Sunday, 24 July 2016


Catching up, it was a 1-0 loss in Munich. Young team, pressed well, but Willy made 3 great saves to keep it at 0-0. Not much penetration from the Blues. Senior players came on in the second half which we dominated, but went behind to a fluke deflected goal.
Season card pack arrived on Friday, and quite impressive to those of us who like that sort of thing. We’re now all Cityzens, except on page 39 of the Ultimate City Squad we become just ordinary Citizens again, for one page.
Watched ‘Grimsby’ on DVD (£10 from Tescos) to relieve the summer boredom. Hilarious if a bit crude, Sacha Baron Cohen is a genius. There’s one bit in it where there are riot police outside the pub and he tells his young mob they’re manchester united fans, go get ‘em. Classic. Rags tomorrow, hope we convert some Chinese fans to our cause.
KK234 coming along nicely, 34 pages so far, deadline is tomorrow.


Saturday, 16 July 2016


Euros are over and Portugal, who finished 3rd in their group won it. Fergie, you just can’t get rid of him, was on hand to congratulate Ronaldo and Nani, wonder what he said to Evra and Martial?
Last week the manumirror had united’s £100M bid for Pogba as a statement of intent. Surely it should’ve been a double page spread on how they’re continuing to ruin football. Andy Dunn said that Mourinho wouldn’t be signing the likes of Falcau. Funny that as it was Maureen who signed him for Chelsea from the rags.
So it looks like there’ll be no let up this season.
Another blank Saturday today whilst everyone else are playing friendlies, so we’ll be a bit rusty for the Bayern friendly on Wednesday. No news of a GMex do this year and nothing planned for the 30th July. Boring


Saturday, 9 July 2016


Just a little catch up. We had a few days down in S Wales and enjoyed watching Wales beat Belgium, but disappointing for Kevin.
Ramsay was a big loss for them against Portugal and they finally succumbed. On reflection I think that the MP who reckons that England should have our own anthem, GSTQueen being for Great Britain has a point. Scotland and Wales have stirring songs and so should we, but Billy Connolly’s suggestion of the theme from The Archers is going a bit far.
Watched Pep’s news conference yesterday, but to be honest it was a bit underwhelming, with long pauses. Who was that prick who welcomed him to Manchester Unit sorry City?
KK234 is coming along nicely, and the final deadline is Monday July 25th, ish.
Sunderland home is now at 5.30pm, the worst possible time, doh.
France v Portugal in the final, C’mon France with Sagna and maybe Mangala.
Barthez had a pop at Joe, remember The Goat's goal in the last Maine Road derby, beat him at the near post. Banks (Ex Stoke) also had a pop, thinks Butlan (Stoke) is a better keeper, remember his gift to Germany, was it? I think he might be right but let's see.