Tuesday, 30 August 2016

New Blog Ready

My daughter has finished helping me create a new blog.  Thanks very much for all your time Andrea, you have repaid a small amount of the love and affection I have showered on you for the last 22 years.  It is available to view you can find it by searching google by entering ilovemcfc blog.  It will be the second result.  There are four posts on, which are test posts and will be deleted once we're up and running.  Anyone can comment on any post, however to create a new one, you need the admin password, which I will give everyone when needed.  I or rather my daughter has left it quite open for posting at present because I'm only anticipating those users of this blog to use it.  It is in no way is intended to compete with KK and is really to allow those of us who have got used to coming on here and airing our views every few days to continue to do so.   I'd be grateful if you'd all take a look and familiarise yourselves with posting comments on the posts that are on there.  If and when anyone wants to post their own post, I will let you have the password.  The only drawback is that as the blog is free, we are limited with what we can do.  You can't post video clips for example and there may be the odd advert popping up and one user name and password is all we get so everyone in effect who wants to post becomes admin.  Let's see how we go and if we get invaded by United fans posting nasty comments, I can tighten security, but for now, I just want to make it easy for everyone.

It's not coming up on google, so for the time being here's the homepage url


Tony P

Sunday, 28 August 2016

City 3 West Ham 1

Arguably the best performance under Pep to date.  Had we taken the chances we had, their goal would have been irrelevant.  I can't say that I can see what Caballero brings to the table that Hart doesn't and I think Hart would have got much closer to the cross that led to their goal, at least punching out, whereas Willie was in no man's land.  MotD were unusually unbiased tonight, the commentator gushing over our performance and the pundits in agreement that the Aguero incident deserved a yellow, but no more.  I'm trying to put together a blog myself for the few of us who regularly use this one to post on, but am having to wait until my daughter has the time as she has set up several blogs for her job.  I'll keep everyone informed when it's up and running.  That is assuming anyone's left to read this post.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Stoke 1 CITY 4

A much better performance particularly the first half where we dominated. Had the referee not decided to give them a joke penalty (to make up for the one he missed in the first half?) it may not have been so nerve racking in the second half. Their goal coming so quickly galvanised them, but fair do's we defended OK and rarely looked in danger. Can anyone explain why, when I think it was Silva was bundled off the ball, he was not only not given the free kick but was also booked?  Great play again from Sterling, although he wasn't as busy in the second half.  Stones looked immense, let's hope he can keep it up.  Aguero seems to be doing little, yet still scores twice.  Regarding Joe Hart, I was told today by a City fan I know that Hart is going nowhere and was actually told by Guardiola that he will rotate the keepers this year and that he (Hart) wouldn't be playing for the first five games to allow him to work on one or two weaknesses that Pep has spotted and to let Joe get to peak fitness.  Could be rubbish, but then so could all the stories them press have written