABBA fan.
Not a massive improvement since he came in, but some great wins (4-1 v us, 6-1 at Saints, 5-4 at Norwich)  but some disappointing defeats (3-0 at Watford, 2-0 at Leicester, 1-0 and 3-1 v the rags)
But who knows which City and Liverpool team will turn up for this one.
Liverpool hold the record number of League Cup wins with 8, but didn’t first win it until 1981by which time the team with no history had won it twice – in 1970 and 1976. Just like their first FA Cup win wasn’t until 1965, by which time we’d won it 3 times in 1904, 1934 and 1956.
Time for us to get revenge for the Alf Grey 1981 semi final and the Phil Dowd semi final of 2012.
C’mon City. Please!
Whatever happens have a great weekend/day out.



Interesting week. A tricky tie at Kiev was fairly comfortably won in the end to the tune of 3 goals to one. Studio punters were Ferdinand, Owen and MacManaman. Hm. Commentator Robbie Savage who was OK.
So it looks like we’re through to the next stage barring one of our complete disasters, which I don’t think we’ve had in Europe.
Watched it on the telly with Joe and Dolly, and the Blue Vic, so an enjoyable evening.
Delivered KK to the Bury outlet  in Millgate and we met with up with the delightful Diana Grundy who wrote the Eulogy on her Uncle Bert Eaton in KK231.

Last night Liverpool scraped past Augsburg, and the rags won 5-1 v the Danish minnows. It was announced in the pub to loud cheers from staunch rags who couldn’t be arsed to go to the game, which probably accounted for the attendance of 50,000 in the MUEN adjusted to 41,729. The manumirror couldn’t even bring themselves to print the attendance! So no more Emtyhad jokes then?
Where’s Ferdinand and Scholes now eh?

It’s building up to the Cup Final. Noel G isn’t too confident, Liverpool seem to have a full squad available, and surely Pellers will pick the same team as Wednesday, with certainly Joe in goal?

Billy Duffy, Ian and the boys of The Cult are on at Albert Hall tonight, and then we’re all off to Wembley.


Wednesday, 24 February 2016


It’s the big one – pleased to announce that our intrepid away day reporter and City superfan Sean Riley has won a competition to travel with the team to Kiev, so we’ll await his report with interest.
Here’s The IAF extract from KK231-


They were formed in 1927, are known as ‘The White Blues’, and play in the city which is located in the Ukraine on the banks of the river Dniepr.
As members of the Soviet League they won 13 titles, 9 cups and 3 USSR Super Cups.
After the collapse of the Soviet union they became founder members of the Ukrainian Premier League and have won 13 titles and 4 Super Cups.
In Europe they’ve won two Cup Winners’ Cups and one UEFA Super Cup.
They were once, in 1995, expelled from the UEFA Champions League for allegedly offering bribes to officials, banned from Europe for two years, but this was later rescinded.

The teams first met in the Europa Cup in March 2011. City lost the first leg, played in the 16,900 capacity Lobanovsky Dynamo stadium, in Kiev 2-0 Shevchenko and Gusev doing the damage in front of 16,000 with 536 Blues.
The second leg finished 1-0 to City with Kolarov scoring and Balotelli being sent off.  Crowd was 27,816 with 578 Ukrainians.

In 1964 their stadium reverted to its original title of Ukrainian Republic Central Stadium. The other stadiums in the city are the NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium, Dynamo Stadium and the Smart Stadium. This is where the infamous ‘match of death’ took place. Story goes that the Ukrainians beat various German teams, after which 8 team members were executed. It is presumed that the film ‘Escape to Victory’  starring Mike Summerbee and co. was inspired by this tragic event.

This season so far they’re in 2nd place with 43 points from 16 games, with 14 wins 1 draw, 1 loss. 
In the Chimps League – Maccabi Tel Aviv  1-0 H, 2-0 A; FC Porto 2-2 H, 2-0 A; Chelsea 0-0 H, 1-2 A.

Groundwise – They had the ban due to racist chanting in their Everton and Chelsea games lifted so will play this game in the NSC Stadium.
The decision was a bit late in the day, and now gives Kiev a massive advantage with a stadium capacity of 70,000.
So whilst Platini has gone there are still buffoons in charge at UEFA.
Obviously a good result is required to keep the tie open for the second leg, and it’ll be tough

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

tuesday - no istree

Interesting chart in yesterdays manumirror - top ten chart - most supported football clubs in Europe - Dortmund at number one with 80,4363, Newcastle at number ten with 50,359. Funny that, I thought we'd be in there with 54,000.
HOWEVER at the bottom it says it's the average attendances for LAST season!!!!even though there are enough statistics for this season available!

Monday, 22 February 2016


Chelsea away – farcically put back to the Sunday at 5.30PM by the BBC/ FA/ Plod.
Again we were beaten before we started with Pellers, according to the press, saying that we were fielding a weakened team which he wouldn’t pay to watch. Well that really filled the young boys with confidence.
“You can’t win owt with kids” – well not when the senior pros are dead legs Willy, Zab (out of form since he came back), Kolarov, Demichelis and Fernando. We did quite well first half but second Pellers failed to counteract Chelsea’s tactical change and Willy, amongst others had a mare, Marriner continued in the Clattenburke tradition and gave ‘em a soft penalty which Willy amazingly saved.
So a 5-1 loss. No one anywhere has said that the FA/BBC/Plod were wrong. No one mentioned our injury crisis, and certainly no one said how good it was to give the kids some experience, a change from “City’s kids will never get a chance”. Where the fuck do these pundits get their ideas from, and why do they get paid?

Saturday, 20 February 2016


Wow, busy week – got KK231 delivered to Manc and Stockport outlets and sent out to contributors and subscribers before coming down to South Wales for youngest daughter’s 40 th birthday bash.
Chelsea tomorrow and if ever It’s a Fix was aptly named this game is it. I believe the Clatt has been flirted for this match, but we’re fielding a weakened team so I’m not too confident.
No word back re selling at Chelsea so also giving the game a miss, here’s the IAF extract from KK231 -


It’s now the day after our youngest daughter Kaye’s birthday. A farcical decision by the BBC /FA/Plod to change the date and time.

No history – Formed in 1905, 1 Chimps league (2012), 2 Euro Cup Winners’ Cups (1971, 1998), 1 Europa League Cup (2013), 5 titles (1955 – it took 50 years for their first trophy - to 2015), 7 FA Cups (1970 to 2012), 5 League Cups (1965 – to 2015 fielding strong sides in. And with a long), 1 UEFA Super Cup (1998)
Last promotion was in 1989 (with us) 140th league meeting.

Recent connections are Frank Lampard, Scott Sinclair and Danny Sturridge.

Some celeb fans : Sugsy, Michael Caine, Bill Clinton, Phil Daniels, Seb Coe, Minnie Driver, Dicky Attenborough RIP, Trevor Eve, Damien Allban, Nick Kershaw, Bryan Adams

This season so far they’re in 12th place with 33 points from 26 games, and 5 wins 5 draws and 4 losses at home.
At The Etihad in September it was that wonderful 3-0 City win. Aguero (32), Kompany (79), and Fernandinho (85) did the biz for City. Crowd was 54,331 with 3051 Chelsea.

In the Chimps league, Porto 2-0 H, 1-2 A; Maccabi Tel Aviv 4-0 H and A; Dinamo Kiev 2-1 H, 0-0 A.
They lost 2-1 at PSG away on the Tuesday before this game.

In the Capital One Cup they won at Walsall 4-1in the 3rd rd but went out at Stoke in the 4th 4-5 on pens after 1-1.

In The FA Cup 3rd rd they won 2-0 at home to Scunthorpe, and in the 4th rd it was a 5-1 win at MK Dons who should have had an identical penalty to Chelsea when the game was still in the balance.

In the FA Cup there’s been 5 meetings
1915 3rd rd 0-1 away
1948 4th rd 2-0 H
1971 4th rd 3-0 away
2013 SF 2-1Wembley
2014 5th rd 2-0 H which was the forgotten game as the media were going overboard on how Mourinho had outfoxed Manuel a week or so before with a 1-0 league win at the Etihad.
So we’ve won the last 4 FA Cup meetings!

Form at Chelsea : At The Bridge in January it was a 1-1 draw, Remy opened (41) but Silva equalised 4 mins later. Crowd was 41,620 with 3,020 City.
That made it for City - DLDLLW

Comment : Poor start to the season led to Mourinho’s meltdown and subsequent sacking though the general view is that he engineered it with the rags job looking like a distinct possibility, and most of the Chelsea fans blamed the players. Dumbos.
Guus Hiddinck took over but they’re still not firing on all cylinders. We are playing a weakened team for this one so a drubbing could be on the cards if Chelsea aren’t knackered after their PSG exertions in the week, though they’ve had time to recover.

Groundwise : Stamford Bridge: Capacity : 41,837. 2,200 for City. We’re in the upper and lower tiers behind the goal in the old Shed end.
Tickets : £30/£15
Parking: Difficult and expensive, best to park up and come in by tube to Fulham Broadway, a short walk to the Bridge.
Away day zine : We were given a lecture a few years back on how to sell a fanzine and how A4 was a silly size, from the editor of the new kid on the block ‘Carefree’ Chelsea fanzine. It vanished without trace I believe! 
We’ve written to the club to request permission to sell and haven’y had a reply.
Sat Nav : SW6 1HS

WWTWTWShite : Averaged 12,672 in 1982/83 and this season it’s 41,515. 

Wednesday, 17 February 2016


That's more like it SBD, a more balanced view which we expect on this blog. If you'd been able to read the fanzine over the past few years I think you'd realise that I've commended Spurs on their wheeling and dealing.
Obviously it's coming good for you now, but I would suggest that City fans have been happier than Spurs fans over the last 5 years.
Incidentally, my comments on the blog, suggesting that we got over the Clatt decision by equalising, and then should have gone on to win it (worst game I've seen Sergio play incidentally for a long time) aren't for the match report which will go into the next fanzine. That is being prepared by blue vicar Steve Parish, who is also a referee.
I'm awaiting his interpretation of the match which is always a fair reflection
PS Not sure why Spurs are so proud of the net spend, as I'll repeat that the Title winners of 1961 were known as moneybags Spurs. Fair enough, not a big deal in those days, but probably other Spurs posters were too young to remember that!

no show

Didn't get any Spurs fans on here after the two 5-1's, 6-0 and 4-1!

KK 231

Pleased to announce that King of the Kippax number 231 is at the printers and should be in the usual Manc and Stockport outlets by the weekend.
This issue is A4 52 pages and sells for only £3.
Colour front cover has Manuel and Pep embracing with the caption – OFFICIAL -  “City Gent to make way for City Slicker”
Colour back cover is a play on Klopp’s glasses situation with pics of him in various guises.
This issue includes Capital One Cup Final, Joey Barton spoof, Liverpool Echo, Everton, The Academy, Goodbye Upton Park and all the usual regulars on City and general footy topics
It can also be purchased from (cheques to ) King of the Kippax, 25, Holden brook Close, Leigh, Lancs, WN 7 2HL for £4.50 inc P and P

Dave and Sue

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Sunday reflection PS

PS - You just knew that Evertonians would be musing on how Sterling has got his cum uppance, and first up was Paul Wilson in the Guardian who actually thought it was a penalty.

Regarding 'unknown' how tough is that not having the balls to name yourself?
Presumably a Spurs fan. Don't worry, if we need to spend another £250M we will ! How much hasve Spurs spent since you last won the league?
Reminder - that was in 1961, and it was a fabulous and greatly admired and respected Spurs team. But it was known as moneybags Tottenham, and quite acceptable.

Sunday reflection

Spurs, then, and almost a bright fine day, finally. Police horses, choicely, decided to drop their load right on  the crossing next to where I sell on Ashton New Road.  So I spent the next half hour sweating on watching City fans dodging it!

Spurs fans entering the away end were cockily chanting ‘Yid Army’, I thought they’d stopped doing that.
Applause on 5 minutes re the death of Viola Beach’s manager and City fan Craig Tarry who was tragically killed in an unbelievably bizarre traffic accident in Sweden. Shocked and saddened, condolencies to family and friends of all the band members.

Now we come to Mark Clattenburg. He had a pop at Raheem for being fouled, no free kick given, then couldn’t wait to give the penalty when the ball hit him on the back outside the penalty area.
This smacks of a similar vendetta to when he booked Bellamy at Bolton then couldn’t wait to send him off for being fouled in the box, and it was right in front of me so a stonewall penalty.
Additionally, as Tony reminds us, he failed to give us a penalty at Chelsea when Silva had his legs pulled from under him.
In recent weeks we’ve seen half a dozen ball to hand incidents on the telly, all debated  and dismissed as just that. But in City’s case we were punished. I watched refwatch on Sky on Monday morning, and unless it was on again later, the incident wasn’t even shown.
I wish Clattenburg would just fuck off with his admirer, journo Ally Rudd, to some desert island somewhere, but we’ve got him again on Sunday.

However, it sparked us up, including the crowd, we recovered, as we should as a top team, but Yaya, once again, was robbed and Spurs went and scored the winner which they barely deserved.
Check out the IAF comment in KK230 where I suggested that we needed a decent ref and linesman after the fiasco at WHL. This time the linesman couldn’t wait to stick his flag up, catching Sergio three times, two of which he was definitely onside. Agenda? Paranoid? Not shown on MOTD.
So 6 points dropped in the last two crucial home games with 4 toughies coming up.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Sunday bloody Sunday

Dreadful decision again by the Clatt, but we recovered and then Yaya lost the ball yet again and we let Erikson stroll through and score.
They even manage to ruin Valentine's day

Saturday, 13 February 2016


Wow what a week, pleased to announce that Kk231 is in the can and ready for the printers. Sadly tomorrows 4.15pm kick off means we'll skip the Spurs game in the zine, but everything else is in there, 52 pages.
Only one Saturday home game, Villa, and the night match v Kiev to sell at sadly, so hopefully the rain will keep off.
Well done Sunderland today, and Chelsea mullered a woeful Newcastle, making it look a bit ominous for next week's cup tie.
Anyway, have a good day tomorrow, we might be depleted through injury, but we have got Joe, Sergio, Raheem, Daveeed, Kelechi, and Vinny's back so enough there to worry Tottenham again.

Friday, 12 February 2016


Spurs at home then, and they're up to second place and getting pretty cocky and there's nowt worse than a cocky cockneyl!
If we don't bounce back strongly after the Leicester defeat, then we're in serious trouble, c'mon City, time to man up.....

Moved just to piss off the romantics amongst us!

No History: Formed in 1882. Twice League Champions, (1951, 1961) 8 times FA Cup winners (1901 – 1991) 4 times League Cup winners (71,73,99,08) 2 UEFA Cups (73, 84) 1 Anglo/Italian League Cup (1971)
Last pot league Cup in 2008. Recent connection is Kieran Trippier, and Adebayor. 134th league meeting.

Some Celebrity fans: Kenneth Branagh, Charles Bronson (the criminal), Pierce Brosnan, Warren Mitchell, Jude Law, Linda Lusardi

This season so far: They’re in 2nd  place with 48 points from 215games with 6 wins 5 draws and 1 loss away from home.
AT WHL in September it was a 4-1 loss. KDB opened the scoring on 25 mins. Spurs then outrageously assisted by their linesman popped in four. Crowd was 35,867 with 2,893 Blues.
In the Europa League - Anderlecht 2-1 home and away;  Monaco 4-1 homw, 1-1 away; Qurabag 3-1 home, 1-0 away
They face Fiorentina at WHL a week on Thursday, we go to Kiev on the Wednesday!

In the Capital One Cup they lost 2-1 at home to Arsenal in the 3rd rd.
In the F. A. Cup 3rd rd they drew 2-2 at home to Leicester, and won the replay, so face Colchester away in the 5th round.

Last season at the Etihad in October it was a 4-1 City win. Goals came from Sergio (13, 20P, 68P) and he had one pen saved in the 30th minute. Spurs goal came from Eriksen (15) to make it 1-1 and Joe saved a pen early in the second half to prevent Spurs making it 2-2. Crowd was 45, 549 with 2,629 Spurs.
For City -WWWWW

Comment: Their win over us “can we play you every week” seemed to give them some belief with Ali and Kane in particular hitting top form, and they look a good prospect for top four, or even the title..
Still only one loss away from home, at the swamp on the first day of the season
They do slip up, however, now and again, more at home than away, but if we repeat our first half performance at WHL for the full game, and we get a decent ref and linesman, it should be a Blues win.

WWTWTWShite: Averaged 20,858 in 1985/86 and this season it was 35,683.

United U21 1 City U21 0

I watched the U21 game on a stream last night, which unfortunately came via MUTV, so in between the action we had lots of advertisements for forthcoming programmes and various MU tat for sale at the superstore.  I was not very impressed by the standard of football our U21's played. Too many poor passes leaving the receiving player exposed to the strong running United youngsters. Too much tip tapping which goes nowhere, I wonder where they get that from? We looked technically better without any end product but they looked more likely to score, a bit like watching any first team game against most opposition.  I have read such big things about our youth set up, although I suppose U21 level is hardly youth, but I was seriously worried at some of our play for the 40 minutes or so that I dipped in and out of this game. Take the worst aspects of how the first team sometimes play and add to it, lack of control, poor passing and a liberal sprinkling of mistakes and that was what I saw from the U21's.  Celina and Barker didn't look ready for the step up to me.  United, although not much better, were what United have been for years, direct and prepared to run at defences, whereas every time we looked like we could build on something, we frustratingly passed sideways or backwards.  Work for Guardiola here too I think. 

Thursday, 11 February 2016


Pleased to say that due to a magnificent effort from our contributors, (and the Eds of course) we are well on with KK231, and hope to be at the printers over the weekend.
Thanks to all and to the bloggers also for continuing to give us the inspiration

Sunday, 7 February 2016


News that the Chelsea Cup game is being put back to the Sunday at 4pm by the BBC. Ridiculous and the club have rightly complained, but to no avail.

Poor start to the day with Wigan’s Sam Tomkins revealing on Sky that he’s a rag. He loved Cantona kicking that Palace fan tha time. “Very rock’n’roll!” Funny how they never show the dirty, nasty, snidy foul on the Palace player which got the Frenchman sent off.
We were beaten before we started. Pellers saying that it wasn’t a title decider and if we lose there’s still a lot of games to play (or lose?)

12.45PM kick off and you know what that means? Yup - rain for the hour up to the kick off.
Usual dosy start, Yaya losing the ball which led to the foul and Huth’s goal. We then dominated, could have had a penalty, and then Pellers’ half time team talk inspired us to conceded number two as Mahrez zipped through our lunging defenders. Huth headed home number three, perched on Kolarov’s shoulders (not investigated on MOTD), and Sergio got a late consolation but if we’d shaped ourselves we could have made it a grandstand finish.
So we could’ve gone top, but are now down to 4th.
And what is Pep going to inherit?

Friday, 5 February 2016


Top of the table Leicester City are up next - an early start might catch em a bit sleepy, here's the IAF extract from KK230 -

Turn up for the book, we usually play the rags on this day!

No History ? Formed 1884 Promoted last season in top spot. 90th league meeting. 3 times League Cup winners, 1964, 1997, 2000.Recent connection Kasper Schmeichel, Sven Goran Eriksson.

Some celeb fans - Roy Cropper, Rustie Lee, Willie Thorne, Eng. Humperdinck, Sam Bailey

This season so far : They’re in 1st place with 50 points from 24 games and 7 wins 4 draws and 1 loss away from home.
At the Kingpower on a late December night it was a 0-0 draw. Crowd was 32,072 with 3, 234 Blues.

In the Capital One Cup: They won 4-1 at Bury in the 3nd rd, beat West Ham 2-1 at home in the 3rd rd, but lost 5-4 on pens after 1-1 at Hull in the 4th rd.
In the FA Cup they were 2-1 ahead at Spurs in the 3rd rd. but conceded a late unlucky penalty to draw 2-2, but lost the replay.

Last season
At The Etihad on a March Wednesday night it was a 2-0 City (us) win. Silva (45) opened and Milner (88) finished em off. Crowd was 45,608 with 1,672 Foxes.

Form at home to Leicester for City: WLLLWWLD

Comment: After their 1-0 win at Spurs there wasn’t much sign of them slipping up and the 2-0 win over Liverpool confirmed it. We gave them a good game at their place and if we can repeat that, which we must, and get on the score sheet, then the 3 points in this 6 pointer should be ours, to take us top of the league.

WWTWTWShite – averaged 10,157 in 87.88 and this season it’s 31,992

Wednesday, 3 February 2016


I was contacted in the morning to see if I could do a TV interview at Sunderland before kick off which I agreed to. Set off in good time in daughter Marnie’s car with the Blue Vic and stopped off at Services, partaking of a Maccies, then discovered that Ged’s crew were in KFC a few yards away, but group hugs declined.
So arrived at about half six, TV crew couldn’t make it until 7.15 which was too late so cancelled, and the wind was bitter.
First half we did OK and Sergio notched the goal nicely despite being nobbled. City fans sang Pellers’ name throughout which was touching.
Second half, oh dear. Yaya’s passing was woeful, and he became the subject of home fans jeers, it would be sad if he finishes up as a bit of a laughing stock. Joe pulled off a couple of great saves, David couldn’t get his game together, we defended well, but were na├»ve again though hung on for the draw.
How many times have we played them off the park only to lose 1-0, so nice to turn the tables.
Decent getaway, met up with Ged’s crew at Wetherby services by accident, rags coming out shouting ‘united’ at a safe distance away, no wonder everyone hates them!
Back home for a good night’s sleep.
Leicester beat Liverpool, Spurs beat Norwich, but Saints drew at the Arse.
Today’s manumirror has a big pic of Rooney with a caption of ‘Kitbag runs Man United’s on line shop’ with a brief mention of other Prem clubs including City. They don’t even try and conceal the bias.
Navas is now injured – is it one too far after Kevin being out for weeks?
BTW deadline for KK231 is next Monday Feb 8th please.


Tuesday, 2 February 2016


This is what it's like to be City
This is what it's like to be small
We've got Pep
They've got Louis van Gaal

Sadly though, I suspect there will be Pep Guardiola scarves on sale on Saturday

Cold and windy here, goodness knows what it'll be like on Wearside!


Monday, 1 February 2016



No History? Formed in 1879, 6 times  First Division Champions (1892 – 1936) 2 times FA Cup winners (1937,1973) – their last pot.
128th  league meeting, recent connection : Adam Johnson, Jack Rodwell

Some celeb fans : Steve Cram, Kate Adie, Bryan Ferry, Brian Marwood, Peter O’Toole, Sugar Ray Leonard, James Bolam, Heather Mills, Tasmin Archer…

This season so far : They’re in 19th place with 21 points from 23 games and 3 wins 3 draws and 5 losses at home.
At The Etihad in December it was a 4-1 City win. Sterling (12),Toure (17), Bony (22) and de Bruyne (54) put us 4-0 up before Borini (59) netted their consolation.
Crowd was 54,523 with 1,496 Mackems.

In the Capital One Cup they beat Exeter 6-3 in the 2nd rd. but lost at home to us in the 3rd rd 4-1.
We smashed in four in the first half through Aguero (9 pen), de Bruyne (25), Mannone (33 og), Sterling (36), but we couldn’t manage a clean sheet and Toivonen (83) scored a consolation for The Mackems who claimed they were better than us in the second half!!
Crowd was 21,644 with 2,217 Blues
In the FA Cup they lost 3-1 at Arsenal in the 3rd rd.

Form at the SOL last season it was a 4-1 Wednesday night City win in December. Wickham opened (19), then City popped in 4 through Aguero (21,71) Jovetic (39) and Zab (55). Crowd was 41,152 with 1,556 Blues. That killed the bogey after 4 losses, all 1-0, in a row after a draw and 4 wins.

Comment – They look to be grinding out the odd result under Big Sam, so whilst we’ve notched up a couple of 4-1 wins over them so far this season it promises to be a tougher proposition this time. We should surely still be too good for them, if we’re not daft and 3 points should be there for the taking. And with the news of Pep coming it should be a pretty buoyant City contingent in the away end.

WTWTWShite : Avd 13,601 in 86/87, and this season it’s 42,207

Groundwise – Stadium of Light capacity 48,300, 3,000 for City.
As usual we’ll be in the top tier behind the goal.

Parking/pubs – plenty of local pubs, street parking and car parks near city centre. Not easy to get away.
Post code – SR5 1SU


Well we didn’t get Arsenal away, we got Chelsea away, and the rags didn’t get Shrewsbury at home, they got them away to make it not quite as obvious. So, if it is so obvious, how come it’s not a fix?
So Chelsea it is the worst possible draw, where you can’t park and we’re not allowed to sell zines, plus it makes it 4 aways on the trot. Brilliant.
And the breaking news is that Pep’s put two fingers up to the rags and Chelsea, and is coming to us. Fantastic news, but let’s hope it doesn’t affect the rest of our season, unless it’s in a good way.