Thursday, 31 March 2016

Ghost town

Popped up to City today to sort my AC/DC tickets out. Can't park at the store now - have to park in the North car park and tramp up Joe Mercer Way. So I had to blag it, not as young as I used to be. Ghost town at the Etihad, so no one in the store or the Squash court cafe. Good move City. Slap some gates at the top of JM Way and let folk park on the Way, plenty wide enough.
Oh and i couldn't get tickets at the store - i have to book on line and by the time it stacked up it was £250 for 2, so it looks like I'll be buying off a tout.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016


As expected England were brought back down to earth last night by Holland. Stones’ slip led to the Dutch equaliser, a penalty conceded by Spurs’ Danny Rose, who will now understand the meaning of ‘harsh penalty.’ Not a Clattenburg in sight. Funny how milner is captaion now he plays for Liverpool.
Papers, well the manumirror were full of Rooney, double page spreads and stuff.
Two rag questions on The Chase today, one involving Ryan gigs, the other which club doesn’t have a women’s team.
Tedious – I’ve sent Bradly Walsh a copy of KK232 with possible rag questions.
Demichelis under fire from the FA for betting indiscretions.
Pellers wants to stay in the Prem, good, just get us in the Chimps league to improve the CV.

Bournemouth on Saturday, here’s the IAF extract from Kk232 -

One day before Funboy’s 30th birthday

No History? Well for all those rags and pundits who think you’ve no history if you don’t win trophies, Bournemouth are surely the fairytale of all fairytales (apart from ours, and Leicester now of course!).
They were formed as Boscombe in 1900, became Bournemouth and Boscombe FC in 1923 when they were elected to the Football League. FA Cup giant killers in 1957. In 1971 they changed their colours to red and black stripes (!) and in 1972 under John Bond they became AFC Bournemouth, then in 1984 they knocked the rags out of the FA Cup. They were promoted  in 1987 to Division 2,  and have had ups and downs since then with managers, ex Blues John Benson, Mel Machin, and Kevin Bond. They were forced into administration in 2008, and Lee Bradbury managed them briefly. After being taken over by a consortium, and with Eddie Howe back in charge they were promoted in 09/10, went up to the Championship in 12/13 and last season were promoted to the Premiership in top spot leapfrogging the traditional big guns of Leeds United, Derby County, Nottingham Forest and co. a fantastic achievement.

Some celeb fans : Jayne Middlemass, plus one of Bloc Party and John Grisham and Christian Bale, possibly. Not forgetting fans Rob Trent and Peter Wicks,

This season so far they’re in 13th place with 38 points from 31 games and 5 wins 4 draws and 6 losses at home.
At The Etihad in October it was a 5-1 City win. Sterling (7, 29, 45+) got a hat-trick, and Bony (11, 89)  made it 5, with Murray (22) notching for Bournemouth.
Crowd was 54,502 with 3,097 Cherries.
In the Capital One Cup (which City won!) it was a 4-0 win at Hartlepool in the 2nd rd, a 3-2 win on pens at Preston after 2-2 aet in the 3rd rd, but a 1-0 loss at Liverpool (who lost to us in the Final!) in the 4th rd.
In the FA Cup it was a 2-1 win at Birmingham in the 3rd rd, 2-1 win at Portsmouth in the 4th rd, but a 2-0 loss at home to Everton in the 5th rd, after missing a pen at 0-0.

Form away at Bournemouth This will be our 4th visit. In 1987/88 it was a 2-0 City win (9,499), then in 1988/89 a 1-0 City win (9,874), followed by our 0-0 draw in 98/99 , infamous for Kevin Horlock being sent off by referee Brian Coddington for walking aggressively, although Kev did look like he was going to twat him!
So that’s two wins and a draw.

Comment – We had a comfy win at The Etihad, but you’d expect it to be a different story today. They’ve had some decent results and look like they’re staying up, but a win is vital for us.

Groundwise – It’s in the picturesque Kings Park -Dean Court/Goldsands/Vitality Stadium capacity is 11,464 with 1,100 for City.
Ticket prices £38/19

WWTWTWShite? Averaged 3,424 in 1985/86and this season it’s 11,173.

Parking/pubs – We parked in the park next to the ground last time, and there are plenty of pubs, cafes, restaurants round and about to enjoy.

Sat Nav/Post code – BH7 7AF

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Some selective reporting in the manumirror. John Cross quotes David James at the start of the season saying City wouldn’t finish in the top four as they were doing things wrongly by buying players, but failed to mention that he reckoned Liverpool would take our place because they’d sorted their backroom staff out. Robbie Savage was pleased with himself that he predicted that City would finish 5th, for which he was slaughtered by City fans, but failed to mention that he reckoned the rags would win the title.
Rag question on the Chase was which club has a stadium with a stand known as the Stretford end.
Start of the season Pellers announced that City would be even better this season.
Germany v England, no Joe or Raheem, Butland injured for the first goal, 2-0 down then brilliant goals from Kane, Vardy and Dier to win 3-2. Fantastic.
Manumirror’s headline was Blind says that Kane, Vardy and Roo will be lethal force at Euro’s – Blind plays for the rags so obviously Rooney had to be given a mention even though he’s been shite this season, and didn’t even play in Germany.
On a sad note Johan Cruyff has died. I know what you’re thinking? Will I repeat the story in the Us and Them book of when I chatted to him in 1980. Well I might.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Points of Blue, 22nd March, 2016, Lass o’ Gowrie.

15 attendees, mostly regulars from previous PoB meetings (last one four years ago)

Points of Blue

Club had indicated they were looking at other ways of communicating with fans (but had never declared Points of Blue dead). Noted that most of these are club-set agendas, and even with social media / City Voice / surveys there was value in live discussion. Club had already provided some comments to likely topics. Steve P would send the notes from the meeting to Danny Wilson and Lisa Eaton, and it would be up to them how to process it. The days of a small delegation meeting the chief exec and chairman are unlikely to be repeated.

Pricing for PSG home game

Unanimous that prices were set too high. Reported that some supporters had withdrawn from Champions League ticket scheme (and it was agreed that those who had should lose the scheme points but should not lose points for tickets bought).

Priority apparently given to maximisation of revenue rather than ensuring a full stadium. Concern about likely attendance, given recent performances, lower attendance of regular supporters at evening games, and the possibility that the first leg result would leave fans pessimistic about City’s chances – the game v CSKA Moscow was cited where the club had to resort to offering a buy-one-get-one-free offer (annoying those who’d already bought an even number at full price).

Fear that this was a short-term commercial calculation based on an estimate, which may be wrong, of market demand, rather than taking a long-term view of maintaining the loyal traditional fanbase (and a background of seeking corporate package income). Whatever the revenue streams, atmosphere suffers from too many corporate customers, not least when they don’t come back into the stadium for the second half. Have City really got the guaranteed “tourist” market to outweigh the loyalty of longstanding fans (and building a new generation of regular attendees)? (What happened to the idea of a “longstanding” fans club?)

It was also remarked that a disincentive for some to the ticket schemes is the speed, and lack of notice, of money being taken by direct debit (from current accounts).

Season ticket pricing

Noted that some clubs had already announced a freeze or price cut. Whatever the commercial calculation on next season’s prices (allowing for some disillusionment among current seasoncard holders), there would be reputational damage from a large increase. £299 tickets still provide excellent value – there would be more take–up if it were possible to guarantee seats together.

Stewarding / policing

Away fans in home areas seemed a growing problem at CL games (beyond the UEFA requirement) and at Everton semi-final 2nd leg.

Non-matchday parking for store / ticket office

Scepticism about official reasons (traffic safety and security threat). Any record of traffic accidents or near misses? Is it seriously thought that an empty stadium might be a terrorist target? Why would having to leave the car a long walk away prevent a walk-up by a suicide bomber? Was the real reason to prevent use as a park and ride by Metrolink passengers?

Inevitable drop in custom (2 minute visit becomes at least 10, awkward in bad weather and for those not quite ready for a blue badge but not good on their legs).

Away Europe games – central ticket collection

General approval for the principle of tickets only to be sued by purchaser. Accepted that “point whoring” was an issue, but was it out of hand? For family members on different points, and wanting to make travel arrangements, it was a temptation. In a large city (like Paris) having to find a “central” location could be time-consuming, and makes risking a late flight arrival even riskier. Have UEFA regs changed on this?

Away ticket allocations

Conversely, official undermining of loyalty points system by number of tickets to corporate and others – e.g. block of Belgian fans at Arsenal, “City in the City” etc

Kill the cheese

City Square pre-match entertainment valued, but the in-stadium stuff is cringeworthy. On screens, “We fight for you” video was awkward, but (clap hands) “Come on City” during the game is puerile. Getting kids to scream into a mike doesn’t help. An instance of an interview with fans before the game criticising individual players being shown in the stadium while said player were on the pitch warming up. Music (still) often killing pre-match atmosphere.

Family Stand

Is it time for revamp (even before north end expansion)? Entertainment not interesting (playstation when they’ve got it at home); someone with a 7-year-old girl said she preferred block 111 to the Family Stand….   Early leaving more noticeable (and getting worse)


Still limited for women (not everyone wants pink). Cost for 2 children’s shirts with printing over £100. Half and half scarves sold in club shop – no profit is worth that sacrilege.


Still some complaints about inexperienced / transient staff and simple logistics (press button to start a drink then deal with cash rather than delay button till cash sorted). Ketchup / mustard and milk stations remote from outlet, no sign for them, across busy concourse (no trays now for hot drink cups).

Also raised by someone not attending (I don’t understand it): Why does the machine outside the superstore close at a certain time where you can put your card in to gain points?


Monday, 21 March 2016


Just trying to come to terms with it still after a sleepless night. Fairly lively on Ashton New Road, we even had a juvenile dance troupe performing on the pavement in the middle of rival fans chanting and shouting.
Had a chat with Burfield pre kick off who couldn’t believe the team Pellers had picked. So beaten before we started. United arrived dejected after their Europa Cup exit and had two days less to recover so were there for the taking?
Soon a goal down and despite many chances we couldn’t score, yet again, it’s becoming tedious now. Bony instead of Kelechi? WTF.
Again the linesman on our side – East stand couldn’t spot two blatant offsides just before MDM fouled Rashford in the box so justice done.
Sterling now injured, and what the fuck were Joe and MDM doing? So on top of everything else we are now getting two injuries per game.
Desperate times, and Pellers really needs to get a grip as top four is vital but you just can’t see us doing it the way we are at the moment.
MUEN report gave Sergio a mark of 5. On the same page, Rob Pollard had him as the stand out performer?
John Cross in the manumirror gave MDM a big fat nought!
Not Martin’s fault, he should have been moved out in the summer, to finish his career on a high, and we should have strengthened in the January window when it was obvious we would be light at the back.

PSG tickets priced at £60 for the home leg, so how many takers will there be.?

If you want to go to the City store you now have to park in the North car park for ‘security reasons’. Which is the biggest load of bollocks I’ve heard in a long time, well since the team for rags at home was announced.


Saturday, 19 March 2016


PS - I've just realised that the ref is Michael Oliver, so we've no chance of getting a penalty!

saturday night

Saturday night
They’ve just drawn 1-1 at home to Liverpool going out on agg. 3-1 in the Europa cup, so are too shite even for Thursday nights!
They were let off by UEFA for Hillsborough chants at Anfield, as was Fellaini for his elbowing. No wonder we boo the UEFA anthem.
There was trouble, inevitably, at the O/T game, both sets of fans being a disgrace with their chants and their banners.
No idea what will happen tomorrow, but we are favourites, just. Hope they don’t let us down and that Sergio and Yaya get back to top form. C’mon City, win, win, win.
Here’s the IAF extract from KK232, on sale tomorrow…..


No history – They’re ever present since promotion in 1975. Last pot, can’t remember, recent connection Carlos Tevez, Marcus Rashford.154th league meeting.

Some celeb fans -
Sound ones – Shaun Ryder, Ian Brown, Ian Mcshane, Albert Finney, Justin Moorehouse (“We’ll win the league in the most boring way possible!”
Sad ones – Olly Murs, Insane Bolt, Brian Blessed, James Nesbitt, Justin Timberlake, Geoffrey Boycott, Terry Christian
Disappointing ones – Martin Offiah, Richard Wilson, Sam Tomkins, George Galloway.
Daft ones – Fred Done, not going again whilst LVG’s in charge, paid out when City were 8 points behind the rags with 6 games to go in the 2012 title race.
Rowetta “Moyes must go, he’s ruining our club, but I believe in Louis van Gaal”
Probable ones – Donald Trump, Boris Johnson
Scary ones – Shaun Ryder, Kim Jun-Seoung, Fred West probably, and Harold Shipman, probably.

This season so far they’re  in 6th place with 47 points from 29 games and  5 wins 4 draw and 6 losses away from home.
At The Swamp in October  it was a dull 0-0 draw, crowd was 75,329 with 3,065 Mancunians.

In The Capital One Cup (which City won!) they beat Ipswich at home 3-0 in the 3rd rd, but lost to M’Boro 3-1 on pens after 0-0 aet in the 4th rd.

In the Chimps league they finished 3rd in an easy group – Club Brugge 4-0 away, 3-1 home in the qualifying round, Wolfsburg home 2-1, 2-3 away; PSV home 0-0, away 1-2; CSKA Moscow home 1-1, away 1-1. In the Europa League, on Thursday nights, it was
FC Midtjylland 5-1 home –crowd of 41, 729 posted. 1-2 away, and they lost 2-0 at Liverpool away on March 10th and drew 1-1 at home on March 17Th, in the competition which was billed as being bigger  than the Chimps league!

In the FA Cup they beat the mighty Sheff United 1-0 at home in the 3rd rd, Derby 3-1 away in the 4th rd, Shrewsbury 3-0 away in the 5th rd., and play West Ham away in the 6th rd. in a replay after 1-1at home, rags goal coming from a foul on the keeper.

Form at home to united - Last season at the Etihad in September it was that comfy 1-0 City win. The goal came from Aguero in the 63rd minute. Referee Michael Oliver turned down 3 stonewall City penalties,‘elbows Fellaini’ spat at Sergio, and rags claimed a moral victory when they started playing a bit in the last 5 minutes when we got bored. Crowd was 45,358 with 2,410 out of towners.

Comment: The rag infested media have gone overboard this season. Tributes to Cantona, Giggs, Rooney, Ferguson, Class of ’92, Class of ’92 who didn’t  quite make it, Michael Appleton, Salford City, FC United, Jimmy Murphy, Dennis Violett, the Nevilles, it’s never ending and there’s more to come.
Never a day goes by without a rag question on daily quiz shows, The Chase, Tipping Point, Pointless, and The Weakest Link.
Here’s few examples –
Which Premier League Club has a manager with the initials LVG?
Which Manchester United player made his debut at 16 playing for Everton?

Here’s a few that might not make it –
Which club has an assistant manager, most famous for shagging his sister-in-law?
Which club has a captain most famous for shagging grannies?
Which club has a Director/Ambassador most famous for ticket touting?
Which club has statues of two ex City players outside their ground?.
Which club lost 6-3 and blamed it on their shirts?
Which club’s balaclava clad baseball wielding fans/thugs went round to Ferdinand and Rooney’s homes to threaten them if they didn’t stay at the club?
Which club were the first to have a player sent off in an F. A. Cup final?
Which club named their ground after Lancashire cricket club’s ground?
Which club’s manager switched sensibly to local rivals Manchester City?
Which club officially allowed a banner to be put up mocking their local rivals?
Which club dubiously poached Manchester City’s best players to buy trophies in the 1900’s?
Which club fixed a match with Liverpool in 1915 to avoid relegation?
Which club has lost 6-1 twice at home to Manchester City?
Which club first played in shirts with a big f*ck off V-sign on the front?
Which club appointed as manager an ex Manchester City player who City persuaded to join the Blues and not to emigrate to the USA?
Which club wanted to charge neighbours City extortionate rates to use their ground after City’s main stand was (suspiciously) burned down in 1920?
Which club does not hold its own record attendance, that being the Wolves v Grimsby semi-final of 1939, 76,962.
Which club went 37 years (1911 to 1948) without winning a trophy?
Which club did Paddy Crerand play for when he started a trend, spitting at Stoke’s Tony Allen, as seen on MOTD?
Which club’s manager was arrested for speeding down the hard shoulder of a motorway because he said he needed a poo?
Which club’s manager  kept a brown envelope containing money in his drawer for months before he was forced to acknowledge it?
Which club built a successful youth policy by allegedly offering promising youngsters’ parents, fridges, cars, washing machines etc?
Which club were kindly allowed to play at Maine Road after the war when Uwe’s grandad allegedly bombed Old Trafford, recording an all time low gate of 8,460.
Which club were kindly allowed to play European games under the Maine Road floodlights, as their manager didn’t think floodlights would catch on?
Which club’s fans  sent death threats to Peter McParland of Aston Villa ahead of the 1957 Charity Shield game?
Which club’s fans sent poison pen letters to one of their own players (Dennis Violett) before the 1958 cup final?
Which club’s fans attacked the victorious Bolton Wanders coach after the 1958 Cup final?
Which club’s fans were heard on MOTD to monkey grunt at West Bromwich Albion’s black players in a 5-3 Old Trafford loss?
Which club treated survivors of the Munich air crash, callously and despicably?
Which club’s director dubiously obtained shares from old ladies to became Chairman of the club?
Which club’s chairman, owner of a meat factory, supposedly sold bad meat to schools?
Which club, when involved in a heavy defeat, claimed it was involved in a 7 goal thriller, for a 5-2 loss?
Which club threatened to ban the local reporter if he reported negatively on the club ever again?
Which club banned journalists if they ever asked a tricky question at a press conference?
Which club’s manager in a fit of purple nosed pique refused to speak to the BBC for years and years?
Which club nicked Salford rugby club’s nickname, the Red Devils?
Which club nicked Spurs Glory, Glory song?
Which club’s fans were responsible for modern day football hooliganism at West Ham in 1967?
Which club’s fans staged a vicious campaign against the Glazers’ takeover, but failed?Which club’s players finished the careers of Manchester City’s Colin Bell, Glyn Pardoe and Alfie Haaland?
Which club’s fans invaded the pitch, and stopped the game, ignoring Matt Busby’s pleas to stay off it, causing fences to be installed, after Denis Law’s backheel confirmed their relegation in 1974?
Which club’s fans despicable behaviour  caused some of their club’s home games to be played away at places like Liverpool, Stoke and the South Coast?
Which club’s fans invaded the women and kiddies North stand at Maine Road in the 5-1 demolition derby?
Which club’s glamour boy captain shagged his kids nanny?
Which club’s chairman was admonished for peering under the doors of ladies toilets?
Which club’s drunken captain was escorted out of the ladies toilets?
Which club’s ex player and owner of a manu chip shop was involved in a betting scandal?
Which club’s ex player was involved in a counterfeit money scandal (and went to jail)?
Which club’s fans in WW2 were generally deserters, cowards, or conchies, as opposed to City’s whose fans were generally heroes, many perishing in the war causing City’s attendances to be lower than united’s post war?
Which club’s fans caused Palace fans to boycott an FA Cup semi-final replay after a Palace fan was killed after being chased and knocked down by a coach prior to the first game?
Which club’s player was disgracefully sent off at Palace for a terrible foul, and then kung-fu kicked a fan in the crowd causing a lengthy ban?
Which club’s player ducked a drug test and was given a lengthy ban?
Which club’s players went apoplectic after a harmless wink from a City player after losing the 2011 FA Cup semi-final?
Which club are totally consumed with spite, bitter in defeat, ungracious in victory, like to dish it out but can’t take it?
Which club’s fans hold up placards and organise planes with banners suggesting the manager should be sacked?
Which club’s players, and now their manager have perfected the art of diving or simulation?
Which club have won trophies mainly owing to the bullying of and leniency of referees, on offsides/non offsides, fouls/non fouls, penalties/non penalties, time added on until they scored?

There’s just a few for (the brilliant) Bradley Walsh and the rag question master to ponder on, but don’t hold your breath! Answers at the bottom of page 46.

Viewpoint - Van Gaalling is continuing to be a bit of a dick with his news conferences and ludicrous fake dive v Arsenal, plus he reckons Mata shouldn’t have been sent of at West Brom as he’s never been sent off before, and thinks they play ‘horny football’ Put that on your clipboard and smoke it!
He’s come under pressure from fans re the rags playing style and they want Mourinho in pronto, not caring that he doesn’t give youth a chance, plays boring football and poked another coach in the eye..
Robbie Savage had them as League Champs but they  are creeping up the league slowly though surely we can finish off their Chimps league hopes. However, they are favourite to win the FA Cup and Europa league so all will soon be forgiven….maybe!

Alan ‘the Cat’ Menzies recollects – United 1 City 6 – this was our finest hour, well 90 minutes + Fergie time actually.
I was there in 1955, United 0 City 5 against the emerging ‘Busby babes. Nobby’s piles later said “five breakaways”
Last Sunday I watched the demolition derby on the couch. Thinking of Nobby’s excuse I nodded off. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven!

WWTWTWShite: Crowds were down to 11,685 in 1930/31, and the current average is 75,335 (if you believe the figures


Kiev, and we had a job to do. Cold but fine night again, Vinny off injured after 5 minutes, followed by Otamendi, which put a real dampener on things.
Dull draw but job done, so you can’t really complain, though it was another game without a goal.
David Kidd’s theme in the manumirror was that there were thousands of empty seats. Hmm, it was a bit of a dead rubber against ordinary opposition, so what do you expect?

Friday and we delivered KK232 to the Manc and Stockport outlets.
So we heard on Radio Manc (Man. City Sweeney calls us, fuck me, we’re in Manchester so we’re City, united of course are referred to as Manchester united!!) that we’d drawn PSG in the quarter finals. Winnable? I think so.
Today Leicester won at Palace, Arsenal at Everton, and West ham drew at Chelsea. Spurs are at home to Bournemouth tomorrow, and we have the small matter of rags at home! In the pub last night I was informed that City would win 3-0 by a rag!!


Monday, 14 March 2016


Pleased to announce that KK232 is at the printers and should be in the Manc outlets by weekend.
This issue is A4, 52 pages, and has a colour front and back cover. Front cover has (inevitably) Willy holding the cup with the caption – Yet Another Trophy – this is a play on the Spirit of ’99, when we had Nicky holding the 3rd div play off trophy, and a self deprecating  caption suggesting it was A Trophy….
This issue includes Hats Off to Willy, The Derby, manumyths, Capital One Cup Final, Bournemouth, FFP update, MCFC Ladies, Clattenburg, Disrespecting the FA Cup…
It can also be purchased direct from (Cheques to ) King of The Kippax, 25,Holdenbrook Close, Leigh, Lancs, WN 7 2HL for £4.50 inc P and P

Norwich was abysmal in the last third, and why Bony? How hard is it to cross a ball or even shoot?
Manumirror reporter Neil McLeman enjoyed doing the match report and slagging us off. Today’s theme is now we’re ‘the richest club in Britain’ (surely the world?) ignoring FFP of course. And Pep will no longer be taking on an easy option but a team which will be playing on Thursday nights in the Europa League?

Tomorrow we have to see out the Dinamo Kiev game to go into the quarters. They’ve had a couple of games since we played ‘em, winning two, drawing one and have gone top with 49 points  from 18 games, 3 points above Shakhtar Donetsk.
So we just don’t have to be silly, how easy is that for us!!

Thursday, 10 March 2016



No History: Formed in 1905. Twice League Cup winners 1962, 1985. 56th League mtgs,

Some Celebrity fans: Delia Smith and Stephen Fry are Directors, Jake Humphreys, Ed Balls who is now Chairman, Mylene Klass, Hugh Jackman.

This season so far: They’re in 18th place with 24 points from 29 games and 4 wins 4 draws and 6 losses at home.
At The Etihad in October it was a 2-1 City win, Otamendi (67) opened and Jerome (83) took advantage of Joe’s cock up but Yaya Toure (89 pen) saved his, and our blushes!
Crowd was 53,418 with 1310 Canaries.
In the Capital One Cup they won 2-1 at Rotherham in the 2nd rd, and in the 3rd rd they beat West Brom 3-0 at home but went out at Everton in the 4th rd. 4-3 on pens after 1-1.

In the FA Cup it was a comfortable 3-0 City win.
Aguero (16), Iheanacho (31) and de Bruyne (78) scored the goals in front of a crowd of 24,507 with 2500 Blues.

Our form at Norwich – Last meeting before the cup tie was in season 2013/14 and at Carrow Road in the February it was a 0-0 draw and an apparent dent to our title hopes. Crowd was 26,382 with 2,400 Blues.

Groundwise – we’ll be in our usual end of the stand bit opposite the main stand.
Carrow Road capacity 27,500, 2,400 for City
Tickets TBC
Parking – local car parks
Pubs – plentiful, but the hotel next to the ground allows away fans in and you can grab a pint and a snack/meal in there.
It’s a daft o clock kick off time so a lot of Blues might make it a Friday night stopover. Check out the karaoke if you fancy a warble at the White Horse at Trowse!
Sat Nav NR1 1JE

Comment – They’ve dropped like a stone recently and even lost away at  Villa, so confidence must be low especially after our Cup win. So you’d expect a win for the Blues, but nothing can be taken for granted, and they certainly made it tough for us at The Etihad.

WWTWTWShite: Averaged  13,750 in 68/69, and this season it’s  27,020.

Monday, 7 March 2016

game in hand

Shame we’re not playing the re-arranged game at Newcastle this week when Newcastle are at their lowest ebb. We’ll be playing them when they need a win to stay up with new manager David Moyes!!!

Friday, 4 March 2016

Shit on the Villa>

Tomorrow it’s Villa at home, they’ve just lost at home to Everton, and are nailed to the bottom of the Premier. We need to get back on track and boost the goal difference, so nothing less than a big win will do. Here’s the IAF extract from KK 231 on sale tomorrow….


No History? Formed 1874, 6 times League Champs between 1874 and 1910, then again in 1981. 7 times FA Cup winners 1887 to 1957. 5 times League Cup winners (1961 to 1996)  European Cup winners in 1982. Last promotion was in 1988 (with us!) Last pot League Cup in 1996. 152nd  league meeting.

Recent connections- Joleon Lescott, Micah Richards, Scott Sinclair and trophy winner Fabian Delph.

Some celebrity fans: David Cameron, Prince William, Tom Hanks, Nigel Kennedy, Geezer Butler, Ian Lavender, Mervyn King, Lodge/Hayward, Martin Shaw and Dave Woodhall editor of ex Villa zine Heroes and Villains

This season so far they’re rock bottom with 16 points from 27 games and 1 win (first game of the season at Bournemouth) 3 draws and 10 losses away from home.
At Villa Park in November it was a 0-0 draw
Crowd was 36,597 with 2,918 Blues.

In the Capital One Cup, they beat Birmingham 1-0 at home in the 2nd round, but lost 2-1 at Saints in the 3rd.

In the FA Cup : they beat Wycombe 2-0 after a 1-1 draw in the 3rd rd, but of course lost to us 4-0 in the 4th round. Goals came from Iheanacho (4, 24p, 73) and Sterling (78) Crowd was 23,636

Form at home to Villa -. Last season at The Etihad in April it was a 3-2 win over the Cup Finalists. Aguero (3) and Kolarov (65) gave us an unassailable 2-0 lead but as was our want last season we allowed Cleverley (69) and Sanchez (85) to level before Fernandinho (88) made the points safe. Crowd was 45,036 with 1080 Villans.

Since Villa’s 2-0 win in 06/07 they’ve lost the last 8, with a few hefty scores..
For City it’s : WWWWWWWWL

Comment – They’re stranded at the bottom and sadly, look certs for relegation. With our form against them at home there can only be one result. Can’t there?

WWTWTWShite : Averaged 15, 237 in 85/86 and this season it’s 34,975.


Legs hadn’t recovered from Sunday, Anfield shite for parking, view abysmal partic if you’re at the back, so it was BT here at KK towers.
Punters were Scholes, Ferdinand, MacManaman, and Owen was commentator, so no bias there eh!
So after demoralising them in the sky blue, we came out in the….black strip ffs. So, our last chance to do them at Anfield before the Klopp summer spree and increased capacity. Sterling clattered in the first minute, no criticism in the  media, in fact just the opposite, disgraceful. We were absolutely dreadful.
“Would he have done that to Tommy Smith” Owen said as Kolarov swiped a scouser. Well how the f*ck would he know?
Scholes” City should’ve walked the league this year with the squad they’ve got” where do these idiots get their ideas from!
However, if one of the top teams in the country can’t do 3 games in a week, Liverpool did it in a day less, so c’mon Pellers, and the team, man up you wimps. Put a shift in.
MUEN – Ratings – Zabaleta 7 – Blameless for the goals, and City’s most solid defender – he also added some value going forward in the first half – Stuart Brennan.
On the same page – Pablo Zabaleta has been a brilliant servant for City but his days in the team are surely numbered. The 31 year old looked like he was running in treacle every time he tried to get back to stop Liverpool’s attack.
What do you make of that?

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

tuesday night


No History – Formed 1892 -  5 Chimps league/ Euro cups (last 2005), 3 UEFA Cups, 3 UEFA Super Cups, 18 titles (1901 to 1990) 26 years ago, 7 FA Cups (1965 to 2006), 8 League Cups  (1981 to 2012) Heysel - 39 dead, 600 injured, 14 Liverpool fans convicted, English clubs banned from European competition for 5/6 years , Hillsborough, Justice for the 96, Suarez biting then scriking, booed our players after we’d respected their 25th Hillsborough anniversary at Klanfield and bricked our coaches,  celebrated winning the title in 2014, Steve Gerrard, Gerrard…….Stanley Park, Stanley knives, nick your trainers, and your jacket,  Nivea creamers…..ex players and pundits out in force  to criticise Raheem Sterling’s move to City…..
Last promotion was in 1962, since when they’ve won the lot but no title since 1990 (who’d’ve thought we’d win it before them - twice?)
Recent connections : Kolo Toure, Daniel ‘greedy bastard’ Sturridge, James (money grabber ) Milner, Mario Balotelli. 158th league meeting.

Some celeb fans: John Bishop, Ricky Tomlinson, Billy Bob Thornton, Angelina Jolie, Cilla Black RIP, Samuel L Jackson, Ian Beale (Eastenders), Daniel Craig, Mike Myers,

This season so far : They’re in 11th place with 38 points from 26 games and 4 wins 5 draws and 3 losses at home.
At The Etihad in November it was a 4-1 City loss. Liverpool knocked in three due to awful City defending through Mangala (7og), Coutinho (23), Firmino (32) before Aguero (44) pulled one back before half time but Skrtl (81) made it safe for the scousers, and completed the humiliation.
Crowd was 54,444 with 2,917 red scouse.

In the FA Cup they drew 2-2 at Exeter, and won 3-0 in the replay in the 3rd rd,  drew 0-0 at home to West Ham but lost 2-1 in the replay aet. in the 4th rd.

In The Europa League
Bordeaux 2-1 H, 1-1 A; Rubin Kazan 1-0A, 1-1 H, FC Sion 1-1 H, 0-0 A. Augsburg 0-0 away 1-0 home, and they’ve drawn the rags in the next round.

Our form at Anfield, last season it was a 2-1 loss in January. Henderson (11) opened with a wonder goal but Dzeko (25) equalised but Coutinho (76) clinched it with another bloody wonder goal. Crowd was 44,590 with 3,000 Blues.
Prior to the last two season’s  losses, and the previous 2 draws we lost 3-0 in 2011, drew 2-2 in 2009/10 and 1-1 in 2008/09, but after our rare 2-1 win in 2002/03 it was 5 straight losses. 
For City : LLDDLDD

Comment : Their fans’ despicable behaviour at the 2014 season’s game wasn’t repeated last season, but they managed to surpass it at Wembley.
Our win in the Capital One Cup final should give us the confidence to get a result and surely we won’t miss as many chances.
Anfield’s always been a graveyard for us so what better time to clock up a win and rub it in after Wembley.

Groundwise : Developments are in operation, and it looks like it’ll be a dogs dinner of a ground when completed, but we’re in our usual stand with the crap views.
Ticket prices £TBC. But not £77!

Anfield : Capacity : 45,362 (3,000 for City)

Wwtwtwshite : Av’d 22,742 in 31/32, and this season it’s 44,686.
Parking is usually a problem but there are local car parks and the Arkles pub is usually welcoming provided we behave ourselves
Away Day Zine : I think they’ve all disappeared now.

Sat Nav L4 0TH


Wow, still reliving the Wembley delight. Weekend started off well with a great performance by The Cult at Albert Hall on the Friday night.
We went down on the Saturday, two cars – me, Sue, Funboy and his lady Sarah in mine and Marnie, her son Joe and his girlfriend Amber, whisper it – a scouser in the other.  
Hotel was half and half – City/Poo, with a couple of Swansea fans, who were off to Spurs.
David Maddock in the manu/Poolmirror still refers to us as ‘oil rich City’ – oooh the bitterness just drips from the pages.
Off to Denham station on the Sunday to catch the Wembley train, arrived in good time, had a coffee, and wandered over to the City end to flog a few zines in the cold.
Brent council bitches have put paid to any razamatazz at Wembley. No T-shirt or scarf sellers, hardly any food stalls. It’s a boring place in London that we thought (at one time) we’d never see.
Met plenty of Blues we’d not seen for a while, and plenty of old friends. Pellers, wrongly in my opinion stuck with Willy in goal. I spoke at length with Charlie, Phil Banerjee and Steve Husbands and I’m not sure which one I said it to (maybe all three – I’ll check) but thought the script was written that the game would go to penalties and Willy would save 3 and be the unlikely hero, cos that’s what happens  – Dudek in Istanbul anyone?

Turnstiles and escalators worked OK and we took up our seats, next to Tom and the Blue Vic.
Watched the Sky video on the screen which showed City fans in the mini bus singing songs with Shaun Goater, sat next to Funboy, but not a lot of fans in the stadium at the time.
Game is well (not so well in some cases ) documented so I won’t dwell. However, I would suggest that Joe would have smothered the cross which led to the Poo’s goal and we’d have seen the game out at 1-0 (should’ve been at least 3-0).
Cometh the hour, cometh the man. Sue said “they should substitute Willy for Joe” but I told her that Willy was just as good at saving pens so no problem. Pleased though that the Poo didn’t sub Mignolet with Bogdan.
And what a performance, plus Yaya stepping up to clinch it, it wiped out years of hurt and suffering against Liverpool.
Marnie, Joe and Amber were in different seats, where at all kicked off apparently, with a particularly obnoxious City fan disgracing our good name.
So it was a great journey home. We stopped off at the M6 Toll road services, again a mixture of City and Poo fans (why they were there at that time, a mystery as they all f*cked off pronto at the end of the pens) – no gloating from Blues, and that’s class.
Monday morning then, and papers scooped up. Dave Kidd in the LP/MuM was the only person in the whole wide world who thought it wasn’t a penalty on Sergio, and David Maddock, bless,  thought that Sergio scored our goal, and never even mentioned the penalty! Scousers eh, dontcha just love em?
Good report by Martin Samuel in the Mail.
Ps – rag question on The Chase – which football team has a manager with the initials LVG? Delighted to tell that they got the answer wrong!!
Rag infested media. F*ck biased bastards.